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Card 52

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Card 52: Blue Eyes

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Duel Deck

Card 52: Blue Eyes

The heavy rain crashed against the windows of the car threatening to break them. Soon the two people in the car reached their destination. The mansion stood tall and strong, unmoved by the violent wind and unaffected by the abundant heavy rain. The two people in the car quickly ran inside to escape the rain as soon as the car was parked in front of the mansion.

Just as requested, their belongings were delivered to the mansion, however everything was still in boxes, but it was a late hour of the night and neither of them felt like unpacking. What's the hurry if they had the rest of their happy lives to unpack, they planned to live here forever, but the young couple didn't know that their lives would soon be cut short and the mansion would be purchased by someone else.

"Nice place you have here," the young woman commented.

"Yeah," her husband smiled. "I inherited this place from my uncle."

The woman looked at a picture that hung on the wall. "This was your uncle?"

Her husband nodded in response.

"What happened to him?"

Her husband paused thinking about it before answering. "No one knows... the only information I was given was that he was killed by a ghost who lives here, of course there is no such a thing."

The topic of the man's uncle and the ghost who supposedly killed him was not further discussed as neither of them believed in such things. The young couple, tired from the trip, decided to get some rest. They headed upstairs to the fifth floor of the large mansion. There was an old room with a bed; the only other furniture in the room was a small table with a lamp on it. Tired from their trip, sleep came to them quickly.

xoxox xox xoxox

A loud crash of thunder was heard hours later. The woman was wakened by it and glanced at her husband after tuning the lamp on. He was still sleeping beside her. She rolled her eyes and concluded her husband slept like a rock and nothing could wake him, then turned the lights off and tried to fall asleep again. However, she couldn't fall asleep, she felt as if there was someone watching her, yet there was no one else there.

The storm continued to get worse as the wind tried to break the walls of the mansion that still stayed strong. The heavy rain pushed by the winds hit the windows with amazing force constantly. Then there was the thunder that crashed loudly without warning. She wondered if it was simply the storm that made her nervous, or if there was something more to worry about. The woman whose name was Juliet, decided that she needed to calm herself before going to sleep. Maybe some milk would help, so she headed off to the kitchen, their refrigerator should have been stoked as per the instructions.

Juliet quietly walked out of the bedroom and closed the door behind her. She turned on the lights and headed down the stairs. The storm continued to rage outside and it scared her, but she kept telling herself she wasn't a little girl and shouldn't be frightened by such things. Another crash of loud thunder landed near by, causing a short-circuit and making Juliet almost scream.

She took a deep breath and continued walking, touching the walls in hopes of not getting lost in the large mansion she has just beginning to get to know. Juliet managed to find her way in the darkness and finally reached the kitchen. The occasional thunder that crashed near by accompanied by plenty of lightning, lighted her path every now and then. She opened the refrigerator and took some milk out. The electricity had only been gone for a few minutes so the milk was still cold.

Suddenly, the wind got stronger and the rain threatened to make holes on the walls. Of course the mansion was built strong enough to withstand such storms with no problems, yet Juliet felt as if something terrible was about to happen. Forgetting about her glass of milk, she ran in the darkness back to the room she shared with her husband. She tripped several times as she wasn't paying attention to where she was going due to her hurry. She didn't understand why this panic had suddenly taken over, but she knew that there was something wrong.

She was almost back in their room when her suspensions were confirmed by a terror filled scream of agony that Juliet knew belonged to her husband. She ran as fast as she could and opened the door to their room. The electricity returned and the storm began to calm down. The light just outside their room was left on and Juliet stood at the door staring at the dead body of her husband. She turned on the lights inside the room to get a better look and screamed when she saw his expression of pure terror, as if it was fear itself that had killed him.

xoxox xox xoxox

Months later, the doctors of a mental institution where Juliet now resided, were trying their best to convince her that a ghost did not kill her husband, but there was just no way to reason with her. She kept going on and on about the spirit that spoke to her, claiming that he was only taking what was rightfully his. She had asked the spirit what it meant and the spirit said that he husband died because he claimed to own this mansion.

She was not of the descendants he cursed so her life was sparred if she left. The poor young woman, everyone who worked there pitied her. How she would spend hours speaking of the spirit with blue eyes. She was terrified to even go near anyone with blue eyes thinking that it was another incarnation of the ghost. She would never recover from this.

