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Chapter 7: Guilmon’s Digivolution Dilemma

Last time on Naruto’s Digital Destiny

“Well, that was easy,” Naruto said as he walked up to Lobomon, who De-digivolved upon hearing his partner’s approach.

“Take it from me toots, you gotta quit being stupid to really be free,” Impmon yelled as he ran from the scene, “Get away from that human immediately Haha Baboom!”

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry,” Rika said as she wrapped her arms around Kyubimon's neck and sobbed into her mane.

Rika realised something that she had never even contemplated, she had it good.

“Oh, and by the way, earlier when Strabimon and I were following you, I was only staring at your ass for the first 15 minutes.”

“Rika is here to help get Guilmon back, either accept that things have changed or I’ll make you accept that things have changed.”

“Next time, we’re playing Blackjack,” Strabimon grumbled as he glared at the pebbles which were all in front of Renamon.

Now the Story Continues …

The next day when Naruto got out of school and was on his way back to the apartment he and Strabimon lived in Renamon phased in right in front of him as he was walking through an alleyway.

“What’s up Renamon?” Naruto asked, doing nothing more then raise an eyebrow is reaction to her attempt to spook him.

Renamon cursed mentally, she was hoping to get a much better reaction out of him, “Rika wants to talk to you, now,” she said to answer him.

“(sigh) Ok, just let me pick up something first,” Naruto replied, he had finally found a scroll that he had been looking for last night, he had been looking for the damn thing ever since he first read about the jutsu in his Mom’s journals, it was instructions on one of the few jutsu that had ever been created that didn’t require hand seals.

Renamon watched as he walked into a toy store and walked out again 5 minutes later with two bags in his hands, though it was what was in those bags that confused her thoroughly.

“Balloons and rubber balls?” she asked, completely dumbfounded as to why he would need them at all, let alone that many of them, there was at least 50 of each.

“You’ll find out, eventually,” replied Naruto, saying all he would on the matter. Naruto dropped off his purchases at the apartment then headed for Rika’s place, sending a signal to Strabimon to join him.


Renamon had left Naruto after the store and thus arrived at the Nonaka Residence at least 10 minutes before Naruto, she had to talk to Rika about something.

“Rika, there’s something that I think you should know,” Renamon said as she phased into her room, Rika was just putting on her shirt at the time so she was a little startled by Renamon’s appearance.

“What is it?” Rika replied after she got her heartbeat back to normal levels, she really wished that Renamon hadn’t taken up the habit of phasing directly into her room sometimes.

“I heard rumors, back when I was in the digital world of a Digimon/Tamer pair that were on their way to becoming legends, from the rumors I heard the digimon fought equally with a fallen angel Digimon the first time he Digivolved to champion, that one was circulated 2 years ago, and another from one year ago says that the same digimon took out a swarm of Fanbeemon that was at least 100 strong as a champion as well,” Renamon recalled, remembering her sceptism when she heard the first one, and then her astonishment when she heard the second, having been not far away when the second happened and had known about the swarm, “It was those tales that convinced me that I would be stronger with a human partner, even though I didn’t really understand the bond between digimon and tamer until I got here, very few digimon see a bond with a tamer to be anything but a fast route to power.” Rumours spread insanely fast in the digital world, as every digimon would tell every other digimon they knew, it didn’t take more then a few days really for every digimon except those that isolated themselves to know the rumour, and they were usually accurate as very few digimon embellished upon what they heard.

“Which explains all of the digimon that were clamouring at the screens to have me as their tamer, but still, why are you telling me this?” Rika asked.

“The digimon of the pair was Strabimon,” Renamon said in a voice that was deadly serious.

Rika spun around to face Renamon with an incredulous look on her face, “Strabimon, how, are you sure it wasn’t another Strabimon and not the one we know?” Rika was grasping at straws here, even if she knew that Naruto and Strabimon had been together for 5 years, such knowledge was still a blow to her pride.

“I am sure, especially seeing as Strabimon is the only one of his kind,” Renamon explained, making Rika look at her confused, “Strabimon is the sole descendant of an ancient legendary Digimon who was equal in strength to the Omnimon from the cartoon, AncientGarurumon and 9 others created the Digital world in the beginning, as well as safeguarding the peace for many years since, they took out abominations that make Apocalymon from the cartoon seem like a cuddly little fresh digimon.”

“Whoa, what happened to them?” Rika was dumbfounded, who knew that the digital world was created by 10 insanely powerful digimon.

