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We Both Know

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Mikey opens up to Alicia about what happened. Bob has his own probelms to deal with and Gerard understands that things are getting very hard for Willow.

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Alicia curled her body against her husbands hoping that in some way her nearness could give him strength. “Are you sure you don’t want to call Gee and Willow?” She asked softly.
Mikey sighed, “No, I’m okay.”
“Can you talk about it?” She didn’t want to push him but still felt that maybe it would help him to talk about whatever had happened. She’s been so scared when she’d found him sitting in the dark crying.
He surprised her by asking, “Are you sure you want to know?”
“Yes” She answered after a moment. “I do.”
For a few minutes he simply stared at the ceiling. There was a soft glow from the clock on the nightstand that made the room seem eerie. He was surprised that he didn’t feel scared anymore. Now he simply felt sorrow. “I saw the little girl again.” He whispered.
Alicia snuggled closer to him. “What happened? I thought you said the little girl was nice?”
“She is nice.” Mikey explained. “And for the first time I could understand what she was showing me. Just like Willow does.” There was a slight sound of triumph in his voice.
“So is what she showed you bad? Is that why you were upset?”
He smiled, “It’s okay to ask me if that’s why I was crying. I’m not going to take offense, you know.”
Alicia hadn’t been sure if she should mention his tears. While she didn’t view them as a sign of weakness she hadn’t been sure if he would. “Okay.” She said softly, “Is that why you were crying?”
Mikey nodded slightly, “Yeah, it was heartbreaking.”

Bob threw down the magazine he’s been trying to read for the last hour in disgust. It wasn’t holding his attention. He knew why. Ever since he’d learned that Gerard had hauled Willow off to a hotel he’d been growing more and more angry. Then when he’d seen Alicia helping Mikey into the mansion he’d become livid. It was obvious that something had happened to Mikey and that he needed Willow. But because of Gerard that wasn’t possible. He rolled over on the bed and stared at the ceiling. How could Gerard be so selfish? Didn’t he understand that his brother needed Willow to be here?
Deciding that sleep was impossible Bob got out of bed and put on his slippers. He crossed over to the door preparing to head down to the kitchen for a snack. Maybe that would at least get his mind off things for a while. He quietly slipped into the hallway and closed his door. Suddenly the hairs on the back of his neck stood up. Slowly he turned. His breath caught when he saw her.

“Ray, wake up.” Christa nudged him a bit harder this time. “Ray, someone’s at the door.”
Slowly Ray opened his eyes. “What?” He asked groggily
“Someone is at our door.” She whispered.
“Who?” He still wasn’t quite awake.
Christa sighed, “I don’t know and you won’t either until you get up and find out.”
The knocking got louder.
“Hold on.” Ray called out. He pushed back the covers and stood. Slowly he made his way through the dark to the door. Pulling it open he was surprised to see a very shaken Bob. “What’s up man?”
“Uh, we need to talk.” Bob’s voice was shaky.
Ray nodded, “Okay, hold on a minute.” He told Christa he’d be back soon and followed Bob out into the hall. “Are you okay?” He asked getting a better look at the drummer as they moved further into the lighted hallway.
“No.” Bob answered immediately. “Not at all.”
Ray wasn’t sure what to say. “Well where you do want to go to talk?” Right now they were headed towards the main staircase.
Bob tried to joke, “Chicago would be nice. Matter of fact anywhere but here would be good.”
Ray could tell by his tone he wasn’t kidding.