The question came as to what would happen to the mansion. The family members that would inherit it after hearing Juliet's side of the story did not want anything to do with it, so the mansion would be sold to the highest bidder. Pictures of the mansion were posted online and in magazines and many people bid when the auction came, but one particular person had taken a liking to that mansion even if he hasn't visited it. He was the one who won the auction, Seto Kaiba.

xoxox xox xoxox

Mokuba sat next to the window of Seto's private jet as they flew to see their new mansion. "Where are we going big brother?"

"To our new mansion, the one I showed you in the picture," Seto answered without taking his eyes off the laptop computer's screen.

"Isn't that where Dracula lives?" Mokuba didn't like the mansion, but Seto just couldn't understand why.

The rest of the trip went by quietly and uneventfully, until they arrived at their new mansion. Seto had ordered the place to be cleaned and filled with new furniture. He was also told of the story of the ghost when he was finishing up the paper work, but of course he did not believe it.

xoxox xox xoxox

The Kaiba brothers arrived at the mansion around mid night. Mokuba was very tired from the trip and after he managed to find his room, he decided to go to sleep. Seto's room was right next to Mokuba's, but the CEO, as always, was staying up late working. He was typing on his laptop computer when it began to rain. The wind, the heavy rain and the thunder signaled the beginning of a storm. The storm became stronger and soon the electricity was out. Seto shut down his laptop computer before its battery ran out and searched for a flashlight, the emergency generators had not yet been installed.

The loud rain, wind and thunder woke Mokuba. He covered himself completely, hoping that the covers would block out the sound, but they didn't. Mokuba somehow knew he wouldn't be able to sleep if he stayed there, so without thinking about it any longer, he ran to his brother's room.

Seto had by then found a flashlight that he placed on a small table next to his bed in case he needed to get up for whatever reason. He was currently fast asleep, hugging his blue eyes white dragon plushie. Something watched him from the shadows, slowly coming closer and it wasn't Mokuba.

At that very moment, Mokuba opened the door and the spirit quickly disappeared. He had to get the new guy when he was alone. He could sense that he was the one claiming this mansion. The younger one should live to carry out the mission that the girl hasn't completed and neither have any of the others he let escape.

Mokuba searched for Seto in the darkness of the room. Lightning suddenly came, lighting the room momentarily. Mokuba jumped at the sudden light and noise, but managed to notice that his brother was asleep. He didn't want to bother Seto simply because of the storm, so he got into bed and tried to sleep now that he felt safer being with his brother.

The spirit reappeared in Seto's room a few moments later. It was clear the young one wasn't going anywhere as he had already fallen asleep. Soon the storm began to calm and by morning it was over.

xoxox xox xoxox

When morning came, Seto woke up to find Mokuba using him as a pillow. He figured his little brother must have been frightened by last night's storm and that's why he came. Seto gently got Mokuba off and placed him on the bed without waking him. He then left the room quietly, took a quick shower and went to get some breakfast ready.

The CEO was almost to the kitchen when he heard the doorbell ring. He didn't know who could possibly be coming here, but he went to answer it anyway. Upon opening the door, he saw a young woman with messy blond hair that was badly cut as if it was done with a knife and looked like it hasn't been brushed for ages. She was wearing white pants and a white shirt with a label he didn't care to read and was covered in mud. "He told me that this place belonged to him and you have to find the owner!" She looked at his eyes and started screaming. "Blue Eyes don't kill me!" Without wasting another second, Seto slammed the door shut and locked it. He didn't know who that creepy girl was and he didn't want to find out.

He once again headed to the kitchen and almost jumped a mile when he saw that the strange girl was there. He looked at the opened window and it all became clear. "Have mercy Blue Eyes! Take away the curse! I tried to do what you said, but they won't let me. They say you don't exist. They say I made you up in my imagination after my husband died, but I saw the look of terror in his face. You killed him!" She suddenly became very angry and threw the nearest object, a cookie jar, at Seto, who quickly jumped out of the way.

"Get out!" He yelled at her, but she didn't seam to understand.

"I'll kill you spirit! I'll kill you ghost! Just like you killed him!"

Seto stepped back. He didn't want to go anywhere near this mud covered freak let alone drag her out. So he quickly devised a plan. He would run, find something to hit her on the head with, then throw it at her from a safe distance, that or just call the police. Deciding upon the second, he ran off grabbing his cell phone, which he had forgotten in the living room the night before and called the local police. The strange girl made a mess of the kitchen but nothing else happened, that was the only room that got damaged.

After that creepy girl was gone, Seto made sure to close all the windows in the entire mansion and get the security system installed as soon as possible. Hopefully, she would not return.

