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My Ouran King

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A fanfiction about Ouran High School Host Club, rate PG-13 for cursing, drug use, and sexual content (very mild). You'll like it if you're a true Ouran fanatic. :)

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The private Ouran Institute, where lineage comes first, money a close second. The host club is manned by six handsome school boys blessed with time, wealth, and beauty...and one scholarship student--FEMALE--drafted by debt. They entertain female students who are also blessed with wealth, time, etc; It works out splendidly.

When first laying eyes on the Ouran Institute, Cheru didn't know how to feel. Several emotions were overwhelming her body, it was hard to choose one to focus on. Her first thoughts were, "Am I in the right place?" and "Are you sure this is an academy and not a mansion?". Emotion-wise, Cheru decided to go with nervousness. Of course there were the obvious questions she asked herself, "Will I fit in?" or "What if I'm not liked?" or "Perhaps this school is all fun and not educational at all?" (Surely, she thought, if it was all about parties in this school, she'd stick out like a sore thumb). Other thoughts though, personal ones especially for her, clouded her mind, "Was this really worth the millions of dollars it took to attend this school?" Sure, her father was wealthy; but this affected her poor mother too.

Literally, poor. Her mother didn't have a cent aside from what she earned from her small laundry business. It wasn't popular, many people had their own washing machines and dryers (she hadn't realized this) or just went to laundromats, it was a lot cheaper. Sure she'd get some customers from people too deep in debt to get their own machines or too lazy to go to laundromats that would beg for my mother's help. But it wasn't uncommon when higher class people would rip her off and give her less than she wanted, she wouldn't object, on account of her big heart. Since that was what they lived on, many times she insisted that Cheru move to her dad's, he was much better off and successful, and still single.

Although she'd say no right away, sometimes Cheru would lie awake at night and wonder what would happen if she left to her dad's. Sure, she thought, maybe I would've gotten more things I wanted, more things that I needed. But in the end, what did she gain by getting useless objects? Her mother would also be in need of help around the house (cooking, cleaning, etc;) and with the laundry business itself. Then her dad called her up one morning. Cheru recalled the phone call clearly.

"Reiricheru, is that you?"
"Yes! It's been so long since we've last talked."
Cheru nodded. Then remembered her dad couldn't see her. "Yes, it has." She mumbled.
"Listen, you know how you wanted to get into that Ouran school?"
"Yes, the public school. I can't though, too far away."
"How would you like to live with me in Tokyo and go to the school?"
"I insist."
"That's a pretty big hassle for a public school, don't you think?"
"As if I'm sending my little girl to a public school."
"You can't be talking about--"
"I am."
"The private Ouran Institute?! Dad, you can't!"
"Don't you want it?"
"Well," She gulped, "yes, but it's so expensive."
"All taken care of."
"I can't let you do that."
"It's already been done."
"My mom, she can't live," Cheru put emphasis on 'live', "without me."
"Ask your mom then, I'm sure she'll be more than happy to send you."
"Fine, I'll get her."

Cheru was left out of the phone call from there, her mother talked to her dad for another ten minutes, there was yelling, angry tones, then there was smiling and laughing. Cheru was confused and excited all at once, were they even talking about Ouran anymore? Then, the next thing Cheru knows, she's off to the private Ouran Institute, 2nd year, Class A.

"Isn't Class A very..." Cheru searched for the words. "Elite? Expensive? Luxurious? Why yes, it's all of those things. But Cheru, it's the high school equivalent of Tokyo University! Which, by the way you have an amazing chance of attending if you go to Ouran." Cheru sighed, "Yeah, right, that's twice more expensive than Ouran."

"You'd be surprised," her mother groaned. "You didn't pay, did you?" Her mother looked like she was going to speak, but paused. "Well, you didn't expect me to let your dad pay it all did you Cheru?" She smiled, but Cheru frowned. "Another thing, I know it'll be difficult for you to leave, but don't get all worried about me, just think about you. He can provide you with everything you need at his house. You'll be right in the city! You love Tokyo whenever we visit! Won't be that far from the country either. Your dad goes to Hokkaido in the winter and sees films and such in the spring, you'll love it." Cheru tried to protest, but it was no use.

And that, is how Cheru ended up flabbergasted, standing frozen still at the gates of Ouran Academy.
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