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Repent, for we all sin.
According to, redemption is atonement for guilt. In The Kite Runner he main characters feel a sense of redemption for their former crimes. No one is perfect but some sin more than others. Take a mother, who borne a near perfect son, leaves because of a physical flaw. A foolish immature girl who goes against her family wishes and has premarital sex while shacking up. A father hiding a deep family secret from his own flesh and blood, rather having his honor than his child, and never tells the important ones the secret taking it to his grave. A child, letting his fear get the best of him, his need for love, a mistake and its chain of consequences. Is there redemption from these crimes? Who truly can say they paid the wages of sins?
Sanaubar was a beautiful girl who turned many heads as she switched down the street. She was a bit of a wild child. Although it was not said in the book directly, she had a rather free flowing way when it came to sex. She was forced to marry her crippled cousin, Ali. She had a child, who also turned out to be deformed. She refused to touch the boy and shoved him away. She left. She left behind a newborn that life would be teased about a mother who left to join the circus. “…Hassan lost his less than a week after he was born. Lost her to fate Afghans considered far worse than death: She ran off with a clan of traveling singers and dancers. “(Pg. 6)
Many year s later, Sanuabar returns to the child she left behind, Hassan.
She returned badly beaten, no longer a great beauty as she once was. The Taliban had beaten her beauty out of her. She was an old hag and regretted her past mistakes. She was deformed as the husband and the child she left behind was. Hassan, the ever faithful son, took her back in. she was forgiven. She was haunted by the fact she left behind her child and was not there for his upbringing. Hassan soon had a son, named Sohrab and Sanaubar takes care of him as if he was Hassan. She was redeemed because she lost her beauty and was at the same level as her son and husband. She died peaceful because she did all she never did for Hassan for Sohrab. That made all the difference in her life. She got a second chance and she took full advantage.
Baba was Amir’s father in the story. He had a deep dark secret he never told either of his sons about. As you could of well guessed it, Hassan was Baba’s son. He slept with his servant’s wife after his own wife had just been buried. Baba is an oxymoron in a sense. “… There is only one sin, only one. And that is theft. Every others in is a variation of theft… (Pg. 17)” He tells Amir never to do these things but he goes and does it. He stole Amir and Hassan’s right to the truth about their heritage and their blood. They were brothers but at the end, Amir was pure venom to Hassan.
He never claimed Hassan even through it was plain to see he was the son that Baba wanted. Amir wanted to be a write while Hassan saved Amir many times. He always took care of Hassan by buying him what he brought Amir and making Ali and Hassan their servants.
Baba tried through so many ways to redeem his self. He opened an orphanage to help the underprivileged children of Kabul. H gave money freely to anyone who needed it or asked. He helped people start their business. He was so nice to people while he punished Amir for not being the son he wanted. One can imagine the strain it puts on a child in this world. He would give his life for some random person he met while escaping to America.
Baba did in a way redeem his self. He gave so much of his self to forget who he was and what he did. That is something most people would not do and his sin forced him to behave in a way that is very honorable.
On the other hand, he never told Amir or Hassan that they were kin. He never fully forced his sin or asked for forgiveness. Something that Sanaubar and Soraya both did to the people they told and the ones that needed to be asked.
Soraya was a young stupid teenager of 18. She was tired of being restrained by her culture. She found another Afghan and they had premarital relations and shacked up for a month. She did drugs and cursed her father. She was the cause of her mother’s stroke. Her father finds her and made her cut off all her hair.
Soraya then proceeds to get married to Amir. She tells him before anyone else can tell him of her sin. “ Does it change how you feel about me?” Amir answers in the nugatory, and marries her. She is very relieved. Many people point out her mistake and tell her. It is constantly rubbed in her face. She and Amir try to have kids.
There is nothing-physical wrong with either one of them but they cannot have kids. This is the price they have t pay for their sins. Together, to remain together childless and knowing that it is punishment for their wrongdoing.
Amir lived a privileged life. He had a father who gave him anything he wanted. He had a servant, who would give anything for him. He was one of the richest kids in Kabul. Amir was not nice to his servant, who was as good as they came. He was mean when his father was mean or not nice to him to Hassan. Despite the minor injuries, he stood by and watched the boy who first words had been his name, get raped by a bully named Assef.
That was the first part of his sin. Then he lied on Hassan to get him away from his house. He was mean and cruel to him the whole time he was there and finally decided they could not survive in the same house. It must of panied Ali, Hassan’s father, to move because him and Baba had been friends for many, many years.
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