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Chapter Two

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Lesson One: Shopping

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Lesson One:

“Pete, Pete! Wake up, man!” I hesitate as I say ‘man’: do clones have different sexes? He looks like a man in his facial features, but what if…I mean look at him, his chest is manly, his whole body is like, well, male and he has a belly button unlike clones in films. He seems human enough but does he have…? Curiosity gets the better of me and I hesitantly stretch the waistband of the jeans, looking down at him. Shit.

Definitely a man.

“Uhm..what are you doing?” I pull away as he speaks, going red as he looks at me.

“I was, uh, just curious, cos I didn’t know if clones were like male and female or what and, uh, well…I guess you are.” I bite my lip anxiously. He giggles slightly, standing up and getting out of bed. “So, uh, how are you this morning?”

“I’m great, yeah. But I need clothes.” Pete glances down at his body, clad in my own black jeans. He doesn’t seem to be embarrassed by the fact that he caught me gazing at his dick, with my hand practically down his pants. In fact he looks happy for no apparent reason.

I roll my eyes before answering. “Have you ever been shopping?”

“Uh, no.”

“Okay then, lesson one: shopping.”


It took me nearly an hour to persuade Pete he needed to wear a shirt to go shopping. It involved various arguments, a fair few explanations about law and peoples views on indecency and me forcing a shirt over his head every 10 minutes before we were ready to leave. Now we were sat in the car, stuck in a traffic jam as we headed to the town centre. Each time I glance over at the creature in the seat next to me, he’s curled up, fear in his eyes. Each time I spoke, he just trembled, so I gave up. The car in front of us switched off its engine, clearly not intending to go anywhere soon and I sigh, copying the action as I rest my elbow against the window, leaning up against it and turning to face Pete.

I reach out, switching the radio on but as soon as Lordi blasts out, Pete lets out a yelp almost jumping and putting a hole in the roof of the car so I immediately switch it off. “Whats….uh, wrong?” There’s silence before he whines slightly, covering his face in his hands.

“It’s not natural. How does it work? Why does it work? What is it doing? Why does it do it? What-“

“Hey, slow down…what do you mean?”

“This car. How does it work? It’s not natural. Its scary.”

“Its not scary. Pete…just think of it as a..form of travel, its not scary, its not going to hurt you, or do anything to you except get you where you need to be.”

“But how?”

“You’re the one with the internet in your head, I don’t have a clue how an engine works or anything like that.” I laugh slight, the smile fading when he just stares at me with wide eyes.

“I only understand speech and stuff like that, it’s not an accessible source for knowledge.” The cars start to move, so I smile at him, shaking my head slightly at his innocence. We reach the shops as they’re just opening and I lead him inside, watching his face change from curiosity to wonder at the sight of so many clothes.

I smile, taking his hand and pulling him away from the bra’s he was staring at, to the men’s section. “Wrong area, you don’t need them.” I whisper to him, feeling him squeeze my hand gratefully for not letting him embarrass himself. I realise I’m still holding onto his hand and drop it immediately. “So, what type of clothes do you want? I mean, I guess you’ll need casual and smart and whatever, but you can choose.”

“Any I want?”

“Yeah, you’re the one who’s got to wear them. I’m not making all your decisions. You can decide, it’s not like you were born yesterday.”

“I know, three days ago actually.” He immediately wanders off, looking at all the clothes on sale and pausing in front of some tee’s. He reads the slogan on it before turning to look at me. “Hey Gerard, what does sausage rolls have to do with drugs and sex?” My lips tilt upwards into a grin as I join him before the tee’s.

“Its just a slogan, something stupid.”

“Oh. Can I have one?” I nod as he picks one off the rack and walking off again. I can see him holding it up against himself in front of a mirror and ask him if he wants to try it on, only receiving a complicated explanation of some technology that means he knows it’ll fit. I crease my eyebrows in confusion, shrugging and following him with my eyes as he wanders round, grabbing various items of clothing. I hate to say it, but he does have a pretty amazing fashion sense. As he checks a rail of jeans for a pair his size I glance through the shirts, finding a plain black one and picking it out.

“Hey Pete, I think we have enough. I’ve still gotta pay for it you know, and I’m not exactly rich.” He just nods enthusiastically coming over to the checkouts with me.

“Can I pay?”

“Do you know how to?” He hesitates before nodding so I quickly try to explain how it works. “You basically hand over the clothes, they scan them, put them in a bag for you, and tell you how much it costs. You give them some money, as close to the amount as you can get it, and they’ll give you change and a receipt and that’s pretty much it.”

“Okay.” I hand him some money, trailing behind him and watching as he chats to the checkout girl, discussing makeup and hairstyles. He hands over the money without second thought and she gives him change but they carry on talking even though a queue is steadily forming behind us. I kick him in the shin gently to draw his attention without making it obvious and he turns, eyes widening at the sight of impatient shoppers behind us. “Oh, uh, I guess I should be going.” He smiles politely before leaving. I roll my eyes, picking up the bag he left and walking out after him.

“I think you left your bag.” I hold it out to him and he bites his lip anxiously.

“Did I act normal in there? Was I good?”

“You did fine, just..don’t talk so much. That girl thought you were gay, talking about makeup so much.”

“You talk about it.”

“Well, that’s because I am gay. And I’m also late for work.”

“Where do you work?”

“Comic book store down the road. You’ll have to come with me, I’m not leaving you alone.”


He’s reading Hellboy in a corner when Frank appears. “Well, who’s this cutie?” Frank smirks, leaning over the counter and smiling at me as he gestures over to Pete.

“A cl- my brother.” I stop myself from saying clone and mentally slap myself as Frank looks confused.

“That’s not Mikey, so who is it? Oh my god! He’s your new boyfriend, isn’t he!” Frank opens his eyes wide, beaming at me and making me look away. It’s the smile that makes me melt. I confess: I have a slight crush on him, but its nothing serious.

“Uh..yeah. He is.” I smile back. I change subject quickly and we chat for a few minutes about the new comics that have arrived, joking about the lame characters in them and laughing together when EJay walks in, striking an idea in my mind.

“Hey Gee.” She wanders over, leaning next to Frank who teasingly slaps her ass. “Oh fuck off, everyone knows you’re gay.”

What? I didn’t.

“So how’s things?”

“He’s got a new boyfriend.” Frank answers for me, motioning towards Pete and drawing her attention to him. EJay is staring intently at Pete, a disgusted look on her face. I know the look too well and its never a good sign. She will probably murder him in his sleep and she doesn’t even know him. “You know he can’t be in here for your shift tomorrow, right?” He suddenly says, his eyes darting back at me.

“Oh, sure..just he’s not used to this area so he needs to stay with someone.”

“He can stay with EJay.”

“What?!” Both mine and EJay’s voices mix into one at the thought. No way.

(If you know EJay, then you'll understand that EJay + Pete = SHIT!)
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