“Many years ago they appointed 5 mega digimon to care for the digital world in their stead, and then they sealed themselves within the core of the digital world, working from the inside to keep the digital world stable as the computer network from this world expanded,” Renamon recited from her classes at the primary village, “without their hard work the digital world would have imploded ages ago, however before they sealed themselves all of them created a single Digiegg each from their own digicores, many of those Digieggs have since hatched, Strabimon coming from one of them.”

“Whoa,” Rika said, a little awed by the 10 warriors and sacrifices they had made, “what a sec, Naruto said that he and Strabimon had been together for 5 years, does this mean that he has been to the digital world for the past 2 or something?”

“5 years actually, we got back to this world a bit before we moved here to Shinjuku,” Naruto answered from just outside the door, he had been let in by Seiko, the corners of her mouth twitching, and had heard Renamon tell the tale of the 10 ancient warriors through the door.

Rika spun around to see a shadow of Naruto’s unmistakeable urchin-like hair on the paper thin door, she also saw a non-human shadow about the same height standing next to him, Strabimon obviously.

“Do you mind?” Rika asked as she opened the door, a little peeved, “we were having a private conversation.”

“A conversation about us by the sounds of it,” Strabimon replied, “besides if you really wanted to have a private conversation you would have used the telepathic link that I know you two have.”

Rika merely glared, unwilling to admit the point, she was a girl and thus it was her right to stand on the principle of the matter, no matter what logic dictated, though when she saw that Naruto and Strabimon were both completely unfazed by her glare her eyes gained a questioning look, that glare usually worked.

“Trust me, compared to the PMSing LadyDevimon we ran into once, your glares are child’s play,” Naruto said, answering the question he knew was running around in her head, “You wanted to talk to me about something?”

“Yeah,” Rika said, remembering why she had wanted to talk to him in the first place, but first she had something she wanted to get off her chest, “Did you know that my grandma heard what you said yesterday afternoon, practically all of last night when I got back was filled with her teasing me about it.”

“So that’s why her lips were twitching when she let us in,” Naruto said, faking a voice that made it seem as if he had just figured out the answer to the meaning of life, “well I hope that your mom didn’t catch wind of it,” he really didn’t, from what he could tell Rumiko Nonaka had been a model since she was Rika’s age, people like that tended to have very loose lips.

“Thankfully, she was called away on another photo shoot, so she didn’t catch wind of it, really don’t need a media circus at the front gate, again,” Rika really was thankful that hadn’t happened again, it had happened a few times in the past when her mom had done something incredibly stupid, her hatred of the media circus stemming mainly from the fuss they had made from her parents’ divorce, she had hated cameras ever since.

“Well that’s a relief; really don’t want the paparazzi following me everywhere you know,” Naruto said as he sat on the edge of the walkway, hanging his left leg over the side as he leaned up against a pole, Rika mirroring his posture against the pole in front of him.

Rika chuckled sardonically, “You really don’t know the half of it, do you have any idea how many people have tried to befriend me just to get to my mom, I mean gees, once it was a guy in his forties who wanted to replace my dad, at the beginning I thought he was a pedo and kneed him in the nuts, he didn’t stick around for long.”

Naruto flinched at what she did to the guy, though he understood why she did it, he also now understood why she had shut herself out of friendships, after having so many want to befriend her because of her mom she must have just shut out the very possibility of friendship in an attempt to protect herself, it suddenly made a lot more sense why she used to treat Renamon as she did, she had had that emotional barrier up for so long that she just didn’t know how to care for non-family anymore, though now that the barrier was down she was starting to learn.

“I doubt you just wanted to complain about your grandma teasing you, which I’m thinking she would have done anyway when she saw you 2 talking yesterday,” Strabimon said, really wanting to get to the point, he had rookies to tor… erm train, yes train.

“Oh, right well,” Rika took a second to get back to what she wanted to talk about originally, “Renamon watched a few of the training drills that you guys put the others through, I want in.”

“Well, we already knew that Renamon was watching, Strabimon sensed her from the beginning, we didn’t do anything because we knew she was honourable enough not to use techniques she hadn’t been taught directly by a master,” Naruto said, not surprised in the slightest, “yeah, why not, though I’ll stay here and get you 2 up to speed while Strabimon takes care of the others, I have a feeling that you two will learn this stuff far faster then they did.”

Rika and Renamon looked at each other before nodding simultaneously; Rika looked back at Naruto and said, “Let’s do this.”


