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So Screwed

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Having a little brother like this would absolutely SUCK.. dontcha think?

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This continues from the other chapter.. just cos.. cliff hanger.. :)
...Right as the wolf reached me I dropped the stick and fell back laughing as the wolf licked my face. I pushed the wolf away, wiped my face, and got up. I then dusted myself off and looked at Frank, smiling. He still looked pretty shocked, so I waited until he snapped back to reality. When he did, he screamed again at the wolf, which was now sniffing and licking his hand.

"G-Gerard? Why aren't you dead?"

"Because Frank, it didn't bite me. She licked my face, like she's licking your hand."

"Wait, but I thought it was gonna eat us? I don't understand," he said, giving me a puzzled look.

"Frank, this is Midnight Doom, otherwise known as Midnight." Upon hearing her name, Midnight looked at me, probably wondering why I said her name and didn't say a command.

"Yeah, and I own an alligator," he replied sarcastically.

"I'm serious! Fine, I'll prove it to you. Midnight, come." She came. Frank still look unconvinced. "Midnight, smile at Frank." Midnight showed her teeth and Frank began to smile.

"Whoa, I don't think I've ever seen a wolf smile! Cool, I have a friend that owns a wolf. So what else can you make her do?"

"Well, I can't actually make her do anything. It's her choice if she wants to listen or not."

"Oh, well either way it's all pretty sweet. I'm glad she's yours, otherwise we'd both be dead, wouldn't we?"

"More than likely, yes. So, wanna pet her?"

"Uh, I'm actually allergic to animals with thick fur."

"Well that's OK, cos I really don't think she'd let you anyways. I haven't been able to yet, either. See?" I lifted up my arm, pulled back my sleeve, and showed him the bite marks and cuts on my arm.

"Are those from her teeth?"

"Yes, and they sting really bad. So don't try to pet her yet."

"OK. You cleaned those right?"

You bet I did! I don't wanna get rabies or something. Well, this is my special cave. I come here all the time. I run away sometimes, and either I come here or I go to New York."

"Wow...I've never run away from home. And I don't think I ever will. But why do you run away from home?"

"Well, let's just say my parents don't like me, so I run away so that they can't bug me or annoy me. Oh, I go other places too, but this is the main area. So yeah. Anything else?"

"What's the longest you've ever run away?"

I thought about it for a little bit. "I was gone for a month last time. I got in a lot of trouble." I flinched as I remembered this last summer.

"Wow, I seriously think I'd give my mom a heart attack if I disappeared for a month."

I chuckled, then walked to the back of the cave. I came back with two Diet Cokes, and handed one to Frank. He opened it and took a tiny sip, decided it was safe, apparently, and then continued to sip it. I just shook my head and laughed quietly. He looked up from his drink and looked at me.

"What? I always do this. It gets me used to the taste. Deal with it," he said, trying to act serious. I put on my serious face and replied, "Yes sir, Mr. Frank, I shall deal with it!"

He cracked up laughing, which was funny because he just took a really long sip of his drink, and it all came out his nose. This made me burst out giggling, so my soda came out through my nose as well. We just sat there laughing for a long time, and when we were done I noticed it was kind of getting dark, which meant it was getting late. I stood up and threw my can into a plastic bag that was there. Frank finished his and did the same.

"Sorry Frank, but I gotta get home. So um, you have to get going too. Follow me," I said, walking to the back of the cave. I heard Frank run after me, and then he was right next to me. It was already dark because the candles had long been out. I heard the scurrying of the spiders, and had a feeling Frank did too. He moved a little closer to me, shivering. I felt a spider crawl down my shirt and so I opened up my shirt and shook it out. I heard it thump to the floor of the cave. I heard Frank sniffling, and it almost shocked me to know that he was crying.

"It's OK Frank, we're almost out," I assured him. I saw the light ahead, and hoped he saw it too. I also heard the driving by of cars. Then we were there. Frank, once again being shorter than me, had to be lifted up through the gap. Then I hopped up.

"Gerard, are there any bugs on me?"


"You promise?"

"Yes," I said, shaking myself so that the spiders on me fell off. They scurried off toards Frank, and when he saw them he screamed and jumped up into my arms. Kind of like Scooby always does to Shaggy on Scooby Doo.

"Why'd you do that?" I teased, dropping him on the ground. He squealed as his butt hit the ground with a thud.

"Because I'm deathly afraid of spiders...Or anything else with more than six eyes. It sucks."

"Only a little. So, which way do you live exactly?"

"Down that street," he said, pointing to the right.

I nodded and started walking in that direction, with Frank right beside me, playing with his cell phone. Ten minutes later he pointed to a two story house that was all white, except for the green shutters, door, and chimney. Well actually, the chimney was red. I thought it looked pretty sweet. We said our good byes, and I walked off, memorizing the street address and house number. As I neared my street, I saw that my parents' car wasn't there. I sighed in relief as I walked up the drive way and un-lucked the door. I went straight up to my room after grabbing some water, and plopped down on my bed. It was dark in my room, as always, and I almost felt perfectly safe at home. But something stopped me from breathing. I listened carefully and heard breathing, other than mine. I quietly got up and snuck around my room, trying to hear where that breathing was coming from. As I neared my closet the breathing stopped, quite suddenly. I smiled. Then I threw open the doors, reached in, and pulled out none other than my brother. I pushed him on my bed.

