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Test Try

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Lady is teaching Dante how to build his very own guns after he nearly loses Ebony and Ivory.This cannot go well...

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"Not like that!"
Lady's warning was too late as the gun Dante had taken almost half an hour to build together fell apart in only seconds all because he had put in a screw in the wrong way.
"Why must you break everything?" Lady cried as she helped him pick up the pieces from the floor.
"I don't break everything...Stop exaggerating," Dante said before he got up and dropped all the parts onto his desk.
"I don't exaggerate. It's the truth. You are a walking destroy tank."
"Destroy tank?"
"Shut up."
"Name one thing I destroyed."
"My motorcycle," Lady said without hesitating.
Dante froze and just looked at her. "....that doesn't count."
"Fine. Either way, you owe me money for that."
"I owe you jack shit."
"And I talk weirdly."
"You do."
"Would you both shut up?" Trish suddenly said as she came down the stairs. "God, I swear, you guys fight like an old married couple."
"No we don't!" Dante and Lady said at the same time.
"Point proven," Trish added before she went to sit on the desk. She picked up a part and studied it a bit. "So what're you guys doing?"
"Lady's trying to teach me how to build guns."
"Because the idiot forgot where he put his guns," Lady answered for him.
"I did not!"
"And you don't even realize that she just called you an idiot?" Trish asked.
"See?" Lady said, "Idiot. No doubt about that."
Dante and Lady began to argue again.
Annoyed, irritated and pissed off all together, Trish pulled out Ebony and shot between them, the bullet flying through one of the windows before clattering outside.
Both Lady and Dante turned to the window then to her.
"Where the hell did you find my gun?" Dante asked her.
"It was under your bed. Try looking there once in a while."
"Um, why were you in his room?" Lady asked the blonde.
"Why so jealous, Lady? Huh, maybe you guys are like a married couple." Trish put the gun on the desk. When she looked back at Lady she found that the female hunter had a slight blush to her pale cheeks. "I was just kidding."
"Well...we're not." Lady turned away as if to hide her face.
"Have you guys even thought about getting together?"
"Of course not!" the two said at the same time.
Trish just lifted an eyebrow.
"Well..." He turned to Lady. "Should we at least try?"
"No!" Lady cried.
"Fine then..." Dante thought and said, "How about one kiss?"
Lady froze then said, "Fine...Just one."
They leaned closer together and pressed their lips together.
Trish smiled. "Oh my god!"
Lady and Dante broke apart.
They shook their heads.
Dante and Lady just smiled at each other.
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