It had been 5 days since then and Seiko Hata was ecstatic, Rika had had a friend over in the afternoons every day for six days, admittedly it was Naruto every time but it was still progress, even though he seemed to be some sort of tutor as well, she wasn’t sure what he was teaching her, though she had seen them meditating once. She was also very pleased about Rika’s change in attitude since it started, she had started showing her emotions, other then annoyance and anger, far more often then she had in years, Rika had even hugged her last night, the first time it had happened since she was 9, Seiko had heard what they had been talking about earlier that week, the paparazzi and the people trying to befriend Rika and she understood why Rika had shut herself out, but it did her old heart an enormous amount of good to see Rika finally breaking out of her shell, and becoming the girl that Seiko knew was there.

Seiko had to admit that Rika was starting to grow up, and by this point definitely had her first crush, on Naruto, not at all surprising but Seiko was happy to know that it was completely mutual, now if only they’d do something about it, though Seiko was immensely glad that Rumiko hadn’t caught wind of the young romance yet. Seiko had cut down on the teasing, not so much as to be suspicious, but just enough to make sure that Rika didn’t regret befriending Naruto, she wanted their relationship to grow and she certainly wasn’t going to do anything to mess it up.

Seiko was also starting to wonder if her eyes had been playing tricks on her, having seen some kind of Kitsune spirit around Rika from time to time and sometimes a wolf spirit with Naruto too.

Naruto had been right, Rika and Renamon were learning this stuff far faster then the others, meditation had only taken an hour with them as opposed to the 3 it had taken with the others, Rika was a fire type, not at all surprisingly, what with her hot temper, Renamon was tricky to figure, but when Naruto remembered her digivolution path he dubbed it spirit element, Terriermon had been lightning, Henry was earth, Guilmon was fire and Takato was wind, Naruto was a wind/lightning type and Strabimon was Light like his forefather, all they needed was a water type and they’d be set.

The state of their bond was a little tricky to figure out, sometimes it seemed to be one-way, others it was a two-way, Naruto finally figured it out though, it was a one way connection originally but Renamon’s psychic link was trying to turn it into a two-way, though at the moment the second pathway was only intermittent, Naruto didn’t know how to fix that himself, but he knew someone that did.


The night after Naruto figured out what Rika’s bond was, 2 days after Rika asked to be trained, he was using a function of his D-ark that he knew to be custom, simply because he was there to see it installed, and the person who installed it is the same digimon he was currently contacting, Datamon had put a program into his D-ark to allow it to function like a video-phone, he did it so that they could keep in touch when on long missions or call in an s.o.s. or whatever.

“Hey Datamon,” Naruto said in greeting once he saw that a connection had been established (it uses the same screen as the one that allows the tamers to see their digimon’s pov), Datamon looked up from his console to see a window open on his monitor showing Naruto.

“Ah, Naruto, good to see ya kiddo, hope you didn’t mind the dunking too much,” Datamon said while scratching the back of his dome-like head.

“You son of a bitch, I knew you did that on purpose ya mmph Mmmph,” Strabimon started to yell only to have Naruto slap a hand on his mouth, hoping to shut him up.

“Strabimon, knock it off, we need his help remember,” Naruto whispered, trying to get him to shut up and stop insulting the mad-scientist, “remember what happened the last time you pissed him off,” when he whispered that Strabimon stopped trying to curse, remembering all too well, apparently the thing that Datamon had cackled over, proclaiming it’s alive, it’s aliiive to the sky was a Boltmon that he now used as his personal bodyguard, Datamon had gotten Boltmon to chase Strabimon all throughout the Forest Palace (that’s what I’m calling Ebonwumon’s place), the damn thing booted him up the arse whenever he got close enough and didn’t tire for 5 hours.

Once Strabimon was as white as his ancestor Naruto turned back to Datamon, who he could see was having trouble keeping himself from bursting into laughter, that’s right, there’s no point trying to whisper around Datamon, his audio receivers would pick it up anyway.

“(clears throat) I need a favour,” Naruto said to start, he knew there was no point in beating around the bush, you actually got better results with Datamon if you just came out and said it.

“When don’t you?” Datamon replied wryly, it was true though, most of the time when he called Datamon it was for a favour, he had no idea how many he owed the mechanical digimon.

Naruto explained the situation with Rika’s bond, and him wanting to upgrade Henry and Terriermon’s Bond to a two way as well, “So you think you can help?”

“Hmmm,” Datamon wandered over to a drawer in amongst his many projects, “I think I might have just the program!” he yelled back to the computer once he picked out a CD, “I developed this a while back on a slow day, should be just what you’re looking for, use this program to generate a modify card, then have your fellow tamers swipe it, it’ll turn their one-way bonds into stable two-way bonds, don’t worry your girlfriend shouldn’t have any problems, her bond is really only one way, the psychic link from her Renamon caused the extra bit.”

Naruto sputtered, “She’s not my girlfriend!” he yelled.

