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A Surprising Day Out With You

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Pete has been planning a secret day out with Patrick for weeks, Patrick has no idea what Pete's planned... but he'll find out!

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Surprise Date

While running, Patrick managed to keep his balance only by staring intently at his hand. Marveling at the way the spaces between his fingers fit Pete's perfectly, as Pete pulled him forward.
Tryng his hardest to keep up with Pete, Patrick looked up from their intertwined hands and asked his boyfriend playfully,
“Pete, where are we going?”
Pete laughed and looked over his shoulder, not stopping.
“I told you, I can’t tell you Patrick.” They reached the end of the driveway, and Pete opened the door of his car for his boyfriend. Leaning against the door, with his head barely visible over the top of it, Pete gestured inside and smiled.
“Ladies first Trick.”
“Ha.” Patrick rolled his eyes and walked towards the car door, leaning into the opposite side, until his face was only inches away from Pete’s.
“Come on Hun, won’t you tell me what you planned?” He grinned and moved his lips just a little closer to his raven haired boy. Pete stared at Patrick’s lips hungrily and moved closer to them. When he did Patrick pulled away. Pete furrowed his brow, confused, and tried again, moving his head close to Trick's for a kiss. Patrick moved back again, grinning and raising an eyebrow.
“Does this mean you want to tell me Pete?”
“But, Patrick I told you, it’s a surprise!” Pete whined and pouted.

Patrick shrugged, pushed himself into the car, and pulled the door shut. Leaving a very letdown Pete leaning against nothing but air. He stood, swaying for a minute as Patrick stared sweetly up at him through the cars tinted windows, and then walked to the driver’s side. Pete let himself in while taking the keys out of his back pocket. Glancing toward Patrick he tried his best to put on a casual face.
“Fine Patrick, miss your chance at tasting these sweet, sweet lips…” He raised his eyebrows and licked his upper lip. Patrick just chuckled.
“Pssh stop it Pete, I’m not as much of a pervert as you are,that’s not going to work on me.”
“Then why does it work so well when you do it?” Pete grumbled, starting the car. Patrick laughed and shook his head.
“It’s because I’m irresistible….” He leaned forward and whispered into Pete’s ear, letting his lips brush the older boy’s cheek lightly. Pete shivered and gripped the steering wheel tightly, his knuckles white.
“Nope, no way Patrick! That is not going to work on me today. I’m not going to tell you. It would ruin the surprise. And I’m not a pervert!” With shaking fingers he shifted the car into drive, and turned onto the main road. Patrick leaned back, raising one eyebrow and crossing his arms.
“I bet I will be able to make you tell me, Pete…..”
The next forty minutes passed quickly, with Pete suffering extreme sexual torture, and Patrick chuckling every time he saw what his teasing was doing to his boyfriend.
He reached out, lightly and slowly running the backs of folded fingers over Pete’s cheek. He leaned forward and whispered something dirty sweet into his ear and Pete’s eyes rolled back, he whimpered but stayed silent.
Patrick laughed at how hard Pete was trying to keep this secret date a surprise. Patrick went to nibble his boyfriend’s shoulder; when his phone started to ring.
Hey Patrick, this is Joe, just letting you know that….well your phone is ringing, and it’s probably me. Joe. You’d better pick up, because it’s most likely something important. Pickuppickuppickuppickuppickup
Pete sighed in relief as Patrick moved away from him to answer the phone.
Pete could hear Joe’s loud voice as he answered, even from the other side of the car.
Patrick? Have you and Pete gotten there yet? He was telling Andy and me SO much about your date, and it sounds awesome, I hope you have fun! But really, can you believe that he-“
Pete snatched the phone away from Patrick
“What the fuck Joe? I told you that it was going to be a surprise for him!” He snapped the phone shut and handed it back to Patrick, smiling.
“So. You told Andy and Joe where we’re going….but I can’t know?”
Pete nodded and Patrick sighed, fine. Let Pete keep his secrets. He leaned forward to look out the window, his fabric of his black jacket scratching against the dark vinyl seat of the car. They had left the city behind a half hour ago; and outside Patrick could see only flat, grassy brown fields for miles. He shot a questioning look to Pete, who smiled widely.
“Almost there now!”