"Mikey! Why the heck were you in my closet?" I asked shakily as I tried to breathe.

"I don't know, I just was. Why are you so scared?" he asked, sitting up.

"Because, I thought the Boogey Man was in my closet," I said sarcastically. Mikey laughed.

"Ha ha, you know the Boogey Man doesn't really exsist, right?"

"Yes Mikey, I do. Now tell me, why are you up so late?"

"Because I was waiting for you to come home. So I could talk to you."

"Um, OK. What did you want to talk about?"

"Oh...stuff...Like girls."

"Um Mikey, aren't you supposed to talk with dad about that sort of stuff?"

"Well, I guess. But you're my big brother, and I trust you more with these things."

My head almost melted at the things I was hearing.

"Well, to be honest I really don't know that much about them. Girls, I mean."

"But wait-Never mind. Well you must know some things about them," he pressed.

"I know the one's at my school are bitches. Or at least the one's I know." More like get laghed at by, I thought.

"Well, what's their favorite color? Or their favorite band name, instrument?"

I laughed. "Mikey, they're exactly like us. They have different favorite colors, different bands, musical instruments, you name it. They all think differently, too."

"Oh. Well, what's it like to get kissed by one?"

"Alright, I think it's time you got into bed you little monster," I said, picking him up and carrying him to his bedroom. He was only a little taller than me, but not by much. I'm 5'8" in a half, and he's about 5'11" and three quarters. Not to mention that he weighs basically nothing, and he's only in the 8th grade!

"Hey! I'm not that little. I'm in 8th, you know."

"Yes Mikey, how could I forget? You practically paraded around the house singin you're in Junior High almost six days ago. Now fall asleep, and I mean right now."


"Because if you're not asleep by the time Mom and Dad get home, I'll get in big trouble."

"Fine. What kind of trouble?"

"I'll get grounded, and then I'll be stuck here after school to torture you!" I said darkly. He frowned and groaned.

"Alright...but only because I'm having my friends over tomorrow and I don't want you to embarrass me."

I laughed and smiled, then for fun messed with his hair. He hit my hand away and rolled over, pulling his blankets up over his head. I left and shut the door, and went into my room. I fixed my bed up and climbed in. God, little kids get embarrassed by the smallest things. Besides, I wouldn't be stupid enough to stay home when my father was anywhere near me. It would only cause problems. I rolled over and fell asleep.

But not for long, because it felt like five minutes went by and I was being shaken awake. I fell to the floor as I opened my eyes and stared into the face of my father.

"Get up," he commanded, grabbing my arm and yanking me up.

"Alright alright, I'm up, I'm up," I said groggily.

He smacked the back of my head. "Don't give any lip, boy. Now come along," and he walked away.

I rubbed my eyes, hoping I'd wake up a bit more. Why the Hell are they waking me up? I didn't wake up any more then I already was. I walked down the stairs and saw both of my parents sitting on the couch, frowning at me.

"Gerard," my father spit out," why weren't you at school today? Huh?"

"I was too at school."

"That's not what your principle said. She said you cut every class after 3rd hour." my mother jeered.

"Oh. Well yeah, why wouldn't I?"

"Don't speak to your mother like that. Do I need to teach you a lesson?" he practically yelled, swinging his hand threatningly.

"N-no." Damn my voice.

"Good. Now, where is your brother?"

"He's up in his room, sleeping,"I said, praying that I was right. But the look on my father's face told me differently.

"No, he's not. Come here," my father said, walking back up the stairs. I followed a little slower, until we were directly outside of Mikey's room. My father opened the door and turned on the light.

"Dad, no! You're goint to wake him..." I trailed off. Oh God, this was even worse than I imagined. He wasn't. Even. Here. I looked up into my father's eyes, and he looked back into mine. Oh, holy fuck, I am so screwed.
From the corner of my eye I saw a belt coming at me. I dodged it and quickly fled, running towards the stairs as fast as I could run. Right as I reached them my mother popped up from nowhere, almost scaring me half to death.

"How could you let him run away?!" she screeched at me, pushing me backwards so that my back was now facing the staircase. "How could you let my baby leave?!"

You used to call me that, I thought as I saw my dad walk up behind her, and he wrapped his arms around her shoulders and whispered in her ear. She smiled and said good night and then walked into her bedroom.

"You know what this means, Boy."

A whimper escaped my lips, and he only smiled, if possibly, wider.

"Let's get this over with."

With that he grabbed hold of me and dragged me down the stairs, making sure that my head hit every step, and proceeded to take me down to the basement for my punishment. I screamed in agony as he shut the door, and screamed even louder when he kicked my back to silence me. After that I vaguely remember reaching my bed before passing out, and that was it.
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