“Oh really,” Datamon said in a wondering voice, “then why have you been around at her place for hours for last 3 days hmmm?”

Naruto sputtered again, “I’ve been training them, hey wait a sec, how the hell do you know where I’ve been, Datamon if you’ve put a tracker on my D-ark I swear…”

“Nothing so severe kiddo, Strabimon’s energy signature is unique, and thus so is yours, easy enough to track, even in a place as densely populated as Shinjuku,” Datamon said dismissively, Naruto knew he wouldn’t be able to convince Datamon to stop keeping an eye on him, the mon cared about him too much, there were very few that Datamon treated with anything friendlier then professional courtesy, him and Strabimon were almost like family to the cyborg.

“(sigh) Just send the damn program,” Naruto said, resigned to the fact that Datamon will probably know more about his life in the human world then every other digimon combined, and that he’d be reporting to Ebonwumon and Babamon regularly.

“It’s coming through now,” a download bar appeared at the bottom of Naruto’s screen and took 3 seconds to finish, “there we go, I trust you remember how to make a modify card?”

“Yeah, yeah, use a card that you don’t want anyway, bring up the program on the screen then slash the bad card to turn it into what you want,” Datamon had run him through the procedure he didn’t know how many times, it was using ideas from that procedure that led him to figuring out how to permanently store 5 modify card data imprints into his D-ark, so he was thankful to the mon for teaching him but still!

“By the way, where’s Andromon?” Strabimon asked, Andromon had been Datamon’s assistant since he was a Hagurumon, he and Strabimon had been good friends long before Naruto showed up.

“(sigh) After you guys left he wanted to see the digital world for himself, I told him he’d get his but whooped but would he listen to me? Noooo,” Datamon grumbled to himself, “I’ve kept track of him and he’s been in the clock work layer for the past week or so, though I think he’s headed for the forests.”

“(sigh) He always did have a fair bit of wander-lust, still I wonder if it was a good idea to let him go,” Strabimon wondered to himself, “his digivolutions were due to your upgrades, not battle experience, so he probably only has a champion level of experience at the most.”

“Yeah, I know, still, as long as he doesn’t do something stupid, he should be fine,” Datamon said, ending the discussion, “I’ll tell the others that you boys called, see ya.”

Naruto and Strabimon were left starting at a black screen, “Abrupt as ever,” Naruto commented, to which Strabimon nodded.


Once he got the new modify card to Rika and Henry and they slashed it, the results were immediate, though only obvious to anyone who saw the digimon, they suddenly relaxed, as if a large weight was off their shoulders, which is more or less what it felt like to them, apparently the D-ark required a portion of the Digimon’s energy to keep a 1 way bond active, but a 2 way bond draws energy from both sides, and thus the burden is shared and very much reduced.

Rika hadn’t needed any advice in using modify cards, being better at it then Naruto was, as evidenced when she trounced him in a card game match, something she didn’t hesitate to gloat about until he reminded her that in a real digimon battle, he could still kick her ass.

Rika had imprinted 5 of her favourite modify cards into her d-ark, one of them being digivolution of course, Rika had actually found out that it took less energy for a digimon to use a card to digivolve rather then to do it naturally, something which Renamon was now capable of, the fact that she figured it out before he did was just icing on the cake.

Renamon had customised her diamond storm so that she could launch however many crystals she wanted from any place on her body, anything from hundreds in every direction to a single crystal from her hand, her only constraint was time, the more crystals she generated the longer it took, she had gotten far more accurate with them too.

The telepathic link between the two of them, rather then being weakened by the new bond as they’d feared, was actually magnified to the point where they could pinpoint each other using nought but their feelings from nearly 1km away, getting a general direction when further than that, and they didn’t need to use that shadow dimension to commune anymore, being able to talk to each other, mind to mind, something Rika used a lot if for no other reason then to annoy him.

That Saturday they were all deep in the park where Naruto built the Gauntlet, Takato, Henry, Guilmon and Terriermon had been warned ahead of time not to give Rika any grief, so Naruto wasn’t worried about that, he was instead watching as Terriermon attempted to get through the Gauntlet, he had built an observation area in a tree house so they could watch and advise the fallen where they went wrong.

For once Rika agreed with goggle head and brainiac, “This thing is an abomination, how the hell do you think that any digimon would be able to get through it?” Rika asked after seeing the results of all the traps that Terriermon had activated thus far, he was about a third of the way through so far, already an improvement on his old record of a quarter.

“Strabimon can get through that thing within 10 minutes,” Henry grumbled.

“Well duh, he helped build the thing, of course he knows where everything is,” Rika was trying to rationalise it, only to be shot down.

