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A Deal With the Devil

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Gerard makes a deal with the devil to bring back his love.

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He bit back a cry of dismay as his eyes fell upon her lifeless body, lying still in the coffin. It was almost as if she were only sleeping.

It was just like that day all over again, when they had found her body, still and lifeless. Seeing her in that casket just made everything he didn't want to believe more real.

Here, a wave of numbness washed over him as they lowered the coffin into the ground.

The day was dark, with heavy grey clouds hanging overhead. The wind blew its chilly breath, sending a slight shiver down Gerard's spine. But he hardly noticed. All that he knew was that the one person he loved more than anything in the world was gone forever. And on this cold, grey day, he needed her most.


He lay on their bed, the dark engulfing him as memories filled his head and tears stained his cheeks.

Oh, just to hear her voice again, to have her close and to feel her warmth, he'd do anything, give up anything.

"Do you really mean that?" a deep, dark, raspy voice came from the other side of the room.

Gerard bolted upright, his eyes darting to a dark figure standing by the door.

"D-Do I mean what?" Gerard stuttered, his heart beating rapidly in his chest.

"Do you really mean that, to get your lover back, you would do anything?" the figure said. His voice sent chills down Gerard's spine and he was suddenly aware that the man was not standing on the ground but hovering a couple of inches off it.

The man stepped-or in this case glided-into the light cast by the small lamp by the bed.

Fear struck within Gerard as he looked into the man's eyes. If you could call them eyes. They didn't look human at all. They were blazing red where the pupil and iris should be.

The man grinned an evil smile, bearing sharp, pointed teeth. His skin was the palest Gerard had ever seen on a person. It looked sickly and Gerard instantly pulled himself as far away from the man as possible. The man had a crazy look about him and it unnerved Gerard that if he wanted to bolt out of the room, he would have to get past this intruder first. If that were possible.

"What do you want with me?" Gerard asked, not caring that his voice quivered in fear.

"I really just want to know. Would you do anything, anything, to get your lover back?"

Gerard didn't even have to think about that question.

"Yes," he answered instantly.

The man paused, his fiery eyes boring into Gerard's.

"I'll make you a deal," the man said finally. Gerard knew without a doubt that the man standing at the foot of his bed was the Devil himself.

The Devil paused again before saying, "To bring back your lover, you must murder a thousand evil men for me."

Gerard's breath caught in his throat. He wasn't sure he heard correctly and even if he did, could he really kill a thousand evil men?

"A thousand evil men?"

The Devil nodded slowly, never taking his eyes off Gerard.

The thought of having her back was too good to be true. But he longed for her so much it was staggering. The emptiness ached in him and he felt he really couldn't live one more day without her. And now, he was being given the chance to get her back. He imagined her once more before taking up the deal.

The Devil grinned at him. He held out a bony hand, the fingers hideously long.

Gerard stared at it, momentarily hesitating but after another flash of her, he took it. The Devil's fingers were icy and yet they felt searingly hot.

They shook hands and the Devil began laughing. Gerard finally knew what a demonic laugh really sounded like.

Gerard pulled away, terrified. He saw a drop of blood slip down The Devil's sickly pale cheek. He then realized The Devil was crying tears of blood.

He wondered what he had gotten himself into. Then, everything went black.
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