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The very hard word to say to a friend! Please R/R! Published: 10-24-03

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My Inspiration of this poem is actually a funny story! I usually don't
watch Pokemon, but the commercial for the new show was about when Misty,
Brock, and Ash leave each other to do different things! It was a sad song,
which made me, cry, and I stated to ponder back in my life!
I would like to dedicate this poem to my first best friend: Gabriel.
Wherever you are, I hope your life had been shining as the ray of light!

to you,
tears in my eyes,
as we left the road.
We departed different ways,
I going to the right,
You going to the left.
We departed to go
ahead of time,
When you left me,
you said you love me,
and I'll see you again!
I hope I do!
As we left,
I met many
new friends,
and formed new friendships.
But I often dream about how we first met!
You were my first best friend,
and the memory of your face ,
makes me strong-willed,
to make mew friends, in my journey,
of time.
You'll always be standing beside me.
Goodbyes are hard to say,
But truly, you never left me!
Your spirit is still guiding me gently
in my journey of life.
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