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Chapter 7

Down dropped Chiyuki, Ai, Ren, Elda, and Victor. Along with the four present,(not counting Blade,) they were more than a match for what they faced. What confused Blade was the fact that every one of them had a normal body temperature, but all, save one, moved like vampires. Yet, because of that, he had the mind to just kill them all, save the human, and ask questions later. Once that was done, he would confront the human to get the information that he wants. In the meantime, the undead were moving in fast, but the four there were more than equal to the task. Victor, in his hunting past, knew how to fight this foe, for he had fought vampire and undead alike. Like Blade, he didn't care-if it had fangs, it died. Chiyuki and Ai were more content just to rip heads off while Victor and Elda were using blades. This was mixed in with gunfire, and because of this, they wanted to get this done and get out of there before the police arrived. The Devil sisters looked like two lionesses out for the kill while Victor and Elda were being very exacting. Once it seemed settled, Hondo then said, "Let's get going-we don't need the police on us!"

However, he said it loud enough to know that Blade would follow the group. Everyone followed them, getting to the rooftops to conceal themselves. Blade caught this, and immediately started up himself. He expected to have to chase them, and thus it was a big surprise when he found them all standing there as if they were waiting for him. As the sirens wailed below, Blade tensed up and he was prepared to take care of these leeches as well. However, Hondo said,"You are a hard man to find, Blade. Its great we have a chance to talk."

"Oh, and do you have the tea and crumpets?" asked Blade both rhetorically and sarcastically. He then went for his machine pistol and dropped a few rounds into Vincent.

Harmon was now sprinting down the street in a full panic. He had run into something beyond what he had ever experienced. It was not only that, but, now that they had taken his arm, and he was not sure if they wanted the rest of him. What he did not know was that there was about three bats tailing him, and they were acting as the eyes for Karin, Anjou, and Jean-Claude, leading them right where they wanted to go. He reached what looked like a run down storehouse, but inside it was very different. At first, the guards at the door restrained a hysterical Harmon, as he was screaming, "DON'T LET THEM GET ME. MAN! THEY'RE COMING FOR ME!"

"Who are you?" snapped one of the guards, as another said, "He's food!"

However, one of the people in there recognized him, and they let him go. Because the arm that was missing was the one with the house tattoo, they were ready to kill him right then. If it were not for the front man recognizing him, it would have been over. The guards let him go, and he said, "What happened to you?"

Still somewhat hysterical, he spat out, "It was them...him...I don't know!"

"Speak English, idiot!" snapped the front man.

"Three vampires...I have to assume...came in and trashed the club," he panted out,"They ashed a bunch of vampires, they cut off my arm, and then sealed the wound. Yet, one of them said to say to you, 'There's another day walker in town'! They're after me-I know it!"

The front man's eyes furrowed, and he said, "What do you mean 'another day walker'?"

"It's not Blade!" he shouted, "He's huge! He looks like a slim defensive end, packing heat, and carrying a saber."

The front man stiffened, and he remembered the word that had come down through Charlotte about the mysterious one that had killed Lars, and shut down house Cathong. His eyes then went wide when he realized what the one who he now learned was aday walker was up to. The front man then said, "...and you led him here!"

"What do you mean?" Harmon spat, "I don't..." but he was cut off by a hard slap to the face which, because he had undead strength, broke his jaw. The front man then spoke to that guard and said, "You're right-he's food!"

He then shoved him at the two guards who took him into an open group room, and this was followed by a blood curdling scream as Harmon joined the menu. The front man said, "Get some men up here! Prepare the..."

And that was all he got out before he turned to ash as the door came down, and a well placed shot from Anjou silenced him forever.

With lightning speed, they burst into the place, the occasional guard coming out, and then getting clobbered by three expert fighters, and then becoming apile of ash. "Anjou, go find the office and some records!" said Jean-Claude,"Karin, let's keep them distracted!"

They burst into a main gathering room, and they pulled out their blades, chopping undead to bits as fast as they could come in. The undead started climbing walls and crawling the ceiling to attack, but Hondo's training was key for the two, as they started to roll with the moves and take on multiple targets. They were mixing hand-to-hand attacks with their sword strikes. Because there were multiple targets, they were spending most of their time doing Aikijutsu attacks and defenses mixed with strikes. They had no intention of any one of them leaving alive or undead. After the room was clear, they decided to give Anjou more time, and started up to pull some defense away from her. They reloaded their clips and proceeded.

