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The prespective of how the leaves grow from a tree. Please R/R! Published: 10-16-03

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My leaves change colors in fall.
Different bright colors-green, orange, yellow, and red.
Makes my world a little brighter!
Changing weather, colder than ever,
My bare arms are out to catch the snow.
The leaves on the ground,
All cold and brown,
Leaving me sad for a period, in winter.
The spring, a renewal of hope,
My leaves come back, forming white little flowers, and light green leaves.
The joy of watching them grow,
Makes me happy again.
The summer, so hot, yet,
My leaves grows bigger and healthier
And the leaves turn dark green.
These quenching my thirst from my sweat,
The leaves dancing with life, growing everyday.
This cycle goes on, until I die.
This is the cycle of how my leaves grow on me, a tree.
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