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How Teddy Bears came to be.

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My uptake on how teddy bears came to be! Please R/R! Published: 12-15-03

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Author Note: I got this idea from my little old teddy bear collections, and I always wondered how teddy bears came to be. I found out it was named after Teddy Roosevelt, so I decided to make a fairy tale story, to make it cutier! =)

How Teddy Bears came to be.

Once upon a time ago, there lived a princess living all alone in a castle. All she wanted was someone to play. She wished for her grandmother fairy to give her, her wish. And she did, she got a cuddly brown bear and she called it a teddy bear. She played with this all day, because she wasn't lonely anymore, and this is the story of how the teddy bear came to be.
And so she lived happily ever after.

------------------------------------------------The End--------------------- ---------------------
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