“No, he didn’t, I built it by myself, and Strabimon was taking care of a Flymon nest at the time,” Naruto said truthfully.

“A Flymon nest, are you nuts, those digimon are deadly in swarms,” Rika was, for once, speaking with experience, she had foolishly tried herself against one not long after Renamon had arrived , she only just barely made it out of there alive when Renamon used a full power Diamond storm to finally kill them.

“Oh relax, there were only 3 or 4 of the things, and a bunch of Dokunemon but they’re no real threat,” Strabimon said upon hearing her, truthfully if it had been a full sized swarm he would have high-tailed his arse out of there. Renamon had told him of the one she’d faced and it wasn’t much bigger then the one he’d taken care of so her taking them out with a full power Diamond Storm wasn’t all that shocking, but a full swarm numbered between 3 dozen and 100 of the bloody things, he wouldn’t face something like that unless he had no choice.

Just then Terriermon fell through a trap door in the course so they all walked down the stairs Naruto had built into the side of the tree, 3 seconds after they arrived at the starting point the ramp entrance lifted up and a tarred and feathered Terriermon was lunched out, he landed in front of them with a thump.

Rika and Renamon both raised an eyebrow upon seeing Terriermon's new look and they turned to Naruto, silently asking for a reason behind it.

“Incentive to not fail,” Naruto said simply to explain, Rika and Renamon knew there was more to it but they both liked seeing Terriermon humiliated so they didn’t question it any further.

“So Renamon, you think you’ve got a chance?” Strabimon asked her.

Renamon crossed her arms and closed her eyes in thought, from what she had seen the Gantlet was about 200m long, the floor of it was suspended between 10m and 25m in the air, and had numerous traps that increased in difficulty the further you made it, there was everything from trap doors to projectile traps, usually blunted arrows that still packed a wallop, there were sections that she was a little leery about, like the practical forest of spinning logs in one section, the logs all had arms that swung around trying to knock the unwary off, more annoying was the fact that the logs spun faster the longer you stayed in there, and it was almost guaranteed that they’d be at full speed once you got to the end of that section, that was the 5th of 8 sections. The others included a tunnel that had pressure switches along the floor which triggered the arrow launchers in the walls, a maze that had numerous different traps in it, that was where Terriermon recently failed after not noticing the trap door beneath his feet, an area where you had to navigate your way across the tops of a bunch of poles, those poles being the only place to put your feet, a zip line where you had to swing yourself to avoid obstacles, she hadn’t been able to see the others in action yet but she knew that it would only be even harder.

“Only if you disable the tar and feather traps, there is no way I’m going to allow that to happen to my fur,” Renamon said firmly, her fur was one of the few things she took pride in appearance wise and she was not having sticky tar muck it up.

“Hmmm,” Naruto considered it, “normally I’d tell you to suck it up, but I’m feeling generous today,” Naruto walked over and pulled a switch that was on the side of the entrance, “there we go, now if you fall off you’ll just land in a net underneath, you’ll have to get back here on your own though.”

Terriermon and Guilmon turned to look at him incredulously. “Do you mean to tell us that you could have turned that bit off all along,” Terriermon said in an attempt at a growling voice, the feathered look completely ruining it.

“We didn’t have to go through that, Aww nuts,” Guilmon sulked, he had been tarred and feathered more times in the past week then he cared to count.

“You put that bit in solely to humiliate those guys, didn’t you?” Rika whispered in his ear.

“You bet your sweet little ass I did,” Naruto whispered back making Rika blush, she still wasn’t completely use to his flirting yet, even if she had heard it for practically every day that week. She had admitted, if only to herself, that she found Naruto attractive, but she wasn’t going to do anything about it, her mom and dad had gotten together young and had rushed things and look how they ended up, they could barely stand the sight of each other these days.

Renamon walked up to the entrance as the others went back up to the tree house, Naruto took out a stopwatch.

“3 … 2 … 1 … Go!”


The next Tuesday Ms Asaji kept the class after the bell to tell people that there was a kid goofing around in the park at night, and to warn them that if she found out it was one of them who did it they would be in detention for a month. When she let them go Naruto became aware of a group of girls gossiping in the corner.

“This’ll really make you mad,” one of the girls said to the others, “some pint-sized pyromaniac has been ambushing couples in the park while they’re kissing, can you believe that?”

“No way,” “Probably a boy,” “Yeah it has to be a boy,” they agreed amongst themselves before they turned to Naruto who happened to be the only person left in the classroom, having stayed behind to organise a few notes he’d been making on the jutsu he was learning.

“Confess,” “Yeah Confess!” they ordered him, they obviously didn’t know who they were messing with.

