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A great boyfriend

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Not sure if this is long and boring but yeah i got boooored XD

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Hey um... sorry if this is long and boring but i was bored it's kinda late but what you gonna doo XD

When she stares at your mouth
Kiss her

I sat there staring at Mikey’s mouth, before he leant forward, kissing my lips softly. Now this was not expected from him…

When she pushes you or hits you like a dumb ass coz she thinks she’s stronger than you
Grab her and don’t let go

I shoved Mikey playfully, hitting his shoulder lightly. Suddenly he pulled me into his arms, hugging me tight. I know I’m not stronger than Mikey, but it’s nice to know he lets me look like I’m kinda tough…

When she starts cursing and trying to act all tough
Kiss her and tell her you love her

We sat in class, waiting for the teacher to come in.
‘What the fuck Mikey?’ I laughed as he and Frank started to pull faces. I rolled my eyes and muttered a swear word under my breath, before I felt a pair of lips on mine.
‘Love you Helena’ he smiled as I felt my heart melt… okay so maybe acting tough is a bit overrated.

When she’s quiet
Ask her what’s wrong

I sat in The Way’s living room, trying not to cry.
‘Honey what’s wrong?’ Mikey asked as I shrugged, before he wrapped his arms around my waist pulling me into a hug.
‘Hey it’ll be okay’ he whispered as I nodded, before resting my head on his chest,

When she ignored you
Give her your attention

I sat and spoke to my mate, Zacky, about the Black flag concert, before I felt Mikey kissing my neck.
‘Yeah Mikes?’ I asked as he whined.
‘You were ignoring me’ he whimpered as Zacky laughed.
‘Someone’s a bit of an attention whore isn’t he?’ she laughed as I nodded.
‘Yeah well he’s my attention whore’ I laughed before I saw Mikey’s shocked face. Priceless.

When she pulls away
Pull her back

Me and Mikey hugged goodbye as he left mine, which was sad coz now I’m stuck with my twin brother and his girlfriend (Boo hoo). I went to pull away, before he pulled me back.
‘I’m not done yet!’ he laughed as I hugged him again, smiling against his chest.

When you see her at her worst
Tell her she’s beautiful

I sighed as I got up out of bed. Man I hate hangovers… sometimes I wish alcohol was never invented! But then again I could never get drunk again… and Zacky and Christie will kick my ass for making such a stupid wish… I slid on a pair of sweatpants and one of Mikey’s tee shirts. I walked downstairs, before I saw Mikey talking to my brother.
‘Hey… you look beautiful’ Mikey complimented, before he walked over, kissing my lips softly.

When you see her start crying
Hold her and don’t say a word

I cant believe it… mine and Danny’s nana… gone… I sat on the field at lunch with Mikey, whose head was on my lap.
‘Honey you okay?’ he asked as I nodded, before closing my eyes, tears cascaded down my face. He sat up and pulled me towards him, my head now on his chest. I began to sob, soaking his shirt. Mikey just sat there, not saying a word

When you see her walking
Walk up to her and hug her from behind

I strolled over to Christie and Marion, laughing and joking with them until I felt a pair of arms circle around my waist.
‘Hey Mikey’ I smiled before he lifted me into the air, which he knew I hated.
‘Put me down!’ I screamed as he span me around, before placing me back down onto the floor.
‘You’re so gonna pay for that Mr Way’ I growled playfully, before walking off with Marion and Christy.

When she’s scared
Protect her

Me, Mikey, Gerard and his boyfriend, Frank were all sat watching Cradle of fear, a horror, before I curled into Mikey’s side, being the little scared girl I am. He wrapped his arms around me, chuckling.
‘Don’t worry hun you can sleep with me tonight that way the man wont get you’ he whispered as I nodded, before hearing a loud scream, making me jump.
‘Can we go now?’ I asked as he nodded, before carrying me to his room.

When she steals your favourite hat
Let her keep it and sleep with it for the night

I grabbed Mikey’s beanie, sliding it onto my head, my black side fringe pressing down onto my head.
Hour later
‘Bye guys!’ I grinned as they drove off, before I ran upstairs into my room. I looked into the mirror, realising I still had Mikey’s hat on. I smiled before I climbed into bed, the hat still on my head. He wont mind.

When she teases you
Tease her back and make her laugh

‘Aww Ickle Mikey afraid of snakes?’ I teased as he laughed, before pulling me onto his lap.
‘Well least I’m not afraid of needles’ he teased back as I laughed.
‘HEY SHE ISNT THE ONBLY ONE!’ Gerard yelled from his room, before I had a giggle fit, falling of the sofa in the process.

When she doesn’t answer for a long time
Reassure her everything is gonna be okay

Me and Danny were in the hearse, tears running down our faces. Just before we went into the service Mikey kissed me softly, before looking into my eyes.
‘It’ll be okay…’ he whispered as I nodded, before we walked into the service, hand in hand.

When she looks at you with doubt
Back yourself up

‘I’m not sure Mikey’ I whimpered as he paced the room.
‘Come on babe it’s perfect! Just move in with me Gee and Franks! Come on hun it’ll be fun’ he grinned as I sighed, smiling.
‘Fine… why not Mikes’ I replied as he began jumping around clapping, before he kissed me passionately. I think I can wake up to that in the morning…

When she grabs your hands
Hold hers and play with your fingers

‘Right now class just do what you want’ the teacher mumbled as he sat down, reading his magazine. Mikey turned around from his desk and placed his hands on mine, smiling at me. I held his hands softly, stroking them with my thumb. He began to play with the rings on my fingers, smiling as he noticed I was wearing his.
‘I was wondering where that went’ he laughed as I giggled.
‘Well Zacky borrowed it off Gee who must of borrowed it off you… so looks like I’m borrowing it from you now’ I giggled, hoping in hell that made sense.

When she tells you a secret
Keep it safe and untold

‘Honey you promise you wont tell?’ I asked as he nodded, before we walked outta his room. I walked over to Zacky, Marion and Christie, who were giggling.
‘Hey what did Helena want?’ I heard Frank ask Mikey, who laughed.
‘Sorry mate I’m not allowed to say… wanna beer?’ he asked as I smiled, before I was pinned to the floor, Zacky drawing over my face, making me scream with laughter.

Call her at 12.00 am to tell her happy birthday

My phone vibrated on the bedside table, making me groan. I looked at the clock. 12 fucking am! I didn’t bother checking the caller ID, and flicked my phone up.
‘Hello?’ I asked before I heard the voice I loved.
‘Hey sweetie happy birthday!’ Mikey whispered as I smiled.
‘Thank you hun… I’ll be over your in a couple of hours’ I smiled as we said our goodbyes, before I fell into a wonderful sleep.

Watch her favourite movie or T.V show with her even though you think it’s stupid

‘Please watch this with me!’ I pouted as he nodded, before we put the lion king in. we curled up on the sofa, two cups of coffee on the table. I know Mikey hates this film, but I love him so much for watching it with me.

Let her wear your clothes

‘Gee you ass!’ I screamed as I pulled the t-shirt away from my chest, the hot coffee dripping off of it.
‘I’m sorry Hell!’ he cried as Mikey took me upstairs, before taking my shirt off, he put his Black flag tee on me, before smiling.
‘Well someone looks cute in my clothes’ he smiled as I blushed, before we walked back downstairs.

hey once again if it was boring at long i'm sorry i'm just bored and if you get this far thanks for staying awake XD
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