Gerard sat down his fork, “You saw her get murdered?”
Willow nodded, “Yeah.”
“So that is what happened earlier that freaked you out?” He was trying very hard to understand.
Willow took offense to the question, “I didn’t exactly freak out.”
He could hear the anger in her voice. “Okay, that was the wrong word. Is that what happened earlier when you told Ray to get me out of there? And by the way why did I have to leave?” That question had been haunting him all night.
Willow took a small bite of potato and decided to answer that one first. “The man who used you before to unleash some of his anger was in the room. I didn’t want him to use you again.”
Gerard was trying to understand, “So when we found you on the floor this guy was in the room?”
“Yes the Dark Man was there.”
“Dark Man” he repeated.
“That’s what I call him. He’s a dark energy. He was in the room and I know that be can tap into your thoughts. He was angry at me and I was afraid he’d use you to get back at me.”
Gerard didn’t understand. “You were afraid that he’d make me hurt you?” He lowered his voice, “Like I did before?”
Willow couldn’t let him think that. She had to tell him the truth. “No, that’s not it. Ray was there and I knew Ray wouldn’t let you hurt me. That’s not what I mean.” She put down her fork and lowered her eyes, “He knows I care for you and I was afraid he’d use that knowledge.” She took a deep breath, “matter of fact he did.”
Gerard stared at her. She’d just admitted she cared for him. Part of his mind told him that he shouldn’t be surprised yet hearing her say made him feel so good and yet so sad all at the same time. “How did he use that knowledge?” He asked finally.
Willow shivered not from the cold but from the memories. “He was showing me brutal images. Things he’d done during his lifetime. He also was showing me other images. Things he thought would hurt me.”
“Like?” Gerard asked softly.
“Like images of you walking into the pool.” She didn’t add anything else.
Gerard could tell she was holding back, “He showed you images of the night I walked into the pool. What else?”
She took a drink from her glass before answering. “He showed me what happened the night Mikey went into your room to find the woman choking you.”
“Fuck.” Gerard said slowly, “You saw her choking me?”
“And what happened before that.” Willow whispered.
Gerard sat back in his chair and took all of the information in for a moment. “Because he knew that seeing that would hurt you.”
Willow was still having trouble controlling her emotions. “Yeah, Gee. He knew that me seeing you having sex with her would upset me.” She said angrily.
He didn’t want to discuss that. He wanted to put out of his mind the fact that Willow obviously had deep feelings for him. “Uh, so tell me about Martha.”
Willow snapped, “Of course. We don’t want to deal with the fact that I care for you, do we? We’ll just gloss right over that.” She pushed back from the table and went inside.
Gerard stayed outside a few minutes then followed her in. She was sitting on the sofa staring at nothing. He didn’t know what to say. Sitting down next to her he tried to take her hand in his but she pulled away.
“You don’t need to touch me. I’ve already told you I’m not listening to your thoughts.”
“That’s not why I was doing it.” He said softly. “I told you I trust you. I know you won’t listen to my thoughts unless you can’t help it.”
His words should have made her feel better but they didn’t. She leaned back and closed her eyes. “Sorry, I’m still having trouble getting a grip on my emotions. I’ve never had anything like this happen before. I’ve never dealt with such a negative force like this.”
“It’s okay.” He said while lighting a cigarette. “I’m really trying hard to understand it all. If you don’t want to talk about this yet, I understand.”
Truly Willow didn’t know what she wanted or thought for that matter and it scared her. She’s never before felt like this. She was scared, very scared. What if she failed Mikey? What if she couldn’t handle all of this? He was counting on her. So was Elena and that thought brought tears to her eyes.
“Willow?” Gerard saw the tears, “Tell me what I can do for you.”
Suddenly it was all too much. She sat up and reached out to touch his face. Relief washed over her when she felt the electricity pass through them. Just for tonight she wanted to forget everything. She wanted to feel alive. “I want…” He voice faltered.
Gerard’s body was already reacting to her touch. He quickly snuffed out his cigarette then turned to her. “What do you want?”
She wanted to beg him to make love to her but she knew she couldn’t say the word. “I want you.” She whispered breathlessly.
He understood. She was trying to forget what was going on. He leaned over and gently brushed his lips against hers. Desire raced through his body. “I want you too, Sugar,” he whispered.
