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Famous Words

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Frankiero @Raytoro Dude. I have something to tell you! It's vital! I need you here!

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Frank's P.O.V

I shook with excitement as I lifted up my house phone.

"Yes Frank?"
"I SUPER need you over here, right now!"
"Why Frank?"
"Because I have something SUPER to tell you. It's uber important, like, it's more important than the time I phoned to tell you Gerard was dead when really he was sleeping, I didn't know he slept with his eyes open at the time"
"Yes Ray?"
"Fuck off"
Ray then hung up on me.

I whip out my laptop and signed onto Twitter.

Frankiero @Raytoro Dude. I have something to tell you! It's vital! I need you here!

Ray did not tweet me back. I was hurt.
I take out my mobile phone and text Mikey.
Text Ray and tell him to come to my house.

My phone vibrated off the table.
Dude, isn't he on a road-trip somewhere?

Yes, yes he is, but It's uber important

Hours later, I heard a knock on my front door. I swung it open to find Ray at my door step. Christa in the car looking pissed off.
"What do you have to tell me that is so important?!" Ray snapped at me. Ouch.

"I was just thinking today...your hair could be used as a Murkin."
"I fucking hate you." With that, Ray left.

This came from nowhere. It's not even funny! XD MWahahahahaha. If you don't know what a murkin is - you're fucked. And that was utterly pointless to you. GOOGLE IT.
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