Patrick’s mouth dropped open when he saw it. There, sitting alone, tall and proud in the middle of an open field, was an actual, metal, bright yellow… airplane. With wings, and a propeller, and everything.
Pete turned off the main road, and the car bumped and jolted over the dirt and rocks of the field. Pete’s smile was bigger than his face, and Patrick’s mouth was still open, his eyes wide. The car slowed down, then came to a rough stop beside the plane.
“Pete….what did you do?”
Pete turned towards Patrick, his eyes sparkling.
“We’re going parachuting Patrick!” He opened his door, then walked around the car to open Patrick’s. Pulling his boyfriend out of the car, Pete whispered excitedly.
“I met the pilot at the grocery store, she’s a big fan of the band, and she’s going to take us up there, and give us a parachuting lesson for free! Won’t this be fun?”
Patrick swallowed; his Adams apple bobbing.
“We’re going to go up really high… in that?” He pointed up to the plane, and Pete nodded. “And then, we’re going to…..jump?” He slowly brought his finger down; until it rested by his side. “But….what if my hat flies off Pete?” He raised his hands again, holding the dark pageboy hat that rested on his head firmly in place.
Pete made a sympathetic sound and walked up behind his boyfriend, snaking both his hands around Patrick's waist and holding tight. Squeezing him close, Pete whispered into his ear.
“Are you scared to jump Patrick?” He felt the rough cloth of Patrick’s hat rub against his chin as the boy he leaned on nodded. “Well you know, you shouldn’t be, it’ll be fun, and I’ll be holding you just like this…” He pulled Patrick a little closer, and held him just a little tighter. “Don’t you trust me to keep you, and your hat, safe?”
Patrick nodded again, after a pause. Still nodding he turned his head to look into Pete’s eyes.
“You know….you’re the only one who could ever convince me to jump out of a plane…right? That’s got to mean I love you.”
Pete laughed and Patrick caught his lips in a quick kiss. Pete tightened his arms around Patrick’s waist and deepened the kiss, slipping his tongue between the younger boy’s parted lips. Patrick moaned and brought one hand up to the side of Pete’s head, stroking the dark hair. They were interrupted by a polite cough.
“Hello boys, I’m sorry to interrupt but, the parachuting?”
Blushing bright red, Patrick pulled away from Pete, and faced the woman standing in front of him.
“Hello” She said politely, holding out a hand to shake Patrick’s “I’m Sassy, I’ll be showing you guy’s the basics of Parachuting today.”
Patrick smiled back, taking her hand in his and giving it a quick shake, “Hey Sassy, I really am sorry about that. “ He untangled himself from Pete’s arms, shaking his head and blushing.
“Oh don’t worry about it Patrick! Pete told me you were jumping as a couple, so that really was excellent practice.” She winked at Pete, who smiled and grabbed Patrick by the waist again.
“You heard her Tricky, this is practice.” He snuggled his head onto Patrick’s shoulder. Sassy chuckled and turned, walking back towards the plane and waving at them over her shoulder. “Follow me please; I have everything we need set up beside the plane.”
Patrick tried to step forward, then frowned. He looked down and poked at the arm holding his waist. Pete sighed, but let him go, grabbing his hand instead. Together they trailed behind Sassy, and eventually made it to the plane.
Smiling the pilot turned at the foot of the airplane’s stairs. “Okay now this is my parachute.” She pointed to a small green backpack lying on the ground about a foot away from Pete and Patrick. “I won’t be jumping, I’ll be flying and landing the plane, but I will be wearing one in case I need it. That,” She pointed to a much larger backpack, “Is your parachute, it’s got a harness and a backup chute, so you can go together, and just in case.”
Patrick turned green.
“What if both Parachutes don’t work Sassy?”
“I can guarantee that there is a very, very small chance of that happening Patrick, I’ve checked both of the chutes myself, twice, and there is nothing wrong with them. And your friend has already signed the medical sheets and contracts, so if you’d like to follow me, I can bring you into the plane.”
Shaking slightly Patrick pulled Pete a little closer. Pete smiled at him comfortingly and said “Patrick don’t worry so much, this will be awesome.” Patrick boldly nodded and followed Sassy and Pete into the airplane.

Inside Sassy demonstrated Parachute protocol, landing positions, precautions, and she showed Pete how to pull the cord that would release the chute and let them land safely. Finally she set them up, Pete stood close behind Patrick; arms spread wide as the harness was fastened, binding them together. Patrick turned his head and hissed, “Please, please don’t get all excited and forget to pull the cord Pete!” Pete chuckled and patted Patrick’s hat.
“You just worry about keeping your precious hat on your precious head Tricky, let me handle the keeping our lives part.”
Patrick giggled, and gulped when he heard the deep thud of the plane’s propeller’s as they started to spin. He felt the plane lurch forward, slowly picking up speed until the wheels left the ground, and they were in the air.

