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Punishing Kurenai & Tenten's Deal

by Necros

Naruto puts Kurenai in the spotlight and makes a deal with an old friend

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Lilith’s heir


The next morning all of the residents of the apartment were awake and enjoying a show that Naruto had set up. Hinata, Kyu-chan, Ino and Anko were all sitting in the lap of either a Naruto clone or the original with their cocks buried in the girls asses, only thing is that all 8 sets of eyes were focused on what was happening to Kurenai, Naruto had summoned a Tentacle Monster from hell and given it free reign on Kurenai, something the black octopus-like creature was taking advantage of happily by thrusting a 5inch wide tentacle in each of her holes, if it weren’t for the fact that Kurenai's body was reinforced by the changes Naruto had made those massive flesh rods would have torn her apart, indeed her rear end looked as if it were taking things that it just shouldn’t be able to, stretching obscenely around the flesh that penetrated it, Kurenai’s stomach was distending in two distinct places, one of them being just below her rib cage, showing a level of penetration that just shouldn’t be anatomically possible, Kurenai’s throat was being impossibly widened around the tentacle that penetrated it, it looked as if her jaw should be dislocated with how large the tentacle was, not to mention the numerous other tentacles that bound Kurenai, keeping her still and unable to thrash as it thrust into her.

Earlier on when the penetration was just in her ass and pussy Kurenai’s squeals felt like they broke the sound barrier, so Naruto had the creature shut her up with another of its tentacles.

The Tentacle monster was getting close, it had been fucking this human for nearly 45 minutes now, and it had gotten confirmation from the master who summoned it to cum, but only when the build up had reached nearly intolerable levels, finally it reached the point of no return and sent word to the master telepathically.

“All right girls,” said the Naruto who had his cock buried in Hinata’s ass, apparently the original as the clones wouldn’t have gotten that message, “Here comes the grand finale,” once he said that he and the clones stopped thrusting, wanting their servants to be fully aware of what happened to Kurenai next.

As one all of the tentacles in and around Kurenai started to bulge at their bases, the bulges travelling up to the ends, multiple other bulges following the first series, once the bulges reached the tips of the tentacles they started to blast Kurenai with load after load of cum, the amount blasting inside of her would certainly have been fatal if Naruto hadn’t made sure that Kurenai’s digestive tract could absorb cum almost as fast as the tentacle demon was pumping it into her, her womb on the other hand bulged to epic proportions, making it look as if Kurenai were pregnant with full grown Quadruplets (same size as if they were born at 9 months and they were each in a separate mother), the tentacle in her cunt was too thick for the cum to do anything more then dribble around it. The tentacles around Kurenai covered her completely from head to toe in golden demonic cum, making her look as if she just had nearly 100 litres of honey dumped on her.

Once the demon was done it dispelled leaving a twitching and delirious Kurenai to fall to the ground in a puddle of golden cum, the cum in her womb now pouring out of her pussy now that there was nothing blocking it.

When Kurenai hit the ground the Naruto’s used the lightning chakra trick to bring all of his servants over the edge simultaneously, their combined ecstatic squeals music to his ears, the twitching from their asses provided enough stimulation for Naruto and his clones to pump them full of cum, from the low moans the girls gave off it triggered another orgasm in each of them.


When everyone was cleaned up and Kurenai was returned to a condition that would make everyone think that there was nothing up, everyone set out, Kyu-chan shifting to the form of a small crimson fox that sat on her master’s shoulder.

Kurenai headed for the mission office to see if she had any assignments, following her hated master’s instructions to act normally the whole trip, she wanted to cry, scream, shout that the Kyuubi brat had turned into a true monster, that he had raped her, that he was capable of controlling the demons of hell and he let one of them rape her not one hour ago, but her master was thorough, she would never be able to free herself from his control.

Anko, Hinata and Ino were very happy with their lot in life, they had a master who cared for them, and received mind blowing sex daily from said master, and all he wanted in return was their obedience.

Kyuubi was the submissive pet that her master’s torture had made her to be, she couldn’t even think of another life, nor could she remember her old one.

Naruto was smirking, once more in his 13 year old form, a few more local slaves, maybe one or two foreign ones and he’d be set to take over Konoha, he just had to wait until Sarutobi died, the man had poured his heart and soul into this village, and he had cared for Naruto for as long as the blonde could remember, he wouldn’t force the old man to watch as the village he had spent the majority of his life caring for was destroyed, he would wait, after all, there was really only one true candidate for Godaime… Tsunade.

As he walked Naruto considered how to train his younger slaves to be useful in combat, maybe teaching them how to accurately throw projectiles would help, Naruto knew someone who would be perfect for the job, even if he hadn’t talked to her in years.


