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The secret to how to live life the fullest is such a miracle! please r/r!

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There was a girl named Jamie. She had a problem with her heart. She was going to have to deal with this sickness for awhile. Her doctors thought that she would only live till twenty. However, she didn't. She lived till ninety. Someone asked her once how she lived till her ripe age with such a disease, a terrible heart condition. She told this person that love, being kind to people, generous to people, caring about people and being nice to people was her ways of living in life. She had said her disease was both a blessing and a curse, for she learned to live without hate or fear in her life, and she learned that her life would be very short. She told this person that she wanted to live life her fullest, that each day should be used carefully but used to the fullest. She told the person that her life was a miracle and that God loved her truly. She told me the ways of living life as the best way as ever. The next day she died, but every day I do something good (like what she will do) I feel like she was in my heart following me and guiding me what to do in my life. I feel like she is in heaven and that she is my guardian angel that will protect me and love me and follow me throughout my life. She was a miracle in my life but she should also be a miracle to everyone else life.
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