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Tenten's Introduction & Playtime in Area 44

by Necros

Tenten is properly introduced and Yugito gets a new master

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Lilith’s Heir


A few days after Naruto and his team got back from Wave Tenten came to the apartment wanting to be properly introduced to the harem.

It was Ino, who was wearing nothing more then a large t-shirt, one of Naruto’s, who opened the door to let her in, as Tenten followed Ino, who had a noticeable sway to her step, she heard a feminine voice moaning in pleasure, though when Tenten got to the bedroom it was easy to see why.

Naruto was sitting on the edge of the bed, Kyu-chan was kneeling between his legs deep-throating him and Hinata was hugging one of his arms, it was Hinata who was moaning and a quick look to her soaked pussy revealed why, there was a large and very realistic dildo made out of what appeared to be ice pumping in and out of her tight little quim with the help of one of Naruto’s hands, the dildo in Naruto’s other hand that was dripping with pussy juices told Tenten where Ino had been prior to answering the door, especially seeing as she discarded the shirt and returned to Naruto's side where she was promptly impaled on the large, and Tenten was betting cold, dildo where she started moaning again.

“Having fun Naruto-kun?” she asked as she got closer to watch as Kyu-chan expertly deep-throated her future love with wide eyes, that should not be possible, Kyu-chan’s throat was bulging obscenely with each bob!

“Oh yeah,” Naruto said huskily, he had an idea as to why Tenten was here, though he was never going to enslave her, he owed her too damn much to take her free will from her, so he would give her a position as his 2nd in command, which meant she would be able to tell his harem to do anything that didn’t contradict his own orders and he was going to make sure she enjoyed it; “here to collect on that promise I made you?”

To answer Tenten started to strip off her clothes revealing set of sexy black lingerie that the smouldering in Tenten’s eyes indicated she bought just for him, while still wearing the negligee she swayed to Naruto and started to hungrily kiss him, Naruto used a couple of smoke tendrils to continue pleasuring Hinata and Ino as he brought his hands up to stroke Tenten, his right hand playing with her nipples that were just barely hidden by the bra and his left stroking Tenten’s pussy under her panties, making sure she was completely wet as he returned Tenten’s kiss.

Tenten was just barely coherent enough to continuer the kiss, there was just something about Naruto that pushed all of her buttons, her panties were completely soaked and if Tenten could muster the concentration required she would wonder if they would even be wearable after this, then there was something else that grabbed Tenten’s attention, two sets of lips, one suckling each of her nipples, Hinata and Ino had apparently recognised that she was a higher rank then them so they did everything within their power to please their new mistress, Kyu-chan would have joined in but her master’s meat required her absolute attention.

Naruto surfaced for a little air and said, “Hinata, Ino, why don’t you two greet your new mistress properly,” they got the message, getting up off of the icicle dildos they guided Tenten to lay down on the bed, as Naruto watched Ino got between her legs and started to hungrily eat her out as Hinata started to kiss her, sliding her stiff little nipples along Tenten’s tit-flesh

Ino slid Tenten’s soaked panties off while Hinata did the same for her bra, both of them handing the lingerie to Naruto once they did, Naruto proceeded to take a good long whiff of them committing Tenten’s aroused scent to memory. As all this was going on Kyu-chan was still determinately sucking her master’s cock, she had not been given any new orders and besides, while she did like the taste of female flesh there was nothing like her master’s monstrous dong stretching out her esophageus.

Hinata slid down to latch her lips around one of Tenten’s nipples as Ino slid a finger up her ass, their master had ordered them to greet their new mistress properly, Tenten’s moans rose and fell as her orgasm reached peaks and valleys, though when Ino started on her ass she definitely squeaked.

Naruto pulled Kyu-chan off of him and pushed Ino out of the way, Ino simply latched onto Tenten’s other nipple, Kyu-chan knew she might be ignored for a while so she grabbed the two ice dildos and licked them clean, savouring Hinata and Ino’s pussy juices before shoving the dildos up her ass and pussy, the coldness of the ice, which her master had made sure would not melt so long as he had chakra, and the radiant heat from her insides, she was a fire elemental after all, combining to make a very nice sensation, nothing compared to her master but still nice.

Naruto lined his cock up with Tenten’s entrance and slid in, the entrance a little easier this time then the last but still tight, and he could tell that Tenten had been training her pussy muscles extensively, hell if she tried she could wank him with her pussy muscles alone, Tenten’s pussy was still only about 8 inches long though so he pushed past her cervix into the searing heat of her womb.

