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Wow!- Hidan oneshot

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Hidan meets someone new napping in his room. Who's the stranger?

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Wow! Hidan oneshot
Kanna walked around examining all the rooms at the hideout. Everyone, excluding Pein, were gone letting her get a bearing of your surroundings.

Kanna saw a room with the Jashinist symbol and opened the door more before coming in. She knew right away that this was Hidan's room. It looked like his previous one before he left home.

She sat down on the bed taking everything in. She looked down and over the years you forgot if his bedspread was originally red or if it was from all the blood. Oh well, she thought shrugging. She leaned back and closed her eyes. Kanna woke up disoriented to see Hidan standing over her, cloak splattered with blood. She looked around startled, not intending to fall asleep.

“Wow! Are you really as beautiful as you seem or do you just remind me of myself?” Kanna rolled her eyes. Typical.

“I would hope so seeing as I'm your sister,” she pointed out and standing up. He was frozen.

“I don't have a sister,” he said narrowing his eyes.

“You don't know that you have a sister,” she corrected hands on hip. Her white/silver hair was the same as his as well as her eyes. She looked like a female version of him. (Or Sexy no Jutsu) “I was born after you left. Your room's still the same,” she said quietly. He got mad (still thinks you're lying) and stabbed Kanna where her heart should have been with his scythe.

“Oh, that feels so good. I haven't killed anyone since I've gotten here,” she said taking the scythe out reluctantly. “See you later nii-san.” Kanna skipped out and ran into a plant dude right before her room. “Ow. Sorry!”

“That's okay. Watch where you're going next time.” She looked up awed.

“That is so awesome!” she said leaning forward. She lifted her hand up but then hesitated and looked at him to see him nod. Kanna lightly touched the Venus fly trap and ran her fingers down it. She got excited and bold enough to touch the little spikes/claws/whatever at the top. “Cool,” she breathed in admiration.

He looked at her weirdly not ever hearing that before. “Thanks?”

“I'm Miyuki, Hidan's imuoto-chan.” He looked at her weird hearing her brother's name.

“Zetsu.” A door somewhere behind them slammed open.

“Leave my little sister the fuck alone, Zetsu!” he called dragging her into his room.

Didn't think he'd tune into the big brother role so soon. “Bye Zetsu-kun!” Kanna called out before the door slammed shut behind her.
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