Naruto walked up to the training grounds, it was one of the isolated and lesser used grounds but he knew this girl’s habits, after all, he had been there when she first started training to be a weapons master, they had been in the same orphanage growing up, and they’d often looked out for each other, even after she was adopted at age 7 by a blacksmith, that particular blacksmith didn’t really care about the Kyuubi thus they’d stayed friends until the academy, being in different classes, her being the weapons protégé and he being, well, him, they had drifted apart, still, it’ll be good to talk to her again.

“Hey Tenten!” Naruto called once he spotted her in the middle of a clearing, the targets hanging practically everywhere around her all had a perfect bullseye with some sort of weapon, kunai, shuriken, various others, even some he didn’t think should be thrown, like the morning star mace that had its handle sticking out of the front of one target.

Tenten turned around at the voice; she squinted for a moment, not recognising the clothes until she saw the whisker marks on his cheeks, “Naruto, wow, I haven’t seen you in ages,” Tenten exclaimed upon seeing her old friend, “Whoa you’ve changed, where’s that little blonde idiot that I used to know?”

Tenten was shocked, Naruto had really changed, he wasn’t wearing bright orange anymore, thankfully, and his eyes had a look about them that was far more intelligent and frankly plain better then the blind happiness that used to penetrate them, his body had really filled out too, he was taller then her now, whereas he was always shorter when they were kids, from what she could see of his body he was pretty damn well built too, frankly Tenten was getting a little wet in the knickers just looking at him, he was far better looking then Neji, probably far better boyfriend material too, the guy was a complete ass.

Naruto watched as Tenten’s eyes travelled up and down his body, he knew that Tenten was attracted by the slight blush she had and she would doubtlessly be even more attracted to him in his real form, still, he couldn’t bring himself to do anything to her without her permission, she was the only friend his age that he’d had when they were younger, they often helped each other out of tight spots, hell Tenten used to share her food with him when she noticed that the bitch at the orphanage only gave him the final scrapes, which were burned more often then not, he made up his mind and proceeded to tell her what had really happened to him, all of it…

“Well, that explains a hell of a lot,” Tenten said when he was finished now nearly drooling at the sight of his 19 year old body, “So you want me to teach your girls how to use projectile weapons huh, what’s in it for me?”

“Aren’t you mad that I’ve enslaved 2 girls, made 1 Jonin Kunoichi pander to my every whim and another practically into a sex-toy?” Asked Naruto a little incredulously, he’d honestly expected Tenten, a real feminist when she was younger, to be outraged at him.

“Tch, please, you’re Hinata’s knight in shining armour, even before you enslaved her she would’ve done practically anything for you,” Tenten started, holding up 5 fingers and knocking one done with every girl she named, “Anko is a complete nymphomaniac, but she’s got a bad rep so she doesn’t get many guys interested in anything other then a one night stand, she’s happier now then I ever remember her being, Ino was a bitch to you even when we were still friends, but she’s still hot, so I’m not surprised in the slightest at that one, Kurenai, well after what she did to you she deserves everything you do to her,” Tenten’s eyes burned with hate on that one, it had been Tenten who held Naruto during the nights when the nightmares wouldn’t leave him alone, “Kyuubi, a little shocking but perfectly understandable considering she massacred so many and turned your life into a living hell,” Tenten’s eyes were still moist from when he’d told her not 30 minutes before about it being the Kyuubi that was sealed in him, “And quite frankly, Sakura got what she deserved, besides she was a disgrace to kunoichi everywhere. Again what’s in it for me if I do this favour for you?”

“Well I could turn you into an elemental like I did with the other girls,” Naruto started, he saw Tenten grimace and was quick to dispel her naivety, “the elements I have access to are not just the primary 5 you know, I could make so that you have a power over metal to such a degree were you would be able to stick your hand in the dirt and pull out a full sized battle axe, not to mention controlling magnetic fields to a degree that the Sandaime Kazekage would envy.”

Tenten was in front of him in a flash using the dreaded puppy-dog eye jutsu, “Please please please pleeeeaaasse.”

Naruto was looking down at Tenten, almost sweat-dropping at the look she was giving him, he had never stood a chance against that look when they were kids, and he wasn’t any better at it now…

Half an hour later Kyu-chan had transferred her metal element to Tenten, giving her silver hair and slit silver eyes, in thanks Tenten had promptly launched herself at him, determined to show her appreciation for her friend’s wonderful gift, she would never have to spend another ryo on weapons ever again.

When Tenten knocked him to the ground with a tackle she promptly latched her lips onto his, she wasn’t very experienced, but her eagerness more then made up for it, she mumbled between kisses that she had lost her hymen during training a few years ago and had a few sex toys that she played with now and then, they weren’t quite as big as he was, but she’d adjust.

Naruto stripped the young kunoichi, baring her cute body to him, he had actually never had a girl that wasn’t either very experienced or physically altered to suit him, the elemental bit merely supercharged her affinity with the desired alignment, and it had nothing to do with the body really, so this was the first pure human young pussy that he’d ever had, and he was looking forward to it.