Willow tried to shut down her mind and simply get lost in the feeling. She moved over and settled herself on his lap but she needed more. Reaching down her fingers trembled as she worked the buttons on his shirt. She wanted to feel the skin on his chest. Gerard had leaned back and was watching her through desire filled eyes. Once she got it unbuttoned she parted the material and ran her fingers over his chest. She lowered her head and dropped kisses down the side of his neck.
What she was doing was wonderful but he too wanted more. He reached up and slipped the hoodie off her shoulders then pushed her back slightly so he could pull her gown over her head. She was still wearing a bra so he quickly removed that too. Now she was sitting on his lap wearing just panties and the sight caused him to moan. “So fuckin’ beautiful.” He pulled her to him so that their bodies were pressed together. The electricity between them sang. Still he could feel that she was tense. “Sugar, turn off you mind and just feel.” He whispered.
It was almost as if he’d listened to her thoughts. “I’m trying.” She whispered pressing her lips against his neck.
He ran his hands over her bare back. “Just feel.” He chanted over and over.
Willow closed her eyes and began sucking on the soft skin under his collarbone. She knew that if she didn’t stop she’d mark him so she pulled back.
“Sugar, don’t stop.” He said kissing the top of her head. “Do whatever you want.”
Willow signed and lowered her lips again to the same spot. They tingled and she felt her whole body come alive. His fingers urged her on as she sucked. Suddenly it wasn’t enough. She sat back and looked into his eyes a moment. He returned her gaze looking deep into her eyes.
“Do whatever you want.” He said in a deep husky voice.
She lowered her hands to his belt buckle. When it was undone she carefully lowered the zipper. Quickly she scooted off his lap and he lifted his hips so she could remove this pants and underwear. Once they hit the floor she moved back to her original position straddling his lap. His hard penis was pressed against her panties.
“You don’t want to lose them?” He smiled.
For the first time tonight he saw a real smile light her face. “Not yet.” She whispered. She leaned over and kissed his lips.
Gerard’s tongue teased her lips until they opened to him. Her soft open lips pressed to his made his heart race. It was going to be hard to hold back but he wanted to do this for her. He wanted her to take the lead. No matter how hard it was for him he would wait.
Willow let herself become lost in the kiss. It was sweet and exciting at the same time. She moved her hands up to his shoulders and gently kneaded them. Gerard moaned into her mouth as her wet panties pushed harder against his dick. Willow knew what was happening and slowly moved her body just slightly up and down to cause more friction.
“You’re making me so fuckin’ hot.” Gerard whispered against her lips. “You fuckin’ own me.”
Her mind cried out ‘if only that was true’ but she silenced it. Just for this moment in time she did own him. He was hers. Sitting back she smiled. “Please..” she cupped her breasts in a silent offering.
He pulled her closer and lowered his head to her right nipple. Willow arched her back and he placed his hands behind her to steady her body. His tongue darted out to lick then suck. When she moaned he moved to the other nipple and did the same.
“More” Willow pleaded.
Once more his mouth returned to her right nipple. This time he licked, sucked, then gently nipped with his teeth.
“Oh” she panted. “Yes.”
He did the same to the other nipple and she began to squirm on his lap. He groaned as the material of her lace panties rubbed against his read to burst dick. “Sugar, if you don’t stop you’re gonna make me cum.” He ground out.
Willow couldn’t stop. Her body was on fire. She moved her hips so that she could rub against him over and over. His dick combined with the lace was rubbing her clit into a frenzy. She braced herself against his chest and continued.
“I’m warning you.” He said closing his eyes.
Willow pushed herself back and reached down to grasp his dick with both hands. He moaned from the intense feel of her touch. Smiling she began to rub the head of his penis against her soaking slit. The lace continued to be a sweet barrier. “Cum” she commanded. She could feel it building in her hands. Just as he was about to let go she took one of her fingers and pushed the material aside. Now she could rub the head against her slit. Gerard closed is eyes and let go. His hot cum shot out drenching her pussy. Willow moved quickly. Lifting her hips she pushed his dick inside her. It was what she needed for her own release. Falling foreword onto his chest she shuddered as the orgasm crested. Gerard put his arms around her and held her tightly.
“Oh fuck, Sugar. What you do to me.” He whispered.
Willow clung to him silently.
She was shocked when a moment later it was if he could read her mind again. “That wasn’t just a mindless fuck.” He said caressing her back. “We both know that.”
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