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Vampire Heart

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Light Amane moves into the rough streets of New Jersey after his brother and sisters go missing and the family give up hope.

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One-shot. I wrote months and months ago for English so not the best. Please review! I own nothing. Apart from Vernon, he's epic. (And if you've watched Death Note, you'll know the name!)

Light's P.O.V
I stared at the picture of my family; my whole family. My brother, Sib and my two sisters - Dana and Rachel were there, our small house in the background in Indiana where we used to live in a small place called Hamilton. It was a quiet place, nothing ever really happened. Until one night, I came back from my friend Vernon's house after getting an emergency call from my mum that I needed to come home straight away.

"That's awesome!" Vernon laughed. My cell phone started to ring, I looked at the caller I.D. - my mom.
"Hello" I said as I picked up my phone.
"Light, you need to come home as soon as possible." My mother sobbed into the phone.
"Right away mum" I hung up.
Running over to my house I knocked on my door only for a police officer to answer the door. My mum sat me down and explained to be what had happened while my father talked to the police.
She told me my brother and two sisters didn't show up for school and that they had gone missing with no trace of evidence.

Now I sit here on my bed looking at my picture.
Why? I thought to myself, why have they disappeared? Where are they? Who would take them? I sighed in frustration and threw the picture at my bedroom wall. It fell and the glass smashed into tiny shards. I cried, I cried for the fist time in five years. When I was nine and fell and hurt my knee, that was the last time I cried. I drifted off to sleep until I heard a thump, I slowly lifted my eyes open to see a tall figure leaning against my bedside table. I stirred a little and kicked the blankets off me only to see the figure flee out of my window like a bullet. I'm dreaming. I get up and and shuffle around looking for clothes for school when I notice one of my brother's jackets laying on my floor, that wasn't there last night. I recognized it as the one he was wearing the day he went missing. I ignored it and got ready for school.
Kids were swarming around me asking me questions about my brother and sisters.
"The vampire kid's brother and sisters are gone" I heard one girl say to another.
"Vampire dude, you didn't eat them did you?" I heard another boy snicker. I pushed my way past people until I got to my locker next to Vernons.
"Having difficulty?" I laughed looking at Vernon trying to pry his locker open, looking very tired.
"I stayed up all last night getting to level 20 on Halo Three and died! One level away from finishing it all!" Vernon cried. He didn't ask very much about my missing siblings, for that I was plenty grateful.

Over the past three weeks I have been getting pieces of my sisters' and brother's stuff all over my room but have only seen the dark figure twice. I figured I wasn't dreaming when I saw it the second time. I began to get sceptical about the 'thing', maybe I'm loosing my sanity. I told my parents about it and they moved us out of Indiana to New Jersey saying 'The house held memories of my siblings, making it unstable." I had to leave Vernon and rebuild my life again. I moved into Belleville High and even still as a freshmen (which is horrible) I get called the 'freaky vampire kid'. I made two friends there called Raymond Oritz-Toro and Michael Way, Ray and Mikey for short. They knew were I was coming from and never asked about my missing family, unlike everyone else who recognized me from the national news.

Just as I was about to fall asleep, I saw the mysterious almost sinister like figure once more. Once it disappeared again, I followed it. I came to a dead end in an alley way. I got scared. You should never go out at night in Jersey. I heard a noise and spun around. "Looking for someone are we?" I noticed the silhouette from the street lamp. The outline the same as the figure, "Who are you?" I asked shaking. "Robert, Bob please call me" Bob mischievously grinned, coming towards me. I saw his pale skin, sandy colored hair. His lip ring glistening in the lamp light. His long fringe falling over his face. His boy tensed as he held out his hand towards me. I shook it and felt sick as I saw we were standing on top off a building. "You-you, how?!" I panicked. Bob laughed and before blacking out, I heard him whisper in my ear, "Don't let them get you."
The next couple of days made me wonder, I didn't see Bob again. I was walking home when I saw a shadow beside me. It was him. He sat me down under a tree before I could ask any questions.
"Look, this is all you need to know, they, the MSI cult, all pure vampires, have you brother and sisters. They are out to get you, they figure you'll be the next 'big thing'. You'd need to watch your back since you're human, but I'll be doing it for you." He rushed it all into my brain, playing with his lip ring looking at the ground. Vampires? Vampires...
"You're having me on" I laughed look at his serious face. "Nah, no way, you can't be telling the truth...?"
"Who are they, the 'MSI'?" I asked him.
"They consist of Gerard Way, Claire Sykes, Ed Fletcher, Frank Iero, Kitty Righ, and Lindsey Balltow. The people you go to school with, Mikey is Gerard's brother and Ray is just as dangerous, but they won't attack you, they're trying to protect you also, if Gerard finds out, he'll kill them, I used to be apart of it, I ran away - to protect you, they'll kill me too" I looked at Bob's innocent face.
Over the last couple of weeks Bob taught me how to protect and hide myself and we became good friends.

My father asked me to go to Wal-Mart to get some groceries, I sighed and went out. When I was walking down Passic Avenue past my high school and noticed three stalking me. I felt dizzy and closed my eyes only to re-open them and find myself in a grey colored room with a bolted metal door. There was no furniture at all. I felt weak, I felt isolated. I didn't know where I was. Where was Bob? I fell asleep and awoken to the sound of the metal door opening, Ray walked in and gave me some food. "Don't ask any questions, I'm sure you know about your family and that we have them" Ray winced when he said 'we', "Anyway," he started again, "Bob is fine, they haven't did anything to your siblings yet. They'll be here to see you soon" Ray spoke, then left. After that three women came in and greeted me, Kitty, Lindsey and Claire.
Ray was right, Frank, Gerard and Ed came in later.
"Should we kill him or turn him?" Frank sneered.
"Stop scaring him!" Ed snapped. Gerard spoke, "Guys leave" and they left at once.
"Look, we can do this the hard way or the easy way kid - your choice" Gerard sniffed. "We want you, not your family, as long as we have you, we'll give your siblings back and leave your family alone. However, if you disagree we'll kill your siblings and your parents, plus your dear friend Bob" Gerard smiled.
I sat there in complete silence. Gerard watched patiently.
"No, I disagree. You won't kill anybody" I told him firmly.
"Looks like the hard way" Gerard warned and leaned in close to my face before touching my neck with his lips.

"Light, wake up!" I heard my mother yell. I flickered my eyes open, I was in my room, I walked down stairs and saw my family, my whole family. My mom asked if I was okay. I stared, they all seem so clueless.
I wasn't in New Jersey anymore. It was a dream, everything was a whole dream. I got ready for school and along the way while walking to school I saw two people who looked like Ray and Mikey from my 'dream', they glanced at me and smirked. I pulled my eyebrows into a frown and walked on. I wandered over to my locker as usual and saw Vernon at his locker talking to another person.
"Hey Light! Look, new guy!" Vernon beamed. I turned and saw the 'new boy.' Bob.
I was completely sure. "What is your name?" I eyed him suspiciously.
"Robert, Bob please call me." He smiled at me and walked away.
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