Mokuba came downstairs soon after, saying that he couldn't sleep with all the noise. Seto decided not to explain what really happened so Mokuba wouldn't get scared and hate the mansion even more. Regardless of all that's happened, Seto liked the mansion for some unknown reason, as if it was meant to be his. Mokuba eventually noticed the trashed kitchen but Seto simply said he had a small accident and broke a few things. Even if it sounded illogical, Mokuba never questioned his dear brother so he believed him.

The day passed by uneventfully, until the night came and once again the same storm returned as if there was something controlling the weather around the mansion. Mokuba was beginning to feel uncomfortable, but Seto assured him that the storm would pass and better weather would come soon. That night the electricity went out also and again Mokuba got scared and stayed in his brother's room.

The only difference was that this time Seto got up in the middle of the night to get a glass of water. He wasn't sure why he was suddenly so thirsty, he just knew he was. Mokuba would be okay for a few minutes and he had already secured all the windows and doors, plus some of his employees would be coming in a few days to take care of stuff around the mansion.

When Seto was gone, Mokuba woke up. He couldn't find his brother but tried to tell himself that Seto would be back soon. He felt strange, as if he was being watched. "Big brother?" There was no answer but the sound of the wind, rain and thunder. "Seto, are you there?" Mokuba knew he was alone in the room, yet wished with all his heart and soul that he would receive an answer from his brother. Unable to wait any longer, Mokuba got up and set off to find Seto, yet he felt something push him into the wall, but he didn't hit the wall face first, instead he came out at the other side, as if the wall had opened for him.

xoxox xox xoxox

Seto was heading back to his room when his flashlight's battery mysteriously died. This was silly, there was nothing to be afraid of, yet something made him fear, a strange force. He had to get back to his room immediately, something might be wrong with Mokuba. He didn't know why, but he started running.

The wind howled outside. The raindrops fell light knives against the mansion's walls. Lightning and thunder and more lightning came, lighting the way, creating shadows on the walls. The light was irregular, making the shadows look eerie. He ran; he ran as fast as he could, as if the shadows were chasing him.

The sound of the rain, the sound of the wind, the lightning, the thunder, that was all there was. "Mokuba?" There was no answer. Once again the lightning lit the room. "Mokuba!"

xoxox xox xoxox

Mokuba had been walking along a strange passage for a few minutes, after giving up on trying to go back the way he come he tried to find another way out. He could hear the echo of the storm that reflected off the walls of the small passage, making it sound ghostly and threatening. It was very dark and he didn't know where he was going.

He kept walking along the passage, following his hand on the wall, until he came to a small room. He wasn't sure in what part of the mansion he was, he hasn't explored it all and doing so was certainly better during the day light in the company of his brother, not alone in the darkness of a stormy night.

There were many old things stashed away in this room. The ones who where supposed to prepare the mansion for them must have not come here. The lightning, that became more constant, lit the room enough for Mokuba to see several objects covered in dust. He looked up at the source of the light and realized the ceiling in this section was made of glass. There didn't seem to be any doors or windows here just the passage.

Mokuba observed every object there slowly. There was a glass cup in a small table. A woman's shoes on the floor next to it. A necklace lay on the chair, There were dresses and women's clothing. A large base, a few books, one of them opened. Papers with faded words scattered on the floor. A painting, a very familiar painting. Mokuba came closer to the painting looking at it with attention every time the lighting lit the room. It was his brother, but he was younger. He was standing there next to a man he didn't know. Mokuba didn't know how this painting got there, but he knew the one in it was Seto, or was he?

xoxox xox xoxox

"Mokuba!" Seto called out almost to the point of panic. He had a strange feeling about this place, this storm and this night. He hated to admit it, but it felt like fear, unreasonable fear. Maybe his little brother got lost in the darkness on his way back from the bathroom or something.

That was no reason to feel such intense fear; he would find Mokuba and lead him back to his room safe and sound. Then they would both go to sleep and the next morning when they wake up, the electricity would be back, the sun would be shining, the storm would be long gone and he would laugh at himself for feeling so afraid for no reason.

"Mokuba!" He yelled again quickening his pace as he searched for his brother. "Answer me!" Seto stopped and stared into the darkness, nothing there. He felt his heartbeats getting faster and his breaths uneven. The light from the skies that came with every lightning stopped coming. There was no light at all. He blinked several times, trying to make his vision adjust to the darkness. All he saw was strange shadows dancing on the walls, as if trying to lure him closer and attack.

