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Fun with Tsunami & Haku's Final Fuck

by Necros

Tsunami has been lonely, and controlling Haku

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Lilith’s heir


A couple of weeks later things were going swimmingly, Tenten had taught the girls most of the stuff she knew about how to aim projectiles, most of the stuff she held back was basically how to throw things that weren’t meant to be thrown, such as war hammers. Due to the teaching abilities of Naruto and Anko, Ino, Tenten and Hinata were now able to use their elemental abilities to their fullest, about the only thing they needed now was experience.

The Sandaime had finally decided to let them go on a C-rank; their client was overwhelmingly underwhelming to say the least, an old drunk guy called Tazuna who they had to escort back to his home in Wave Country.

For the first couple of days it looked like the mission was going to be 100% boring, at least until Naruto felt a couple of ninja life signs ahead, at least Chunin level by their chakra.

When the Demon brothers attempted their ambush they started by trying to kill Naruto, a gut feeling they both felt giving the impression that he was the most dangerous, when Naruto dissolved into black smoke then slammed them both into a tree, they knew that they were right.

Naruto interrogated them using a few non-sexual torture tactics that Lilith taught him, she didn’t use them often but Naruto was neither bi nor gay so he didn’t think he could stomach using the other ones. They cracked quickly, telling Naruto of their master Zabuza, Zabuza’s apprentice, and the ambush that was set up near a lake further ahead, to be truthful Naruto was far more interested in Zabuza’s female apprentice Haku then anything else, but he did plan for the ambush.

The next day Zabuza never knew what hit him, one minute he was preparing his dramatic entrance by starting to throw his sword, the next he was slammed against a tree with the wind knocked out of him, there was something else about this kid’s smoke-like jutsu, it absorbed the chakra of anyone it held, Zabuza was just about to pass out when he felt the prick of senbon needles entering his neck, his last thoughts thanking Haku.

When Haku played the part of hunter nin, no-one challenged her on Naruto’s orders, they all knew she was a fake, but Naruto wanted to get a closer look at her, judge whether or not she’d be useful. When Naruto sent out small tendrils of smoke which entered Haku’s mouth and went directly to her brain, quickly scanning her memories and abilities then returning to Naruto, Haku didn’t notice a thing, and she left.

When she was gone Naruto went through the information, he was pleasantly surprised, Haku had been trained by Zabuza from a young age, and she had the Ice style bloodline, not to mention that while she had been entertaining Zabuza between the sheets the past few years he was only average sized so it wouldn’t be all that much of a difference from Tenten in tightness, not to mention that due to her training and bloodline she was an extremely effective high speed ninja, she would make an excellent addition to his harem, he’d have to take full control though, or her loyalty to Zabuza would ruin everything.

When they reached Tazuna’s house they were greeted by one of the best looking milfs Naruto had ever seen, Tsunami was in her late 20s, mid d-cup breasts, lovely ass, midnight black hair down to mid back and one of the best sets of dsl’s (dick sucking lips) Naruto had ever seen, he wouldn’t enslave her, having no use for a woman who wasn’t ninja trained, not to mention the hassle her brat of a son would make, but he was going to give her the best fucking she had ever had.


Later that night Tsunami crept into Naruto’s room, Naruto had been keeping his aura active ever since he arrived, as such Tsunami could barely keep her eyes off of him, he had returned to his 19 yr old form after the tussle with Zabuza, by the end of the dinner all of Naruto’s girls were damp between the legs but Tsunami could barely think straight, Naruto had told his girls to entertain each other for the night because he knew that the hostess would come visiting, and it would be rude to refuse the hostess.

Naruto was lying on top of the bed sheets, appearing to be sound asleep when in actual fact he was wide awake, he wanted to see how far he had pushed Tsunami, and how far she would be willing to go to get her satisfaction, would she try to wake him or would she just start without him, trusting her abilities to wake him soon enough?

Apparently he had pushed her a bit further then he’d expected, because she stripped herself, then him, then proceeded to give him one of the more skilled blowjobs he’d ever had, needless to say he was rock hard very quickly but he still played possum, wanting to see how far she’d go.

After Tsunami deep throated him a few times she looked up to see if she had woken the hunk that she hadn’t been able to keep her eyes off of all night, from her point of view she hadn’t, but at this point she was beyond caring. Tsunami positioned herself over his rock hard 12 inches then lowered herself down on him, moaning with every inch that entered her disused pussy, she hadn’t had anything up there since her husband had died a year ago when Gato came to town, and her pussy was only barely able to stretch far enough to accommodate, she was used to big dicks, Kaiza had had an 11 incher that she had absolutely worshipped, but this one was even bigger.

As Tsunami started to rock herself Naruto grabbed her waist with his hands then flipped them over so that they were in the missionary position then started thrusting wildly into her, her moans of ecstasy telling him that she hadn’t minded the prank in the slightest, Tsunami wrapped her arms around Naruto’s neck and her legs around his waist, giving herself completely to the experience, it was a good thing that Naruto had set up a silencing seal so that her moans wouldn’t carry through the entire house, just though the wall on the right side into the room the girls were sharing.

