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“Mommy, what are you doing?” I heard Levi’s innocent voice come to me.

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“You will get nothing. You deserve nothing. I didn’t want this curse-” He chuckled stopping me.
“What curse do you speak of? If you would have acted like and played with the rest of the us you wouldn’t have hated this life.”
“I had no interest in playing with you. I never acted like you because I hated the way you acted. Ruthless, soulless, hollow. My eyes were vacant, and even how many gallons I drained from innocent I wasn’t happy.” I said. Fresh memories flashed through my mind violently.
“We didn’t raise you to be happy, but to be a killer.” He hissed. “Now, what are you going to give me?” He asked.
“Nothing. I won’t give you anything. You get what you deserve. Nothing.” I repeated.
“You left us with no queen and lead us to starve. We had no more line. No more honor. The vampires went into a frenzy. Without a queen they were nothing. You were what they wanted. Levi is the heir to the throne. Now that Master was killed, the vampires need another ruler. And I am far too busy to sit there on a throne drinking innocent.” I thought.
“If I could find you someone to take my place, or Master’s, will you leave Levi alone?” I tried to compromise.
“Good offer. Dice.” He smiled devilishly. “You have two days. On the second night, bring them here before midnight and I will spare Levi. All I need is a strong, loyal leader to keep peace down here.”
“What peace? You talk of peace as if it’s a slice of pie. Well, it isn’t. Peace is a good idea, but it’s not going to happen. Not on earth, not in heaven, and definitely not here.” I pointed to the ground. How I have become so cold now I don’t know. This place was getting to me.
“Ooo, chilling.” Satan cheered. “I can tell this place is growing on you already.” He said seductively.
“I will leave you be now. Expect me here in two days.” I was about to turn around and leave when the doors flew open hard. I jumped and whipped around to see who was in such a frenzy to see the devil himself. I just found Michael breathing heavily. “Michael!” I called. He stalked up to me and glared at me.
“What did you do?” He growled.
“Made an agreement I will hold up to.” I stood up straighter tilting my chin up. Michael scolded me and I pushed passed him. I started toward the doors when he called out to me.
“You ruined everything!” I froze. I’ve heard that before. A harsh memory throttled into my mind. I felt tears on the brink. The lump in my throat grew.
“Of course. This is all my fault just like it always is.” I whispered softly to Michael without turning to face him. I took a deep breath and then jogged out of the doors and back to the apartment. I fell onto the bed and began crying my heart out. Every withheld tear from the passed came out and spilled out onto my pillow. Silently, there in the dark, I fell asleep.

I was folding my dad’s clothes when he stumbled through the door coming from the bar. I could smell the liquor on his breath. His eyes were bloodshot and his shoe laces were untied. Today someone came for a visit. I didn’t see much, or hear much, but I could tell Dad didn’t like him. There was fear and anger and regret in his eyes when he answered the door.
My dad made his way toward me and I tried to ignore him as best as I could. “This is all your fault.” He mumbled. I paused then resumed folding his clothes. “Your mom and Nicholas and I were going to start a new life together! But you came along and ruined it!” My mom ran out of the bedroom and tired to call my dad down.
“Peter! Stop!” She yelled. I just stared as she tugged on his arm.
“Your mother wanted you and she had you, but you were sick!” He growled. “You weren’t normal like the rest f us! Now we have to suffer for you! And only you!”
“Peter!” My mom pull at his arm as my dad stalked up to me.
“You ruined everything!” His hand flew up into the air, and as fast as it came up it went down upon my face.
“Peter!” My mom shrieked.

I shot up in bed. It was dark, and I was alone. I began to cry again. I heard a whoosh and saw Michael’s face in the moonlight in front of me. I lunged at him and wrapped my arms around him tightly. My nails tore at his bare back, but he didn’t complain at the time. “You ruined everything!” I heard it repeat in my head. My dad then Michael. My dad then Michael, and it just went back and forth. I cried harder and then pushed Michael away. I threw back the sheets and stormed out of bed. “Everything is my fault! I ruin everything!” I whispered to myself a bit harshly.
“Phoenix? Where are you going? Are you okay?” I heard Michael question. I paced the living room across the couch. I kept muttering to myself how I ruin everything and I am a freak and how I’m not normal, how everything is my fault.
“No! I ruin everything!” I shouted at him. He looked at me confused. “You even said to yourself! I ruin EVERYTHING!!!” I shouted at myself angrily. I bent over heaving. I bit my bottom lip and felt tears spring up in my eyes. I dug my nails into my scalp and pulled at my hair. I screamed bloody murder.
“Keep it down! Phoenix! You need to be quiet!” Michael came up to my side and rubbed my back.
“Get away from me!” I screamed at him. I didn’t want him to touch me. Cause whenever he did I pictured my dad. Hitting me and beating me that night he realized I ruined everything.
Michael stepped back and fell onto the couch when the back of his knees hit the edge of the couch and gave in. I stayed in my same position then came back up in a huff. I looked at him and he looked hurt. Like I did something wrong. “When did I say that?” He asked.
“When I was finished my agreement with the devil himself.” I replied simply. He looked confused again. “Don’t tell me a bewilder you, cause there’s not much to get mixed up.” I laughed. It was hollow once again. Dark and seductive. I ran a hand through my hair and waited for him to respond in some way or form. But he never did. Just sat there blankly. I could see the wheels in his head turning.
“I never said that. I was watching through the clouds. I never went down there. I wouldn’t even get passed the guards. Even if I was a messenger.” He finally replied. Now, this is where things get confusing and blurry for me. I furrowed my brow. “After I heard you made that agreement I went mad. Tearing out my hair from every angle. Even ask God. I was there. It took five guards to calm me down. I can’t believe you would do that after all the planning we did. Not even once had that compromise come about in the meetings. You pretty much pulled that trick out of your ass. General Devin was impressed.” He continued. This is the most I heard him speak in the last 24 hours.
“Then if you weren’t the one who…” I got it now. “Angel.” I growled. I mustered as much strength I could and went into time. I searched for Angel, and once he was located I teleported full speed.