“Says the girls who have so little of a life of their own that they have to gossip about the lives of others,” he started, he was going to enjoy this, the only girl among that group he could stand was Jeri and she was home sick today, the others were a bunch of air-headed bimbos, “besides, the only reason you’re accusing me is because I’m the only one left in the room.”

“Doesn’t mean you didn’t do it,” “Yeah, you’re that new weirdo kid,” “This stuff only happened after you got here,” They apparently missed his insult.

“Wow,” he said, the sarcasm near oozing from his voice, “You girls managed to piece together completely circumstantial evidence, none of which is damning in the slightest, and you reached a conclusion that is based solely on the fact that you girls don’t like anyone who is smarter then you, which accounts for about 95% of the world’s population. Let’s give the girls an applause for being small minded bigots,” when he said that he started walking towards them his hands clapping at a decreasing rate, when he got within one foot he stopped clapping and continued talking, “I’m sorry if I didn’t use words small enough to understand, but I’m sure if you can remember gossip then you can remember what I told you and ask your parents what all the insults meant.” Naruto leaned in to loud whisper the next part, “you ever try to mess with me again and I will make sure that the whole school knows every individual detail of what goes on in those tiny little brains of yours when I read your diaries over the school PA system,” all of the girls had gone ghost white by this point, if that happened they’d never be able to show their faces again, “am I clear?”

“c-c-Crystal,” the three terrified girls stuttered before they grabbed their stuff and ran as fast as they could.

Naruto sighed to himself, “Damn that felt good.”

Takato had been just outside the door and had only just gotten out of the way when the terrified girls nearly stampeded him, he looked back into the room at Naruto.

“A little harsh maybe?” he said to comment on Naruto’s words as they started to walk towards the exit, he didn’t really blame the guy, those three were a whole new level of annoying, but he knew that he wouldn’t have the balls to say that to them himself, nor would they believe him if he did.

“Meh, whatever works,” Naruto said in response, “at least this way I know I won’t have to worry about any ugly rumours until they forget about the threat, which should take a month at the least.”

“And then you’ll go through on your threat when it happens right?” Takato asked, pretty sure of the answer already.

“Oh Absolutely,” Naruto answered, he was looking forward to it actually, it had been too long since he’d played a major prank, the last one was during a prank war he and Strabimon had 3 years ago, after which Ebonwumon themselves banned them from playing pranks in their domain ever again. “Y’know, I’ve got a theory for how girls come to be like that,” Takato looked at him interested, “at a young age they figure out that they get more attention by being cute rather then being smart, unfortunately, this world is built in a way where that’s true until they reach middle age and start getting grey hair, so they’re never disabused of that until its far too late to change things, and viola, the origin of the ditsy bimbo.”

Takato had to admit he was probably right about that, then he realised something. “You do realise that you being my friend, I’m liable to get the flack for this,” Takato reminded him.

“Heh, the only reason your complaining is because it’ll probably be Jeri who chews you out about it,” Naruto chuckled, he knew all about Takato’s crush on the busty and crazy girl (AN in a previous AN I decided that Jeri’s 13 year old figure would be like Hinata’s pre-timeskip one, so no complaints about it).

Takato blushed a little, “Yeah, so?”

“You really are hopeless you know, out of all the girls to have a crush on it just had to be the crazy one didn’t it?” Naruto’s chuckles were a little louder, though he kept their conversation at a whisper level, something Takato was grateful for, “You really should be thanking me you know, the more times you talk to Jeri the less nervous your going to be around her, thus the more likely it is that you’ll eventually be able to ask her out, you do know that at the current rate you’ll be in your forties before that happens.”

“Sh-Shut up,” Takato whispered with a blush prominent on his face

“What’re you guys whispering about?” Henry asked as he saw them just as they walked through the main doors.

“Just that Takato’s likely to become a 40 year old virgin,” Naruto said frankly only to be elbowed in the ribs by Takato for the crack, “kidding, kidding. We were talking about the ‘pint sized pyromaniac’ that’s loose in the park.”

“Yeah, Mr Moory gave us a lecture about that, I’m guessing that Ms Asaji gave one to you guys as well huh?” Henry asked, knowing that even if it was someone from his class the student was likely to get no more then a slap on the wrist, Mr Moory was a huge softy and he hadn’t given out any more then one day’s detention to any one student in years.

“Yeah, though Ms Asaji’s threat was a month’s worth of detention,” Takato said to Henry’s low whistle, “Yeah, so I was thinking, who could it be, I mean it wasn’t any of us, you and me have parents who are too strict to let us stay out that late and Naruto’s not the type to prey on couples.”