Anjou was being stealthier, in that she was doing sneak attacks. She would come up and then skewer a guard here, behead a guard there, not trying to draw attention to herself as much. However, a team of about ten showed up to confront her, and they all had automatic weapons. Before they could blink, with her great speed, six of them dropped with silver stars in them, and she was right behind those stars, beheading the remaining four before they could compensate and aim. She started to advance when she heard the gunshots behind her. She smiled, knowing that Big Brother and big sister were coming up to help. She then charged down the hall, ready to face more foes. Soon, she came to what looked like a main office and kicked the door open. As soon as it flew open, it was followed by a hail of bullets, all of which hit the wall. She had already smelled the heavy gun oil, and knew what would follow, so she turned away and flattened herself against the wall adjacent to the door. Before the man in the office could get the next chain into the old surplus M-60, she was over the desk and had the silver steel alloy katana hilt deep into his chest. He turned to ash as she then started to rummage through the file cabinets in the room. She then whipped off a duffle bag from her shoulder and grabbed any file that looked like it contained information on house Amayah, stuffing them into the bag. She had just finished filling the bag when Karin and Jean-Claude arrived. "Come on, Anjou," said Jean-Claude, "I'm sure they are sending police by now, so mask up and let's go."

They got to the door, and they saw about 15 cops come out of a swat vehicle, aiming their weapons at the door. However, peeking through the crack, their vampire sight showed that not a one of them had a body temperature. "I figured as much," said Karin, "We attack one of their safe houses, they send their boys."

"Would that make them 'New York's Coarsest'?" joked Jean-Claude.

"I say it makes them tikki torches," said Anjou, who stuck out her hand and immolated the 15 there. She then said, "Now, let's get to the rooftops and head back that way."

Blade expected to see Vincent turn to a pile of ash, and he was shocked when he stood right back up and pushed out the silver rounds that he had just pumped into him. Vincent then just said, "My wife is not going to like you, because she is going to have to mend these things."

Blade then put his weapon away and drew his sword. He had never seen the likes of this creature before, but he knew it had to have something to do with the vampires, so he went for it. Oddly enough, Chiyuki, Ai, Elda, and Victor held back, wanting to see what Blade was all about. The four moved swiftly, but it was obvious that he had been trained by the best, and it was as if they were going through fighting drills with Jean-Claude, except he had a few different tricks up his sleeve. For Blade, it was like fighting himself four times over, and even the one that seemed human was able to compensate for his weaknesses and put up a fight. After a moment, he could tell that this human was responsible for some of their training. One thing in common about everyone on the roof was the fact that they all had on the same ring that he had seen before. The one he was sure was human had to be a familiar, but usually familiars did not fight side by side with vampires. Still, the bottom line was that he now just had to get into that building and wreak some havoc. As far as he was concerned, this was some strange mutant vampire hoping to become a new household, and to take out all the other houses in favor of their new matrix. Yet, as they fought, the four were throwing pleads for him to stand down, that they were friends, and they wanted to help him. He would not return an answer. This went on until Chiyuki became bored with the stalemate, and said to the others that had come with her, "I think he needs more convincing."

They all agreed, and at what seemed the speed of light, they snatched up Blade, and he was gone.

In a matter of moments, Blade was blindfolded, bound, and he felt the sensation of being suspended in the air. He also wondered how far up he was considering the breeze he now felt as he hung there. Needless to say, he was livid! Instead of understanding that he was not in a situation to fight, he tried to fight his way out, but all it did was cause him to sway back and forth. Chiyuki piped up and said, "You might as well forget about resisting, because there is no way you can win."

Elda then removed his blindfold for him to see the great view of New York he now had...from the top of the Empire State Building. The rope that bound him from shoulder to wrist went up to the fence around the observation deck where it was tied and had him dangling over the pinnacle just below the first drop under the observation deck. In short, if he tried to wriggle out, it was along way down! The Victor and Ai stood on the ledge above him, while Chiyuki and Elda were on the wall beside him as if they were spiders. Elda then said,"Now, honey, relax-if we wanted to kill you, we would have already done it."

"What do you want?" Blade asked defiantly.

"Just a little time to listen to us," said Chiyuki.

Victor then crawled down and said to him, "Son, do you recognize me?"

"I recognize the voice and the accent," said Blade, "The face is different."

"There was once a time where we called each other friend," said Victor.

Blade thought for a moment, and he then said, "Victor Sinclair!"

"Very good, son," said Victor, "Now, we want to explain to you some things about the night world you may not understand, and that I did not understand until I found out the truth."