By now Tenten was delirious with pleasure, the man she was falling for was pumping his 12 inch monster into her tight little quim as two of his slaves played with her tits, one of them, she wasn’t sure who, was playing with her clit too, she honestly hasn’t stopped cumming since Naruto's first pump, and there were no real valleys either, just a hell of a lot of peaks!

When Naruto flooded Tenten with his cum she came so hard she passed out, when she came around about 15 minutes later she realised that she no longer had any cum in her pussy, one of the girls had sucked it all out apparently, she was also treated to a scene that was very similar to a porno she had nicked from her adoptive dad, Naruto was standing with his three slaves kneeled in front of him, Ino and Hinata were licking and sucking the sides of his cock as Kyu-chan sucked on the head, by his facial expression Tenten knew he didn’t have much time left so she was about to call out, wanting to taste some of his cum herself, there was no need though, as soon as Naruto saw she was awake he moved away from his slaves and angled his cock over Tenten’s crotch as he came explosively, covering Tenten’s tits and stomach in a liberal helping of cum.

Naruto’s slave girls looked up at Naruto from their crouched positions, the begging expression clear in their eyes, when Naruto nodded they jumped up and started to lick to lick their new mistress clean, making sure to not miss a drop as they sucked the cum off of Tenten’s exhausted body.

“How was that for an official introduction?” Naruto asked, drawing a tired chuckle from Tenten as she drifted back to sleep, the girls still working on cleaning up their master’s mess, though none of them would ever think of complaining.


A few days later the 1st phase of the Chunin exams came around, Anko entered them of course, when Naruto and his girls got to room 301, Kyu-chan was riding on his shoulder in fox form again, the other entrants tried to scare them with KI, but Naruto simply sent a burst of his own that was double everyone else’s and scared them into backing down. There was a small reunion of the rookie 6 (no Sakura, no Choji and Sasuke isn’t trusted enough) when a silver haired guy came over, probably about the same age as Naruto really was, his name was Kabuto and Naruto sensed that he had a chakra regeneration bloodline, not really useful to him thanks to his abilities with black smoke but the knowledge he held might be useful…

When Ibiki broke everyone up and gave them a paper test Naruto simply sent out tendrils of his smoke to enter everyone that he thought might be useful, that Kabuto guy, 2 guys that felt like Chunin and someone else who seemed to be far stronger.

When Naruto got the information back he was satisfied with the knowledge from 2 Chunin level ninjas and Kabuto, the former allowing him to answer the sheet and know Ibiki’s plan for the final question, but it was the knowledge he got back from the final person that was the most valuable, it was Orochi-bloody-maru and Naruto had just absorbed all of his knowledge, every single jutsu the snake sannin had acquired over the years was now a part of Naruto’s knowledge as well, Naruto also knew of the invasion, and Orochimaru’s plans for it, he also knew his plans for that whiny little bitch Sasuke, Naruto would have to take care of him soon enough.

Once Naruto had written down all of his answers as well as sending tendrils of smoke to share them with his girls he relaxed and just sent out his smoke randomly, absorbing the memories from many of the applicants, not too many of them were all that interesting, but he did get 4 interesting ones, Gaara Sabaku would make a decent bodyguard, and all he would have to do would be to silence that annoying tanuki in his gut, easy enough, a kunoichi from cloud, Yugito at 14, turned out to be the nibi jinchuuriki and she was very dissatisfied with her current life, it wouldn’t take much to get her on his side, also there was a set of cute red-headed identical twin girls that were the younger sisters of the female member of the seven swordsmen (the mizukage from recent manga chapters), they would make an excellent addition to his harem, there were also many bloodlines that could very well be useful to him…


Naruto had been in the Forest of death for nearly 5 hours by now, he had absorbed the byakugan from some nobody Hyuuga, the Inuzuka bloodline, again from some nobody, a diamond skin bloodline from a rock Shinobi and a shape shifting bloodline from grass, though he hadn’t yet come across any of his more important targets, wait, that was the nibi’s chakra just then, and it wasn’t far.

When Naruto arrived at the clearing where Yugito and her teammates were he saw that they were fighting amongst each other, and with kunai and jutsu rather then words, turns out that her teammates were under orders to make sure she died in the forest of death, well we couldn’t have that could we?

