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Narugami and Ecchan. Drabble for feliciter.

Category: Matantei Loki Ragnarok - Rating: PG - Genres: Drama - Characters: Loki, Narugami, Other - Published: 2006-04-12 - Updated: 2006-04-12 - 102 words


It's there again, the small white shikigami Loki seems to have adopted into his little family as though it were a pet and not just a construct formed from his magic. He doesn't understand why Loki bothers with it, but it's not like he understands most of what Loki does anyway.

To be sure, the shikigami seems to thrive on the attention and grow in power and ability, so maybe it's just how Loki's magic works. Whatever. Creative magics have no appeal for him.

Loki puts one of the shikigami's ears into his mouth and nibbles thoughtfully. It looks tasty.

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