"Yeah," said Blade with some angst, "and I bet those fangs came with it, traitor!"

"Wrong," said Victor, "I found out that, though we, as hunters, thought we knew about the vampire world, there was much we did not know, including a world that not even the undead knew of."

"To me, you're all evil!" said Blade, but Chiyuki crawled onto him, wrapping her legs around his waist, and her arms around his neck. Ren, who was also on the edge, became a bit edgy at this display, but he also understood that there was nothing behind it, and it was just her way. Ai laughed at this, knowing that the confusing behavior brought some interesting results. "Blade, darling," said Chiyuki with a smile, "There is a world out there where there are vampires, and there are creatures that claim the title, but could not hold a candle to us, and you could be one of us."

His whole body tensed, now not sure of their intent.

In the HQ, Shin was watching and listening intently to the situation. He had lost contact with him briefly when he had been rapidly moved, but now it was back, and in this odd fashion. The chick hanging off him now had his full attention. She was indeed different-bright red hair, but with Native American features, and yet wearing a red kimono jacket. She was hot, no question, but those fangs also caught his attention. The only time he ever saw fangs on avampire was when they were preparing to feed, and even then they were not all that long. This is why most of their victims had a chunk of their throats ripped out rather than the typical twin puncture marks that normally was associated with vampire lore. However, it seemed that this one always had them there. She was different, and there may be something to what she was saying, but first, Blade had to be made safe. He started to try to contact him,"Blade, do you need help?" he asked.

"No, I love being a prisoner of vampires hanging a thousand feet up!" said Blade sarcastically.

Chiyuki could hear the voice coming out of the sunglasses that doubled as acommunications system for the two of them. She then took them off, and said,"Hello, who is this?"

"Let him go!" screamed Shin, saying a few choice words to him.

"He'd love to talk to you, darling," said Chiyuki, "But he's all tied up at the moment. He'll call later."

With that, she chucked them over her shoulder. "You idiot!" snapped Blade,"That is going to kill someone when it hits."

Yet, Ai heard this, and she was gone in a flash. Within seconds, she was on the ground and actually catching them before they hit anyone, despite the speed they had attained by that point. Chiyuki then said, "Relax, nothing is going to happen to you, because we want to help you."

However, as they were trying to make headway with Blade, Shin had already contacted Crystal, and she was on her way. In the meantime, Victor said, "My great Uncle Alfred used to love the beauty to the right of you," referring to Elda,"And she indeed proved that true vampires did not deserve the reputation that they gained. That was something it took me years to understand, and meeting up with her granddaughter to teach me."

"What's this bull manure about 'true vampires'?" snapped Blade, "If you're saying you're pure bloods, you are worse! All you care about is ruling the world and enslaving humans!"

Chiyuki let out a belly laugh and said, "Oh, you mean those like Draco, Charlotte, and a few others that are now dead? They wouldn't know what a pure blood was if one walked up an introduced himself. They have nothing to do with us. In fact, we fight against them!"

"You all fight each other!" said Blade, "And tonight is no different! I don't know what you think you are doing, but trying to start a house underneath another will just get you dead. They will come after you in droves."

"Kinda what we're aiming at," said Ren, "It would make it easier. Besides, house Lichen has so much more potential, and we cannot wait to get them to band with us."

"Now just relax, and we'll teach you all about the world of true vampires," said Chiyuki, not knowing that things were about to get complicated.

Crystal got the message, and she was not too far away from that point. Just as Ai was examining the sun glasses, she slipped into the building and got to the observation deck. She climbed over the edge, crawled down to the next level, and tried to creep up on Ren. She got a running start, and she was about to knock him off the edge. However, she did not realize just how good his hearing was, and he deftly sidestepped and let her go. When Chiyuki saw that, she swiftly climbed off and caught her, but that was all the opening that Blade needed. He kicked off the building and swung left, knocking Elda off balance. As Victor then went for her, Blade used the momentum to get his feet on the side, and then begin to run the building face in much the same way as a rock climber would. With his added strength, he was up over the edge, and he managed to use the slick surface of the leather duster he wore to wriggle out of the ropes. As Crystal was dropped onto the ledge, Blade turned ready to fight. He was going to free Crystal, but Chiyuki suddenly realized that she actually had a bargaining chip with her, and someone they could possibly convert. She said, "It's too bad you did not want to listen, Blade. Don't worry though; we are going to help your friend here to see the light. Ta-ta!"