The shadows were surrounding him and he felt unable to move. He could not explain the strange sensation that came over him suddenly and he certainly didn't like it. The shadows seamed to circle him, to trap him. He closed his eyes and tried to calm down before continuing his search. There's nothing to be afraid of. He's never been afraid of the dark before, not even when he was little, but it was not the darkness that scared him, it was the presence he felt was hiding in it. He felt a cold breeze, but he knew all the windows were closed. The cold became more persistent; he warped his arms around himself and shivered.

Slowly, Seto lifted his head and opened his eyes, quickly closing them again and opening them once more. The thing he saw when he first opened them was gone, probably his own imagination anyway. The storm slowly settled to regular rain. The wind became calm and instead of feeling cold, Seto began to sweat. He breathed heavily, letting himself slowly fall until he was sitting on the floor. The lights suddenly came on, making him jump to his feet. Even if the electricity had returned, he had not left the light switch on so why did this happen?

xoxox xox xoxox

Mokuba searched the walls for any kind of secret passage now that the lights were on. He moved a large painting that was sitting against the wall behind a bunch of random items and found a tunnel. He didn't know why, but once the storm was over, he wasn't quite as afraid as before.

The strange presence that he felt in the mansion that scared him before now felt safe, as if someone was guarding and protecting him. The young Kaiba soon managed to get to the end of the tunnel, pushing a thick paper like layer of wall until it was out of the way. He wondered how no one noticed that hole on the wall covered only by thick paper like material with paint on top.

By now Seto had calmed down and was looking for his brother again, this time somehow knowing he was alright. He spotted Mokuba at the end of the hall after turning a corner. "Mokuba!"

"Big Brother!" Mokuba ran to Seto's arms and his brother picked him up.

"Where were you?" Seto asked.

"I'm not sure how, but I ended up in a secret passage and got lost, it was scary!"

Seto hugged his little brother, "It's okay now."

Mokuba took a deep breath, "Seto, I saw a picture of you... It was a painting in a room with a bunch of other stuff."

"Are you sure it was a picture of me?" Seto thought it could have been someone else, someone that used to live here long ago and that just looked like him.

"Come see it!" Mokuba lead Seto the same way he came before. They reached the hole in the wall and Mokuba crawled in.

"Where are you going?"

"It's this way!" Mokuba called from inside the tunnel.

Seto tried to go in, but the tunnel was too small. "I can't get in, come back."

Mokuba returned, "the painting is kind of big so I'm sure it won't fit in the tunnel. Maybe we can figure out where the passage in your room is and how to keep it open.

Seto couldn't deny he felt a strange curiosity about the supposed painting of him. "We'll go look in the morning, let's go back to sleep now."

xoxox xox xoxox

That night Seto Kaiba had a strange dream. He was only watching in this dream and could not affect the people in it in any way. "Get out boy!" A man yelled as he pushed a young boy out a large door. He recognized this place, it was the main entrance of the mansion he was in, but it looked different, as if this scene had taken place many years ago, long before he was born.

"But uncle, there's a storm outside!" The boy complained. For some reason, Seto always saw the dream from a perspective in which he couldn't look at the boy's face.

"Never call me that, you little useless brat!" The man kicked the boy. "You shall address me as sir." Seto felt sorry for the boy and had an urge kick the man.

The boy sniffled, holding back tears as he sat on the ground. "This is my house. This is papa's house."

Suddenly, things changed in the dream and Seto went from just watching to being one of the characters. The rain falling on him felt so real, as did the cold wind. "I want to go but I can't until I keep my promise, otherwise I can't rest in peace." The boy looking right at Seto, unaffected by the fact that he just appeared there. He stood up and walked toward him. "Let me tell you how it happened," the boy extended his hand.

As if he had no control over his actions, Seto took it. In a bright light both Seto and the boy disappeared. As the light came, Seto could see the boy's face clearly, he looked like him.

"This is my mother," the dream's scene changed and they found themselves in a city from many years ago, where there was a lady at a market. She had golden hair and blue eyes, just like Seto's. "That is my father," the boy pointed at two men walking down the street specifically at the younger one. The other one was about two years older. The boy's father also looked a bit like Seto, his hair was brown as were his eyes. The man beside him had brown eyes also but his hair was black. "That..." The boy spoke with anger, "is my father's brother."

The entire scene froze and no one in the dream moved. Only Seto and the boy could move. Seto listened.

"Papa and... the other man both like her, in fact, they all like her. They say she's beautiful, smart and nice, she is. They say that the most beautiful thing Mama has are her eyes." The scene slowly faded away, being replaced by that of a wedding. "She married the one who would become my father and his brother never approved of it."

The scene changed again this time to show several people in a room that looked like an office from many years ago. "My grandparents owned some lands that they wrote in their will they must be shared by their two sons, but he wanted them all." The boy was clearly referring to his uncle.