Patrick could feel them climbing, the plane smoothly cutting through the clear air, sending them high, above any tall building, above clouds even! What the hell are we thinking? Seriously considering turning to Pete and telling him to forget this entire thing, Patrick’s stomach dropped open as the door slid away. So Sassy had pressed the button in the cockpit…. The doors were open… And now all that was left was…..
“ JUMP!” Pete screamed into his ear, and with eyes shut tight beneath goggles, Patrick let himself fall.
As soon as he felt his feet leave the smooth metal of the airplane’s floor Patrick started to scream. From above him, he could hear Pete’s whoops and shouts. Slowly he let his eyes open, and smiled at the feeling. It was like he was floating! He was above the clouds, and he was flying! This is actually cool Patrick thought and shouted out in joy. This is better than cool actually. This was….“AWESOMEEEE” He shouted, and from above him Patrick heard Pete agree.
Patrick laughed and threw his head back, “ hat!” He could feel it slipping from his head, but before he could reach up to hold it down, it slipped off completely. “Damn…” He grumbled, twisting his head around to try and see his favorite hat flying to the ground. Instead he saw Pete, his eyebrow’s wiggling and Patrick’s hat clamped between his teeth. Patrick laughed and mouthed “I love you!” Pete winked, then his eyes grew wide, and he took one hand from Patrick’s waist, fumbling for the chute string.
Patrick’s heart nearly stopped as he watched Pete yank the cord, and pull it from the harness completely. Staring at the limp string hanging from his hand Pete’s eyes grew wider. Terrified, Patrick swiveled his head around to see the ground approaching quickly, only a few hundred feet away now…. “THE OTHER ONE PETE, PULL THE BACKUP!” He screamed, and Pete fumbled for the other handle, pulling it sharply. Patrick shouted out in joy as the green chute unfurled from the backpack, and their fall slowed dramatically.
“Thank God…” He smiled up at Pete, who wiped the sweat from his forehead, and took Patrick’s hat from between his teeth. He placed it back onto the boy’s head, and adjusted their bodies to the landing position Sassy had taught them, as the ground rushed up to meet them.
When Patrick felt the hard ground touch his feet, he let his knees fold and fell onto it, letting his body roll over the rough ground with Pete. Finally they stopped. Pete was on top of him, and the green parachute covered them both, casting a green tinge on their faces.
“We’re alive Pete!” Patrick shouted “You remembered to pull the chute string!”
“Ha, barely,” Pete said, holding himself up so he wouldn’t hurt Patrick. “I was so fucking scared when that string broke Patrick, if you weren’t there with me, I don’t think I would have remembered to pull the back up.”
Shuddering, Patrick reached up and smoothed down Pete’s hair with his fingers. “Well I was there with you, and you did pull the string, and we’re safe now. AND you get some brownie points, because you saved my favorite hat.” Pete chuckled and kissed Patrick’s nose.
“Well I thought it was amazing, the feeling was like jumping and falling and flying… We’ll have to do it again sometime, huh Tricky?”
Patrick rolled his eyes, smiled and nodded. “But not today Ok Pete? I want to go home…. It’s gonna be dark soon.”
Pete nodded “I wonder what Joe and Andy have been up to all day?”
Back home, Pete and Patrick retold their entire day to Joe and Andy, who were dying to know, “Simply EVERYTHING!!” about their special day out.
“Wow, you guys sound like you had a great time!”
Patrick smiled “Ya…We did, it was amazing!”
“So what did you guys do all day, without us here?” Pete questioned casually. Andy turned bright red and begin whistling Beethoven’s fifth, and Joe became very interested in his belt buckle.
“So…. What did you do?” Patrick prompted.
The whistling stopped, “We umm you know, just some…stuff. You know.”
Pete gasped. “YOU DIDN’T.”
Joe looked up from his belt buckle. “Ya. We did Pete, I mean we’ve been together for a month now, I figured it was a good time… so”
“Oh you’ve had your first time together! I’m so proud!” Pete smiled, and Andy coughed.
Later, Pete lay awake in bed, thinking about his day with Patrick.
If Patrick hadn’t been there, I know I wouldn’t have remembered the backup chute, I know it! I think I owe him my life…. He rolled over and looked at Patrick, surprised to see that his eyes were open too.
“Ya Trick?”
“T-thanks for today, it really was awesome.” Pete smiled and moved closer to Patrick.
“It was no problem sweetheart…” Pete leaned in for a kiss, and was surprised by Patrick's response. It wasn’t the usual soft kisses and cuddles, this time Patrick took charge. He rose up to meet Pete’s lips, crushing them together, reaching up to grab his shoulders and pull him closer….This time it was Patrick’s tongue demanding entrance to Pete’s mouth, and it was Patrick pressing their bodies close.
When Pete finally broke away to breathe, he looked at Patrick in shock.
“I-I thought that I should thank you… for today I mean.” Patrick whispered and Pete laughed,
“But you already have thanked me Patrick!”
“ No….” Patrick pressed a finger to Pete’s lips, licked his own and continued “I mean- I-I mean really thank you.” He kissed Pete again, rolling them over until Pete was straddling him.
“Y-You mean….?Patrick are you sure?” Pete’s eyes were wide and Patrick took a deep breath.
“Yeah, Pete I think I am, today Joe and Andy talking about their first time? It made me think…and after today I know I love you. I’m ready.” Pete looked at the boy beneath him and smiled,
“Really Patrick….” Pete was stopped when Patrick once again pressed a finger to his lips. He watched the blonde boy slowly take his hand away from his mouth, uncurling his fingers from a small square of plastic. He held it out to Pete, and smiled.
“I’m asking you to Pete.” Pete took the condom in shaking fingers and grinned.

See Sassy? I told you I’d manage to get you into one of my stories, Thanks for being the most awesome person in the entire world haha :)
And thanks for reading guys! Hope you liked it…I liked it.
The ending's a bit corny and lame...i know don't give me hell for it hahah enjoy!
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