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Kitsune Dabbles

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Oh, just some cheeky little dabbles for my special someone. Y'all wouldn't know him. =/-^=

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Kitsune Dabbles

Every high school boy has a dark side to them. They all do. That is just how life is. Some don't really realize it, but it's there. Rob just found his. And it just won't shut up! To break it down some before we begin, the mouse's dark side is like this: The kitsune looks similar to its host. It is fowl-mouthed, cheeky, loud, jealous, quick to anger, possessive, and completely horny. This bastard was worse than Travis! It just loved to mess with Rob's head so much. The ol' kitsune had one taste in particular. Sweet kitty Noizchild was the kitsune's favorite interest. Rob had a slowly growing crush on his new boss. The kitsune knew that too well. The creature was lusting hard after her. It decided to have the kitty by Rob's side forever for its own reasons. So, the bastard decided to tease and tempt its host about her.

Monday, April 24, 2069

Rob was in his dojo before it opened. It wasn't seven o'clock just yet. He didn't have much to do at the moment. That's when he saw her. Noizchild came walking by the dojo. She was looking pretty adorable as usual. Short navy blue skirt, white t-shirt, long black tie, red chopsticks in her black bun, and little narrow black flats. She passed by the dojo harmlessly. Rob just couldn't help but stare. The kitsune was looking too. It liked what it saw. The bastard decided that he had to have her.

She's flirting with you, Rob!

[No she's not!]

Oh, come on! She has a hot little body! She's got a body like an hourglass that's ticking like a clock. Look at her! Tiny waist!

[Stop it!]

Round little ass!

[Cut it out!]

Slender model legs!

[SHUT UP!!!]

What's wrong, ace? You know it's the truth.

[Well, yeah. But...]

So, what's the big problem?

[I'm at work!]


Rob sighed. This bastard still didn't get it. It always wanted sex. Anytime or anywhere. That would be good at times, but not today. Today was his first day at work at Tokyo-Zion Academy. Rob was determined to make this work. He had to persuade her to give him the job. It was tough work indeed. She didn't want to hire him because she would be accused of nepotism. But, Rob believed he was good for the job.

"You sure you want to do this?" the boss asked.

"Yes!" the mouse said quickly. Noiz sighed reluctantly.

"Alright," she said. Then she began the job interview. The mouse proved that he was qualified to work at the academy. So, Noiz hired him just to be fair. Now, today was the real test. He just couldn't blow this. But that was going to be a challenge with this bastard in his head.

So what? You can always "reward" yourself with her after work?

[No!] The kitsune looked at him confused.

Well, what do you mean?

[I don't want a relationship based purely on sex. Noiz has already seen pervs that just wanted to get in her pants, no thanks to Aden. I really like her and I want to show that I'm different most of the guys that she's been set up on dates with.] The kitsune sat back and snorted.

Suit yourself! See how long that one lasts!

[And what's that supposed to mean?]

You know what it means, runt!

"Rob?" a light voice asked him. The new martial arts teacher looked up in a flash. Noizchild was standing right in front of him. His crush looked just as cute as ever. Her front was as fine as her back. At the moment, she had a puzzled look on her face.

"Yes?" the new sensei asked.

"Are you filling okay?" the headmistress asked him. Rob looked at her just as puzzled as she was.

"What do you mean?" he asked.

"You seemed to be lost in thought about something," his crush replied. "What is on your mind?" The mouse just lightly shrugged at her.

"Nothing much," he replied. "Just same ol', same ol'."

"Oh, okay." Noiz replied. A sweet little smile came across her face. Rob lightly blushed at it. He was suddenly tempted to kiss her quickly. But then he thought, "Nah, maybe some other time." Noiz just smiled at him.

"Great!" she said at last. "Don't let me down." Then the headmistress headed out of the dojo. Rob watched her as her hot little bum and long black graceful tail swayed from side to side as she walked. He just couldn't take his eyes for of his crush's back side. The kitsune just sat back smirking. It knew that this innocent flirtation was going to deepen pretty soon. Shortly, if it had its way.

Keep things innocent my ass! We'll see about that!

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