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Two drabbles about Koko-chan.

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Koko-chan doesn't like it when U-sama broods. U-sama is nice, and funny, and he plays mean tricks on travellers who think they can bully Koko-chan because she is only a small cat. But since his return from Midgard, he sits brooding on his throne all day, then broods at the dinner table, and broods in his bed. Koko-chan can't do anything but make tea and bring cakes, and chatter, hoping he will look up and smile again, but U-sama won't even look at her. She thinks perhaps it hurts him to see her so cheerful and glad he is back.

- and another one -

Koko-chan doesn't like the Norns. When they are around, U-sama's brooding takes on a sharp, angry edge, and he frightens Koko-chan then, though she is ashamed to admit it. Koko-chan can only watch as the sad-eyed Norn takes the orbit that should have been hers. Koko-chan isn't jealous. Koko-chan wouldn't even mind, if she didn't think that the Norn only wanted to see someone else when she looked at U-sama.

Even if U-sama never smiled again, or stayed angry and forbidding always -- Koko-chan would have forgiven them that much, even been grateful, if they would only let him live.
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