Blade, having no idea that she was a thousand years old, watched stunned with the speed that this strange vampire possessed, unaware that something like that could happen. The others left him quickly as well, but then something else odd happened-he suddenly found his sunglasses back on his face, but there was no one around that could have put them on him. Shin finally got through and started yelling frantically, "Blade, what happened? Are you alright?"

"They kidnapped Crystal," said Blade, "I'm coming in: we have a secondary mission now!"

At the headquarters of house Amayah, there was grave concern. Reports had already come back about the hit on one of their safe houses in Queens, that every vampire in there was no more, and that the force of 'police' that were sent to tend to it were annihilated in a way that not even they knew how to do. Worse, a call came in just before the end of the place that said that the day walker had come. Draco had asked if it had been Blade, but he said no, and said that there was another day walker, with two of the strangest vampires they had ever encountered. This was coupled by reports earlier that some vampire hunters managed to slip into a familiar's club that was used to bring in prey and they trashed the place. It was made worse when the people who fled realized that they were not human, but they were unlike any vampires they had ever faced. He had to find out what was going on. He started to leave his building where he held court, and ran straight into Charlotte. She could detect his worry, and the nervous behavior that accompanied it. "Going somewhere, Marcus?" she probed.

"There has been a major hit tonight on a safe house and a feeding trough," said Marcus.

"This was Blade, I assume?" she asked with accusatory eyes.

"No," he said, "But there are reports of another day walker."

She started to look angry at him, and she said, "I know who it was, though not his name."

Now he was confused. How did she know? She then reminded him of how it was she came to be in his care to begin with, and now he realized that he was not dealing with an anomaly. He now began to think about how the other houses had been taken down across the country and how things had been getting easier and easier for Blade to do such things. He then looked at her in surprise, and he was about to speak, but Charlotte, then said, "You are about to say that this'anomaly' has been involved all along. I was wondering how long it would take your puny brain to wrap your mind around the evidence. The question is, are they and Blade in league, or have they been acting independently?"

"I have my suspicions about where they are at, but..."

"But what?"

"We try to go there, but we can never find it, or reach it!"

"Are they underground, or on some remote island, or something?"

"No, we believe they are holed up in a high rise on Central Park West next to Trump Tower."

Charlotte looked at him like he was insane, and she said, (her voice rising in volume as she went,) "Are you telling me that your foot soldiers are so stupid that they cannot enter a stupid building?"

"Charlotte, you don't understand!" he said, "It's not that, it's just..."

She waved her hand and said sarcastically, "Looks like I'm going to have to go there myself, and teach your goons the fine art of walking through a front door!"

With that, she turned on her heel, and called for William to ready the car. While she did that, Draco went to the safe house.

When Draco arrived, the police had already taped off the area. When he produced credentials that he owned the place, the police led him in, and Draco started asking questions as if he did not know what was going on, or what had happened. There were piles of ash everywhere, and weapons that were now being put into evidence bags. Some of the ash was being scooped up, but Draco knew that there would be nothing to find in that regard. However, the weapons were of some concern, because they were barely legal to be owned. They then went upstairs, and that is where they found the office with the M-60 on the desk. The detective there then started questioning Draco about why this was there, and Draco feigned ignorance, stating that this man would be immediately termed from the place, and then handed over to the authorities, knowing that the pile of ash on the chair was the very one of which he spoke. Draco then asked if anything was stolen, and they told him that certain files had been taken from the open draws that he saw. From first glance, he knew that there could be trouble. They were not any files that would have led anyone directly to him and the pure bloods, but they would give information on more of the safe houses in New York. It was not all of them, but enough to where great havoc could be raised. To play the game right, Draco then asked if anything else was taken, and the detective said that it was odd that that was the only thing the assailants had taken. He then asked the detective if there were any witnesses to the crime. Draco was then told that none of the faces were seen, because they all had masks, but they all had distinctive clothing. One was wearing aleather unitard up to her neck, black gloves, and a scarf that masked her face. She had purple tinted hair, and she was very shapely. The other was wearing a long skirted black girl's sailor outfits with black tights and black sneakers, with long, almost white hair tied back with a black ribbon, black gloves, and a face scarf as well. The male, (they had to assume,) had on an old west preacher's hat, black face mask, black gloves, a black trench coat, U.S. Marine Corps dress blue jacket underneath, black combat pants and boots, dirty blonde and well-groomed hair. The detective told him that he had some of the witnesses working with a police sketch artist and that he would show Draco the sketches later. Because of the wearing of the gloves, they had no prints, so the description was the only thing they had. Draco thanked him, and headed back to his haven. He sat in the limo at a loss. Sure, he had a description, but if they were what they seemed to be, then even the police were not going to catch them.