Terriermon popped down out of the tree they were standing next to, hanging upside down from a branch using his ears to anchor himself, “Wise up guys, they just think it’s a kid because it’s too small to be an adult.”

“Hate to say it, but the bunny’s got a point,” Naruto said before considering the options, “it’s not Guilmon because he doesn’t have that sense of humour nor that much control over fire, Strabimon, Calumon and Terriermon can’t use fire and Renamon’s far too serious to play a prank, so this is either some midget who got shafted one too many times or it’s a digimon with a crooked sense of humour and who is able to control small fireballs, likely a Rookie.”

“Naruto, Terriermon, have you guys met any species of digimon that would fit that description, either here or back in the digital world?” Takato asked, he and the others had been told about Naruto’s 5 years in the Digital world, just not that his house in the mountains story was fake, or the fact that Naruto wasn’t even from this dimension originally.

“Nothing comes to mind, there are a fair few rookies that can use fireballs, but I don’t know of any that are sour enough to play practical jokes on couples,” Terriermon answered, most digimon tended to avoid messing up tender moments, mainly from the acknowledgement that in the digital world there were far too few of them. (AN in my fic, only Renamon and Guilmon have met Impmon thus far.)

“Yeah, same here, though I’m thinking a virus type, considering that data and vaccine digimon are usually better adjusted then that, of course there are exceptions to every rule,” they all nodded to that, all of them knowing from experience that virus types in general tend to have a fouler temper then the other types, Guilmon was an exception to that rule though it was obvious to anyone that knew him from the beginning that fighting was in his data.

“Well, maybe its just some kid playing a prank,” Henry suggested lightly, only to be met with sceptical looks from the other three, “Oh that’s right, our luck isn’t that good.”


Later that evening Guilmon had a visitor outside his shed, the same Digimon had shown up the previous evening and taken more then half of his bread. However this time Guilmon had buried his bread so that he and he alone could get to it. Takatomon had told him about there being a digimon that was picking on couples in the park and he wanted to see if it might be Impmon.

“What did you bury the bread for?” Impmon asked, peeved, “You hoping it’ll grow or something?”

“Bread doesn’t grow, silly Impmon,” Guilmon replied, he was very glad for the knowledge download Strabimon had given him, he was far more knowledgeable now then he would have been without it.

Impmon face-planted, “I knew that pineapple head! I’m just very surprised that you do what with your tamer locking you up in this cage night after night,” Impmon started to put together a plan, “Come with me my saurian friend and I’ll show you some fun, unless of course, you’re afraid of the dark!”

“I’m not afraid, I’m sensible, Takatomon will be very mad if I break out again and I might not get any peanut butter for a week,” Guilmon said, citing Takato’s threat about what would happen if he broke out again without a damn good reason, then he remembered his thoughts about Impmon being the ‘pint-sized pyromaniac’.

“Good grief!” Impmon said before he leapt up into the branches of a nearby tree, “Chicken!” he yelled as he looked back at Guilmon.

“What kind of fun?” Guilmon asked, acting like he was starting to come around, Strabimon had included a couple of acting lessons in the knowledge download, it wouldn’t fool someone who really knew him but Impmon was likely to be fooled easily.

Impmon lit a fireball on his finger tip and held it close to his eyes, “Scaring people silly, what other kind of fun is there, especially when you prey on the people who are completely oblivious to everyone else at this time of night.”

Guilmon had his confirmation, Impmon was the perpetrator, now to get rid of him, he’d tell Takatomon in the morning. “Scaring people is boring, I’d rather play with Calumon,” he said before walking into the shadow of his shed, shouting something back to Impmon before his tail disappeared, “At least Calumon is original with his games!”

Impmon merely stood there dumbfounded with his right eye twitching, he’d seen the little puffball called Calumon occasionally, the kid was the nuttiest digimon he’d ever met, if pineapple head preferred Calumon’s company to his then he wasn’t going to force himself to put up with the saurian, he’d have fun on his own, decision reached he ran off into the trees.


“Typical saurian, ruin my fun why don’t cha,” Impmon grumbled to himself as he walked through the park, he had scared off another couple a few minutes ago but Guilmon’s words just kept intruding and spoiling it for him, “Ah what the hell am I getting so upset about, pineapple head practically lives in a bubble, everything he knows was probably taught to him by that tamer of his, he doesn’t know what real fun is.”

Just as Impmon reached that conclusion he saw a digital field with a Devidramon trapped in it.