“Please … uh uh … come on my tits … uh uh … I want to see it,” Tsunami managed to say between moans, she had always like seeing a man’s cum on her body, it was the main reason she had never had a child by Kaiza, he had always followed her wishes and pulled out first, the man who was Inari’s father was a one night stand that happened when she was 18 and stupid, she never saw him again after that night.

Naruto nodded, showing that he heard before he started thrusting even harder, making Tsunami’s boobs bounce with every thrust, her nipples dragging up and down Naruto’s chest, giving an extra dimension of pleasure to Tsunami, Naruto wasn’t far off when he pulled out of her, Tsunami quickly got up on her knees to swallow his cock, humming when it reached her throat, that last bit of sensation drove Naruto over the edge and he started cumming in Tsunami’s mouth, it wasn’t long before she just couldn’t keep up anymore and his cock popped out from between her lips, depositing the rest of its sizable load on her tits, something Tsunami was very happy about.

“Tell me, what haven’t you done before, but would like to try?” Naruto asked, he could tell that Tsunami was very experienced, but he wanted to be sure that she’d remember him.

“Kaiza and I did just about everything a man and woman can do together,” Tsunami said truthfully, when Kaiza was around she was horny most of the time and she had liked to experiment.

“Really?” he asked, not all that shocked, he had already known she was skilled, “What about multiple men?” he asked, she gave him a quizzical look so he demonstrated by slicing a finger open and creating 2 blood clones, the renewed lust in Tsunami’s gaze was all he needed to know, she hadn’t done this before, but she would like to.

One of the clones laid down on the bed, Tsunami climbing on top and plunging her pussy down on it’s cock, Naruto thrust his cock up her ass while the other clone went around to her face, presenting his cock to her which she promptly wrapped her lips around and started sucking, moaning loudly in her throat as the cocks in her pussy and ass started to piston in and out of her, one thrusting in when the other pulled out and vice versa.

Tsunami was cumming like a mad woman, she knew how to handle an orgasm thanks to Kaiza but he had never pleased her like this, even though they had used toys to simulate a DP before it just wasn’t the same as a flesh and blood cock, besides, those cocks were attached to bodies whose hands were roaming all over her body, running through her hair, mauling her tits and playing with her clit, Tsunami was officially in orgasm heaven.

When the three Narutos got close to cumming they started to synchronise their thrusts, all in or all out, filling Tsunami up much more then she had ever been before, they did this for about 5 minutes before they all pulled out and stood over Tsunami, Tsunami kneeled in the centre of the ring of cocks and started to suck on one as she fisted the other two, it didn’t take too long for them to cum, and Naruto made sure that they all came at the same moment, showering Tsunami in enough cum to fill a 3L bottle, covering her entire front and most of her back with the stuff, suffice to say, Tsunami was a very happy hostess.

Tsunami gave all three cocks one final suck before she leaned back, “Mmmnn, that was exquisite, thank you,” she said before she gathered her clothes on wobbly legs and dashed across the hall to the bathroom, knowing that it wouldn’t be good idea for either her father or her son to see her coming out of anyone’s room in this state.


Tsunami had visited his room a couple of times since then, the other girls joining in once, but Naruto made sure that she knew that this was a one time thing, and that she couldn’t come with him back to Konoha.

It was 4 days after that first night when Inari annoyed him by spouting some bullshit that they didn’t know what it was like to have it rough, Naruto had left the house to blow off some steam and avoid splattering the brat’s carcass across the walls, only allowing Kyu-chan to follow and even then only so long as she stayed in fox-form and did her duty as a lookout.

Naruto tired himself out mainly by only doing taijutsu, something he had been neglecting lately, he just felt like hitting a few things rather then causing a truckload of damage to the environment, thus when Haku showed up in the same clearing the next morning, there wasn’t all that much damage.

Haku observed the man sleeping against the trunk of the tree, he looked like the boy who had beaten the snot out of Zabuza but he was too old, his brother maybe? He was handsome though, even Haku, who usually only had eyes for Zabuza saw that, what she didn’t realise was that Naruto was awake, ad he was using his aura to affect her sensibilities, normally she would have killed him already, because if he was that kids older brother then it was likely he had the same abilities, only more refined, but she didn’t even think about that stuff, instead wondering what he looked like without those pants, and how big he was.

Haku’s lack of concentration at that moment prevented her from being aware of the tendrils of smoke that were slowly coiling around her body, it wasn’t until the last moment when Naruto’s eyes snapped open and the smoke forcefully constricted her that she realised she was trapped.

Naruto got to his feet then walked over to Haku, the rage and lust warring in her eyes an interesting contrast, especially coming from such a pretty girl, Haku was completely silent though, she knew that she had been outmatched since the first moment she laid eyes on him, she realised now that he had some ability to make her horny and she was just barely retaining her sensibilities, her rage at being trapped so easily was her only lifeline.

Naruto brought a finger up to her face, the finger started to exude black smoke which Haku had no choice but to inhale. Her eyes clouded over as soon as she did so, now Naruto had complete control over her so he dismissed the smoke holding her still and sat down, leaning against the tree he had slept against the previous night he sent a mental command to Haku.