By this point, it was close to one in the morning, and though the Cavern was open 24 hours, the wards that were designed to keep prying eyes out of the place were in full effect. Charlotte was in for a big surprise. She had William park the car, and she and his massive form started to go across the street. She walked right up to the entrance of the restaurant, and she saw that she could enter easily. She laughed, now really thinking that Draco's troops had to be absolute idiots. Instead of going in, she went around to the side of the building that had the foyer for those that lived above. It was then that the two of them suddenly found themselves past the building going north. She shook her head, turned around, headed for the door, and in the next instant they found themselves heading for the limo. Now she was becoming angry. She then told William to try to go in, and she stood there and watched him. When he did, he suddenly locked up and began to walk robotically, and then he began to walk south towards Trump Tower. Once across the street he came to, and he just shrugged to her. She had never seen anything like this. Whoever it was, he or she was a master of hiding. They then entered the restaurant, and that is when they ran into Karin as she was putting on her chef's hat and apron. She and the other two had just returned not an hour before, and they were going back into their routine. Karin saw the two enter, and she greeted them warmly. "Hi, folks! Need a snack tonight, or are you looking for a full meal?"

Charlotte was now more upset than before, but she contained it well enough, and began to speak in her elegant manner, saying, "Actually, my chauffer here is new to the area, and we heard that there were some apartments available upstairs. We were wondering who owns this property so we can find out how to rent one."

"The owner is actually indisposed at this instant," said Karin, "and because of a certain agreement, the owner has asked me to keep his identity concealed."

"Then how does one rent here?" she asked in a business like answer.

Karin was reading her aura, and she knew well what was standing before her. She then gave the frank answer, and said, "The only way people rent here is by personal invitation, and that is only by the owner himself."

Charlotte was not happy with being treated like some common person, yet she could not let on that she was growing angry with this chef. However, she then said a bit through her teeth, "And how does one meet this person?"

Karin looked straight at her and said, "In reality, he will find you. He has away of finding the right renters."

Silence came over the room for about ten seconds. What did she mean by "he'll find you"? She wanted to press it, and maybe even tear up the place to get her information, but it was not the right time. She then smiled real pretty, and she said, "Thank you," and left without another word. When they got to the car, she now did not think Draco so foolish anymore, because it was obvious that there was something supernatural that was preventing entrance. However, she had to assume the restaurant was an Achilles' heel, and that, if there were to be action, it would have to be through there. There would be another day, and she would have to plan how to do that and make it look like some gang hit.

Jean-Claude stood up in his apartment, looking down on the two dots that were running right into the wards. If they were being prevented entrance into the building proper, it meant they were up to no good. He was about to go to bed and catch a few hours before the next day when his phone rang. "Joe's Morgue: you stab 'em, we slab 'em."

"Bro, it's Karin," she said in a businesslike fashion.

"What's up?"

"I think Amayah is finding an interest in us."

"How so?"

"We just had a visit from one of what they call a pure blood, and her goon."

"I saw someone snooping around, so that had to be them."

"She kept asking questions about renting, and how to meet the owner."

"I will lay you ten schillings to the pound that they are looking for a way in through the restaurant."

"What do you think they are going to do?"

"I would expect a bunch of undead dressed like the mob, or some gang-something. Don't worry; we'll be ready. They won't know what hit them."

Chiyuki and company rendered Crystal unconscious and they were taking her back to the building. They knew that they may have a chance to sway her, and as aresult, they called back to the board in Japan to have two special pints sent to them. They knew Blade would come after her, and that would be their chance to deal with him about joining the cause. Someone like that would be a huge asset to the Clan. He was stubborn, and they wondered how drastic things would have to get to cause him to join them. Meanwhile, Blade was at a loss for what to do next. This Clan had some powerful vampires working for them, and it was made worse that Sinclair had become a traitor. That meant that he could teach them all about the hunter tricks, and make life Hell for the hunter. Yet, they all had a pulse, and body heat. How was that possible? If Victor had been turned, why did he not have more traits common to vampires? Why were all of them like that? He could not look for her now, and he may have to face that she would become a casualty to the cause. He had prepared himself for that time; he just did not figure that it would come so soon. Despite all that, something deep in him told him to find this Clan and trust them. Yet, his instincts told him not to do so. For him, things were becoming as twisted as aCeltic knot, and he had no idea if he could ever get to the bottom of it. For now, his only solution was to ash them all, and let the Devil sort them out later.
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