I came into a dark dingy room. In the castle I once ruled. Once smelt, bathed, breathed, ate and lived in. This was my home. Now a sex house.
Angel was hovering over a naked female pumping into her. I gripped him by the throat and pressed him against the wall. He hissed. “Nice to see you too.” He greeted me. My grip grew tighter and tighter as he breathed.
“Your lucky I don’t kill you now.” My fangs peeled into my mouth and gave me an accent I haven’t heard on my tongue in a long while.
“Kill me. It won’t make a difference.” Then he switched the subject. “I hold a great power over you, my queen. I can mess with your mind. By leaving us you grew weak. We served revenge cold. Like it’s supposed to be preformed.” He licked his lips and gasped for air. “Weak I say. Your power and strength has been drained from you. I can manipulate you and your darling husband. I know things about your past even he doesn‘t know.” Angel’s eyes were bulging from their sockets now.
I growled and had the urge to rip him apart from limb to limb. “Rip me apart. Tear my flesh, drink my blood. Kill me. But Satan will have his revenge. All the vampires you abandoned will come after you. You’re making a big mistake.” With that I couldn’t take anymore. I punched him with my left fist. It came down hard on his cheek. I heard the bone crack. It felt good. The feeling of power and revenge coursing through my veins again. Being free and letting my emotions fly into the atmosphere.
I let Angel fall to the floor and I kicked him. Continuing to make him suffer and bleed. When I felt Michael wrap his arms around me and take me back to the apartment leaving Angel unfinished and unbroken.
I held onto him for dear life as I cried. Scratching at his back again. Tears streaming down his shoulder where they fell from my eyes. “Shhh.” He cooed into my ear. “You’ll wake Levi.” That instantly made me stop. I was never to appear weak in front of my son. That was a rule I set for myself the day he was born.
I dried my eyes and recomposed myself. Michael nodded and we stood up. I didn’t even notice we were on the rug in our living room. Just then there was another whoosh. I could feel his presence radiate off of him. My anger came back and I was going to finish this once and for all. Michael had gone to the bedroom not wanting to see me like this. Although it pained me to use my dark side that frightened the love of my life I had to use it. It’s what’s necessary to protect us all from darkness and misery.
“Even the love of your life can’t stand to see you like this. Who and what you truly are. A hollow killer with a bitter view on life. A nothing in this world.” Angel said darkly. I narrowed my stare on him and clenched my fists. “A weak link in our structure.” He continued on. His words were getting to me. They sting deep. Opening old wounds. My dad said the same. Every single word to emphasis in his tone was the same as Angel’s now.
I saw red. All around was red. Angel’s skin, blood dripped down my once beige walls of the living room. My fangs were growing in again and I felt an inch I just had to scratch. I grabbed Angel by his neck once again and began to squeeze. Then he vanished from my hands into thin air leaving behind his scent and some color or his clothes that were different shades of red from what I was seeing. “Weak link.” Angel’s voice chilled into my ear. I flinched at the harshness of his tone. I turned around quickly to catch him, but all I found was lost shades of red and his aroma that made all the girls swoon. “Nothing.” I heard from the corner of the living room. I whipped around, but he was everywhere. Whispering stings to me. “Dead. Revenge. Coldness. Soulless. Powerless.” I turned and turned. The room started spinning and I was becoming faint. I heard his laughter ring and echo about in my mind. Demonic. Sinister. Devilish. Sour. Hollow.
I finally caught up with him and launched into thin air. My mouth wide open. My fangs in the cold air of the atmosphere. There I caught Angel by his neck. He gurgled. Blood spilled from the puncture wounds slipping into my mouth. I could taste him. Warm and inviting. I missed this too much. I put this power off for too long.
I heard soft footsteps coming from the hall, but didn’t look up. “Mommy, what are you doing?” I heard Levi’s innocent voice come to me. I stopped and looked back to my son. He was in his Snoopy pajamas wiping to sleep from his eyes. I was about to answer when Michael came and swooped him up into his arms.
“Mommy is helping somebody.” I heard Michael reassure Levi as he carried him to our bedroom. I watched Levi look over Michael’s shoulder back at me. Sorrow, fear and curiosity shown in his hazel eyes. I hated this part of myself.
I pushed Angel to the wall and he went stumbling back. He was shivering, and pale. His lips were white, and his eyes were growing yellow. A mustard yellow. “Weak.” I spat. “Nothing. Dead. Cold. Soulless. Powerless. Sweet Revenge.” I laughed. Ridiculing him was my pleasure. I leaned down to his ear. His heavy breathing labored. “Goodbye.” I whispered, then in one swift movement I decapitated his head. I went for the rest of his limbs and began to tear at his flesh.
Once I was done there was blood dripping down my walls, pooling blood staining into my carpet, crimson discolorations on my curtains. Everything shown red. “You know you’re gonna have to clean this up.” Michael’s voice did not startle me, but brought me comfort. He was still here.
“Yes, I know.” I whispered and observed the mess on my knees first. I got up and headed to the kitchen to get some rags. When Michael stopped me.
“I love you.” He kissed me. I felt so good and so right to have my lips upon his. I felt safe. I felt home. He broke apart and smiled. “I’ll get some friends to come and clean this up for ya.” He laughed. It had been a while since I heard his laugh.
“Fine by me.” I really didn’t want to have to clean this all up by myself. And by the snap of Michael’s fingers angels flew in and started on the mess I made. “Now, we need to get a new ruler for the vampires.”
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