Haku’s hips started to sway, her hands running up and down her body, her eyes told the story that there was nobody home, Haku’s soul had been forcefully sent into hibernation, but it wasn’t her eyes that Naruto wanted, pity that the smoke control only worked for a few days at the most.

Haku started to untie her kimono; her movements were just as fluid as they would have been if she was in control and this was Zabuza she was doing this for. The kimono fell to the ground, revealing an ice blue silk bra and panties, Haku’s tits were a decent C-cup at least, pale pink nipples, and her pussy was completely bald, the undies didn’t hide much.

Haku continued with the strip dance until she was completely naked, then following the commands given she got to her hands and knees and crawled to Naruto, she used her teeth to undo his zipper and pulled his 12 incher out before she started to suck on it, Haku had done this for Zabuza’s 7 incher a few times but she didn’t know how to please one this big, fortunately Naruto didn’t much care for her lack of skill, the sense of control he got from forcing her to do this via mind control alone was enough to make him cum down her throat quickly enough.

Haku continued to suck, making sure that Naruto stayed hard before she moved herself up into his lap, facing him with one leg on either side of his’ she lowered her pussy down onto his cock, Naruto had made sure that she had plenty of lubrication but apparently not even his level of control could keep the involuntary reactions to the pain of being stretched so much so quickly from her face, various grimaces and silent screams showing.

Naruto didn’t care all that much about that, he just watched as she fucked herself on him, her pussy stretching much farther then her small frame could handle easily, the sight and the felling of power meant he couldn’t hold himself for too long. He blew his load into her at the 5 minute mark, but he was still hard so he decided to take the one virginity that Zabuza hadn’t gotten to yet.

Haku, following his mental directions got off of his cock then turned herself around, putting her ass into position to be split open by his monstrous cock.

Naruto knew he’d never get in dry so he channelled water chakra along his cock for lubricant before he watched as Haku forced her ass down onto his cock, the involuntary twitches being all that Naruto needed to see to know that she’d be in incredible pain if her conscious mind was in control right now.

Haku continued to fuck herself on him, Naruto doing nothing but sit there and watch, there was a little bit of blood coming from the rim of Haku’s ass, apparently she’d torn a little bit, but as far as Haku’s conscious mind was concerned, she was having a lovely dream of her and Zabuza’s wedding night.

It didn’t take too long before Naruto was about to cum again, but he wanted his cum visible so he ordered her to pull off and lie on the ground before he went over and slammed his cock back in her pussy, it didn’t take too long before he pulled out and came all over her tits and stomach.

When Naruto was done cumming he ordered her to clean herself up then to go and massacre her master, Gato and everyone who worked for either, Zabuza was still bed ridden so he didn’t stand a chance.


When Haku returned, blood covering the majority of her body she saw that one of Naruto’s slaves, Kyu-chan, was currently giving him a far better blowjob then Haku was capable of, the bulge of Naruto’s cock head was half-way down Kyu-chan’s throat and she was purring, something she had gotten from her bijuu side, giving Naruto an eye-rolling orgasm which he pumped directly down her throat and into her stomach.

When Naruto saw that Haku had returned he also became aware that she hadn’t emerged from the massacre unscathed, she had a few injuries that would be lethal soon enough without treatment, doesn’t really matter, he was never planning on keeping her, her loyalty to Zabuza was too strong to be destroyed by one of his mutagens and if he kept using the smoke control she’d build up an immunity sooner or later, nevertheless she still had one use for him, her bloodline.

Naruto walked up to Haku, turning his right hand into blue smoke as he did so, this wasn’t really smoke but rather a representation of his soul, he plunged his soul form hand into her chest, grasping at her chakra core and drawing something from it, Haku’s bloodline was absorbed into Naruto’s body, that, along with the knowledge he already had from her would allow him to use ice style jutsu as well as she did, there was a reason though that he hadn’t taken the Byakugan from Hinata like this.

The bloodline extraction process caused the bloodline to overload the original owner’s body, if he had done it to Hinata she would have seen the entire universe for a brief moment before her eyes burned out, leaving her blind. With Haku it froze her entire body as if she’d been dunked in liquid nitrogen, when Naruto withdrew his arm he flicked her nose using his other hand, shattering her into a thousand pieces.

Naruto turned to look at Kyu-chan who was still looking up at him as if he were a god in human form, which is the way she’d looked at him ever since he’d destroyed who she once was.

“Let’s get going Kyu-chan,” he said fondly, creating a rose made out of ice in his hand and tossing it over his shoulder as he left, the only gesture he would ever make to show he regretted his actions.


Once the locals confirmed that Gato was dead the land of wave had a huge party, even if those who actually saw the carnage went green at the mere thought of food and drunk themselves stupid for the following week.

Naruto, Anko, Hinata, Ino and Kyu-chan left once the party was over, now that the threat was gone they saw no reason to stick around.


AN: hope you guys like it, I know that bit with Haku was cruel but I couldn’t fit her in and use the bloodline stealing bit effectively at the same time, pls review

Oh and I’m really looking for artists to do a few pics of the various scenes, if you’re willing please let me know.
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