"He couldn't legally keep them all, so he gave my father a small portion and kept the best lands for himself. The lands my father got were not fertile, it was impossible to grow anything there. My father suspected there was something about the soil, so he dug deep until he discovered the cause of the land's infertility, oil."

The scene changed once more, to the place where the mansion was but it was still being built. "My parents became rich and built this mansion here. I was not born until later. My mother died when she gave birth to me, my father used to tell me about her all the time and even if I had not met her, I missed her and now more so since I've gained the ability to looking into the past and future of my family."

All this time Seto quietly listened to the boy's narration.

"One day, my father mysteriously died. I suspected and now know that it was him, his brother wanted the fortune. I was still young and he was the first option to take care of me. He was always mean. He accused me of taking away my mother's life for myself." Tears came from the boy's eyes. "If I could stop existing to make her live I would. The night after the wedding, the night when I was born, the night when my parents moved here and the night when he was told of what my father found in the land, it was raining hard, there was wind lightning and thunder, it was also like that the night my father was killed. He got angry at those memories when the weather was like that and threw me out. One day, I didn't come back."

The boy changed, he grew up until he looked around Seto's age. Seto couldn't help it but to stare, they could be twins. "I lived my life as well as I could." Many scenes appeared, changing every second, showing a summary of his life. He grew older with each scene, changing until it all stopped when he was an adult. "It came to a point when my family was not doing so well." The scene turned into and old house. There was the older Seto look alike, a woman and a little girl, by the looks of it their daughter.

The spirit that had been showing Seto all of this left, but Seto was not paying attention to him, but at the other version of the spirit, the man in the illusion. The parents took the little girl upstairs and Seto followed.

The dream Seto who was invisible to the other people in the dream, he followed the family upstairs where the put the girl in her bed. After they left, the girl opened her eyes and looked at Seto and he realized he was once again a character of the dream.

"Papa?" She asked unsure. He looked like her father, but he was younger and dressed differently. Who ever he was, the girl's fever and headache didn't allow her to think too much of it. "Papa my head hurts, please make it stop." Tears started running down her face.

To watch such a young sweet child in pain was just wrong. Before Seto could say anything, the scene changed once again and he found himself in his room, awake. He got out of bed, yet his body remained there, as if his spirit was detached.

"This way," a ghostly shadow with glowing blue eyes spoke. They were those same hypnotic eyes that could cause enough fear to kill, but now he felt no fear. Seto followed the spirit, the wall opened as he pushed it. "It doesn't open the other way, so don't try this when you return to your vessel, the only other way out is too small." Seto and the ghost went inside the tunnel that led to the room Mokuba had found. There Seto saw the painting. It was the spirit while he was still a boy, standing next to his father. "My mother's things were kept in this room," the ghost searched for a specific item.

The spirit took a base from under other random things and placed it on the small table. "My mother grew a special kind of flower that cured illnesses, much like that of my daughter. The last one was kept in this room; I used to come here when I was younger. The entrance used to be normal sized, but it was sealed because my uncle didn't want to look at any of these items. I needed the flower to cure her so I returned to recover it and recover my mansion and fortune to give my family a better life. I couldn't let that murderer keep it any longer."

"When I came, he stayed out of my way. I was no longer a little kid he could pick on. I would give him what he deserved soon enough, but first I needed to take that flower back. He snuck up on me and killed me. Angered by all that happened, with my last seconds of life I vowed to take revenge, to curse his family and return this place to mine. The fortune is long gone, but the mansion still remains."

"I somehow turned into a ghost and was able to bring the flower back to my wife. After that was accomplished, I was returned here where I was trapped. As a ghost, I was limited to being in this mansion until I finished my last unfinished business. I didn't know if my daughter survived, but now I'm sure she did, because she was your great grandmother."

Seto was surprised by the entire story. He felt like the spirit was telling the truth. "Two holes are dug with a curse; I dug myself into being trapped here, guarding the mansion until my descendant reclaimed it. Now that this mansion has been returned to whom it rightfully belongs, I have no more unfinished business and I can finally rest in peace." The ghost disappeared in a flash of blue light and Seto's spirit was returned to his vessel.

xoxox xox xoxox

The rose and Seto got up. The dream was still clear in his mind, but even if he felt like it was true, being Seto Kaiba, he ignored it as just another dream and carried on with his life as if it never happened. Juliet mysteriously recovered her health and was able to go on with her life. The Kaiba brothers lived peacefully in the mansion and the ghost was never seen or heard of again.

End of Card 52

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