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The Taste Of Ink

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Old RikuSora oneshot, inspired by the song by The Used. (...But don't let that dissuade you, it's fluff, I swear!)

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Sora lazed in the ocean waves, oblivious to Riku watching him from his little island on the island. It was where Riku usually trained, but nowadays it was getting too hot to do anything other than rest in the small shade the palm trees gave off.

Sure, he could probably go to somewhere nice and cool like home or the Secret Place, but home was boring and Riku didn’t like the idea of intruding on someone else’s sanctuary- despite the fact that people were always intruding on his.

“Riku!” Such an intruder called happily, jumping the bridge. It was Selphie, all red and exhausted, holding her rope limply in her arms. She swayed slightly, as if she were about to collapse. “Woah, is it hot or what? Wakka, Tidus and I were sparring out near the docks and I thought I was going to die it was so bad. I learnt a new trick, but. Wanna see?”

“Maybe later,” Riku said, because Selphie was swaying dangerously now. He had to hold her shoulder to stop her falling over.

She smiled faintly up at him, “Don’t worry, I can stand.” He let go. There was an awkward moment, neither sure what to say to the other. “Umm, we, like me and the others, were thinking of going for a swim later…”

Riku gestured out to the sea, where a coloured blob floated on its back. “Sorry, but Sora’s already beat you to that.”

Selphie frowned, slightly bemused. “Oh. But you’ll both still come swim with us after, won’t you? Please? Kairi’ll be there.”

After a brief round of assurances that Riku was going and Sora would be there with Riku even if Kairi wasn’t, Selphie skipped off to gather alliance for her mission. Riku didn’t actually want to go swimming, but he figured it was best to agree with everything Selphie said just to get her off his back.

Riku thought of lying back down on the Papua tree, but his relaxation time had been spoilt and his back was starting to burn. Besides, Sora would probably turning into a prune in the water. He’d been in there since what, lunch?

So Riku dragged himself up to the shore and called the kid out.

Sora emerged, dripping with water, wringing his hair, as happy and bright as always. But there was something obviously different about him, something…

“Did you go swimming with your clothes on again, Sora?”

He blinked. “Umm, yeah, why?”

“The colours…” They’d washed out of Sora’s usual attire and their ink now stained his skin. Sora looked down and gasped, peeling off his gloves and shirt quickly.

Eyes wide, Riku stared at Sora.

Sora stared at Riku back.


“You know what they say about guys and rainbows?”

“What?” Sora repeated.

“I don’t know, but I think it has something to do with this.”

He leaned in and captured the younger boys lips, so the ink stained both of their skins as the sun danced a patterned reflection in their hair.

Meanwhile, Selphie and Kairi wondered just where the hell they were, playing in the sea on the opposite side of the island.

Kairi didn’t think Riku was going to show up, but Selphie was adamant, saying that he’d said he would and “I’ve got this weird feeling he like likes you, Kai...”

Little did she know.

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