“That’s more like it, somebody’s bio-emerging!” he yelled happily be clambering to the roof of a nearby building, “Aw is little Babydramon not able to get out of the mean old digital field,” he said to Devidramon in a babying voice. Devidramon roared in response, annoyed that it wasn’t able to destroy this little insect, “is big Babydramon gonna rip Impmon’s head off, that’s so cute,” he continued in a baby voice before he made a small slice in the digital field, completely unaware of the consequences while he continued to yammer to himself, though once Devidramon roared to let Impmon know what he’d done his attitude took a quick 180, “Aw come on, I was laughing with ya, honest.” Devidramon chuckled evilly as he knocked Impmon into the bushes below before taking off.

“This is what’s called a tactical error,” Impmon muttered to himself as he watched Devidramon head for the business district of town. Impmon got up and ran to follow Devidramon, knowing that there was going to be a decent fight at the very least.


Takato and Guilmon arrived in the business district to see Devidramon atop one of the twin towers; it looked like he was searching for something. Guilmon had told Takato about Impmon so that mystery was solved, but now they had to take care of a humongous dragon digimon, this was just not their day. Of course their day got even worse when Devidramon spotted Guilmon and dived down to attack…


Naruto, Rika, Henry and their digimon arrived at roughly the same time to see Devidramon knock Guilmon into the ground after Guilmon tried a power, speed and hyper-wing combo.

“Crap, Devidramon, as champions go they’re among the most powerful, Guilmon doesn’t stand a chance,” Naruto said when he spotted Guilmon’s foe, then he saw something else out of the corner of his eye just as Guilmon got trapped under Devidramon’s claw-like tail, it was Calumon, and his crystal matrix was glowing. “Unless, of course, he digivolves…”


“Guilmon!” Takato cried out in panic once he saw the predicament his partner was in, Devidramon was just getting ready to finish it when the screen of Takato’s D-ark sent out a blast of white light as Guilmon started to shine with a huge amount of red light…


“Guilmon digivolve to … Growlmon!” (AN I am not doing the digivolution scenes for canon characters, don’t like it? tough titties.)

“Bullseye, baby,” Takato muttered to himself, very proud of his partner for managing to digivolve just in the nick of time, he was worried there for a sec, though he could tell that Growlmon had full control of his faculties judging by the fact that his pupils were still large and round, so he was still able to think.

“Well, Takato, I’ve gotta hand it to ya,” Naruto said as he walked up to him, Henry, Rika and the digimon following him, “in this case, last is most definitely not least. Growlmon has more raw power then I’ve seen in any champion digimon before, and he has full control of every last drop of it.”

“Colour me impressed goggle head, you actually did something right,” Rika said in congratulations, “for once.”

“Not bad Takato, not bad at all,” was all Henry had to say, still in awe of the fact that he could actually feel Growlmon’s power, something they could all do but it was the first time that Henry had ever felt anything like it whereas the others could for ages due to the bonds they had with their digimon.

It was touch and go for a minute there but Growlmon now had the advantage, and he wasn’t going to waste it, Takato had programmed 2 hyper-wing cards into his D-ark because he thought it was a useful card and Growlmon called upon the second summoning 6 shining feathered wings on his back before he launched himself at Devidramon.

The two digimon slammed into each other before they started to circle each other, ascending as they did so, the occasional Crimson Claw or Dragon Slash being heard by those below as they tried their melee attacks on one another, Devidramon not having any range attacks that were powerful enough to anything but annoy Growlmon and Growlmon not wanting to miss his opponent and hit a building with his Pyro Blaster. Finally Growlmon landed a solid hit with his Dragon Slash, he spun around and grabbed Devidramon around the chest from behind before he pulled them both into a nose dive, Growlmon was using a cool hyper-wing trick that Strabimon had taught him, he started to spin, disorienting Devidramon. Their combined force from the spinning was more then enough to knock Devidramon out when Growlmon slammed him into the ground, letting go and flying clear of the impact just in time. Growlmon flew so that he was directly above the crater before flames started to emerge from his mouth, with a cry of Pyro Blaster Growlmon let loose a torrent of flames that slammed into Devidramon, deleting him in a matter of moments. Growlmon ignored the floating data from his recent kill as he landed in front of Takato, who ran forward and wrapped his arms around Growlmon’s leg, laughing in joy and relief.


“Aww maan, I was hoping pineapple head would get creamed,” Impmon whined from the top of a nearby sign, “Ah, it’s no fun around here no more, I’m scramming.”


“This is becoming an embarrassment,” said a blonde man who wore sunglasses and played with a lighter, he had been watching the fight from his office window, and now he watched as those children stood around and talked with the beasts as if they were actual life-forms! “Heh, it doesn’t really matter, because very soon, all digimon will be erased,” he muttered to himself as he watched the children leave with their pet monsters.


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