Naruto grabbed the two Shinobi in giant fists of smoke before crushing them, he knew that Yugito would be hostile to just about anyone right now so he didn’t bother with trying to talk to her he simply knocked her out with a blow to the neck before biting her throat, injecting a specially made mutagen just for her, he stripped her clothes off and licked his lips upon seeing her sexy body, she had long blonde hair, large c-cup tits and a cute little pussy that he just knew was completely unused, she would make a fine addition to his harem, especially with the changes he had started.

Yugito’s body didn’t need many changes to make her fitter but what the mutagen did wasn’t designed for that, it was designed to force her tenant to merge with her, making Yugito have abilities over dark fire and the dead, not to mention her human ears changed for a black cat’s pair and a black tail sprouted from her tail bone, now Naruto would get to fulfil one of the fetishes he’d had for a while, he had his very own catgirl! He made sure that she would be just as loyal as his other slaves though, speaking of them he had sent them to go around and collect as many scrolls as they could so it was only Naruto and Yugito in the clearing.

Yugito yawned as she woke, very cute with her new fangs hehe, she sat up and cocked her head when she saw him, it didn’t take long for the programming he’d planted to take hold and identify him as her new master, Yugito smiled broadly and was hugging him tightly in a flash, she was a very skilled kunoichi who had just gotten her abilities boosted tenfold after all, if it weren’t for the loyalty his mutagen invoked he might have been worried, as it was he simply removed her now bone white hair from its braid and started to run his hand along her spine, making her purr, haha.

“Does master want Kitten to do something?” Yugito asked, that’s right he had programmed into her that her new name was Kitten, far better then Yugito.

In answer Naruto simply dissolved his clothes, shifted Kitten and plunged her down onto his rock hard meat drawing something between a scream and a moan from her throat, Naruto grabbed Kitten’s firm ass with both hands and used it to guide her pussy as it slid up and down his cock, her tail was curled up near her head as she arched her back and moaned and purred like crazy at the sensations her master was giving her, Naruto leaned down and grabbed one of her nipples between his teeth, nibbling and sucking on the nipple before moving to the other, Kitten was getting delirious, the pleasure was far beyond anything she had ever experienced in her past life, she had been constantly depressed as Yugito so she didn’t really see any problem with her new name, especially seeing as to the rest of the world Yugito was indeed dead now, she wouldn’t change her current circumstances for the world!

Naruto hadn’t expected the extra sensations that Kitten’s purring was giving him, he wouldn’t last too much longer so he pulled Kitten off of his lap, Kitten knew what her master wanted and she wanted it too, so she dashed down and started sucking on his cock, she wanted his cum, she needed it!

When Naruto started to cum Kitten started to purr so his orgasm lasted much longer then expected and Kitten was the first of his girls to swallow every last drop!

When Naruto finally stopped cumming after half a minute he saw that Kitten was in doggy-style position in front of him with her tail high in the air, her hands were reached back to pull her ass cheeks apart displaying her cute little asshole to him, well he was never one to pass up a chance at such a delectable looking backside so he kneeled behind her and pushed his cock into her ass, making sure to use liberal amounts of water chakra for lubricant.

Kitten moaned as her master completed his claim on her; he was the only one to ever take any of her holes, let alone all three so they both knew that he was her one and only master.

Naruto moaned as he pumped into Kitten’s tight little ass, grabbing her hair in one of his hands for added leverage, Kitten had started to purr as she moaned and the vibrations were making him go crazy, her lovely little ass was hot and incredibly tight and the vibes from her purring was making it hard for him to last very long inside of her, even though he had just cum in her mouth, Naruto was just glad that Lilith’s teachings made it so that he could have over a dozen orgasms in a row without tiring, though he hadn’t yet found a girl who could completely handle him all by herself.

“Here I come Kitten!” Naruto yelled as he started to fill her bowels with his seed, using his lightning chakra trick at the same moment to trigger a huge orgasm from Kitten, knocking her unconscious.

Naruto sighed as he pulled out of Kitten’s ass, she was knew to sex so it was expected that that trick knock her out, Naruto triggered Kitten’s transformation into a white kitten with black paws, ears and tail before picking her up, far easier to carry her this way.

“Now to find those twins Hehehe,” Naruto chuckled to himself before leaping into the trees leaving the remains of Yugito’s team and her shredded clothes behind, a scene that anyone would look upon and believe that Yugito had died, and indeed she did, but she was reborn as Naruto’s pet Kitten.


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