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Love You To Death

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And if I had the chance, I'd never let you go.

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This is super short and sorta fails. It went wrong and it should have been better, just a random one-shot I wrote because my best friend has the swine flu and I thought what life would be like without her.

Mikey's P.O.V

Ever felt empty? Hopeless?
What would you do if the one person, out of many, that you love and it physically hurts in your heart when you haven’t seen them in so long, how would you cope? Would you loose your mind?
I have this amazing friend, his name is Frank. We shared ten years of our lives together. We’re still best friends and going strong. We’ve shared many memories together, bad ones, good ones. We’ve shared happy moments and sad times.
I’ve never met another person, in my whole life who I can love more and trust more than Frank. If the person whom you love more than your own life, would you give it up for them? Would you wish the bad upon you and let that person live happily? Or would you wish to share it together? Would you pick that person over a boyfriend or girlfriend? Would you pick that person over your own family?
How do you feel when they’re not there? Is there a cautious empty hole in your heart that you literally can’t fill. The memories and dates aren’t enough. When there is no one else there, no one for you to turn to, do you turn to them? If you hadn’t got them to turn to, what would you do?

I told Frank all of my secrets, we shared many promises. We depended on one another no matter what. I would have quite literally died for him if I had the chance. I mean that, with every inch of my body, every piece of my mind. Nothing or no one, no other friend, no other human can break our friendship. Our friendship is the one that many people dream of having. It will never be broken.

I end my speech and step down from the microphone of the church. I remember the day of Frank telling me how he didn’t want a priest conducting his funeral. He didn’t really have a view on religion. He just lived life. He never said he didn’t believe, for that matter, he never said he did.
I smile as the tears roll down my cheeks. I want to laugh but deicide not to. If Frank was here, he would laugh with me. He would understand. I always said that every human being judges one another, not one can say that they never judge anyone, because they would be a hypocrite. But never in my whole life had I heard Frank judge someone before knowing them. He was always so calm, so mellow.
I begin to sob uncontrollably as they carried Frank’s coffin out of the church. This can’t be the end. I’ll never see his smiling face, I’ll never hear his voice. He’ll never be there when I need him. But most of all there will always be that empty hole in my heart, waiting to be filled.
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