Naruto nibbled on Tenten’s brown nipples as she squirmed around in his lap, his right hand was playing with her clit and pushing a finger in her entrance, making sure she was well lubricated, his left was holding her waist in an attempt to stabilise her, to keep her from falling on the floor.

Once she was soaked she promptly got off his lap and started tugging at his clothes, getting the hint he ditched them, Tenten’s eyes were locked on the monstrous dong between his legs, wondering how the hell it was going to fit.

“With plenty of lubrication,” Naruto said, answering the question he saw in her eyes, getting the hint Tenten kneeled and started to lick up and down the sides of his cock, pausing to suck on his head and balls whenever she reached them, next she locked her lips around the base of the head of his cock, using both hands to stroke him as her lips and tongue polished his knob, Naruto undid the buns her hair was in, releasing her shoulder length hair which he promptly started running his fingers through in appreciation of Tenten’s efforts, I didn’t take long for the thought of his old childhood friend sucking him off to make him blow, Tenten chocked at first at the massive release of cum, she found she liked the taste, but there was just so much of the stuff, his cock popped out of her lips rather quickly, depositing the rest of its load on her face and tits, Tenten started to clean herself up, using her fingers to scrape up and swallow the cum.

While Tenten was doing that Naruto laid her out on her back and brought her cute little pussy, which only had a small strip of hair over the clit, up to his lips, he kissed the clit first then he dived right in, bringing Tenten to the edge of orgasm in a matter of moments and holding her there for nearly 5 minutes before letting her cum, he wanted her first cum from him to be solely from his skill, rather then his size or his bag of tricks.

Naruto then lifted Tenten’s hips and positioned himself for entry, Tenten’s upper back still lying on the ground, her hands digging into the ground in anticipation, when he started to push himself in, he went slowly, giving Tenten time to adjust, she was after all still a fully human 14 year old girl, and even though the muscles in her pussy were used to intrusion thanks to her toys, she hadn’t had anything this long or this thick before.

Tenten was giving a long, low moan of appreciation as her pussy was stretched further then it has ever been stretched before, Naruto’s dick was setting off nerve clusters she hadn’t even known existed, when he bumped into her cervix with 4 inches left to go Tenten let out a grunt of disappointment, she had wanted the whole thing in her damn it.

Naruto picked her up into her lap and whispered his plan into her ear as he fondled her clit, when she came, he forced his way into her womb, finally bottoming out inside the girl, just as he’d told her, the feeling was a little weird, but the sense of accomplishment she felt at having taken the entire thing outweighed that, there were very few girls or women who could boast, truthfully anyway, that they’d taken a 12” long 4” wide cock fully on their first try, if at all, and most of them were in Naruto’s harem.

Tenten’s mouth was wide in a silent scream of ecstasy, Naruto had started to pump his monstrous dong in and out of her pussy, using all but one inch of his impressive length with every thrust, Tenten was in an extremely long orgasm that just did not stop so long as Naruto pumped into her.

Naruto was barely restraining himself from cumming, Tenten’s tight, velvety pussy lacked that elastic element that he had used on his slaves, making it all the more pleasant, especially seeing as he hadn’t been in the wombs of any of those girls, their pussies stretching to take every inch every time, it felt like most of his cock was in a warm wet velvet cocoon whereas the 4 inches at the end were in a very tight mouth, the cervix almost like a girls lips that was vacuum locked around his cock. Though the absolute best part, in his eyes, is that he was fucking a girl he knew that if he wasn’t careful, he could fall in love with very easily.

Finally Naruto just couldn’t take it anymore, blasting directly into her womb, filling it to the point where the cum had to leak out of her pussy from around his cock because there just wasn’t any more room, Tenten’s orgasm reached one hell of a peak when that happened, she had actually started to shake from it.

Once they both came down from their orgasmic highs Tenten looked directly into Naruto’s eyes and saw something that she hadn’t seen in his eyes before, it was suppressed, but with her knowing him so well she could see it, his love, for her, Tenten knew why he suppressed it, he had felt from a young age that no-one would love him, and all of this mind control stuff would have only magnified it, making him believe that he would only ever gain the pleasure of sex by indulging in his darker fantasies, that he didn’t deserve love, like it or lump it, Naruto was a damaged man.

Tenten knew that if she confronted him about it now it would only cause him to run, so she started to build a plan in her mind, she would situate herself as Naruto’s queen, she knew he still desired to rule Konoha, so she would do so at his side, as his lover and confidant, and hopefully, eventually his wife, it would take years, but she was determined to heal the damage that Konoha had done to his mind, she noticed that Naruto was starting to get worried about her lack of responsiveness so she turned her attention fully to him, hoping to get him to think that nothing was wrong she said something that would convince him of that.

“Well, I think you’ve got yourself a deal Naruto-kun, I’ll help train your girls so long as I get a repeat performance every once in a while, ‘k.”


AN: writing this one had me tearing up at the end, hope that’s a good explanation as to why Naruto is the way he is, R&R guys.
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