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It's True

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Back at the mansion things are growing more and more tense.

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Gerard sat with Ray, Bob and Frank in the practice room going over lyrics. While he pretended to be interested in the conversation it was far from the truth. His mind was still back outside where Willow sat talking with Mikey. Why didn’t they include him in the conversation? What was going on? He sighed, then sat back to light a cigarette.
“You wanna take a break?’ Frank asked looking over at him. He had realized ten minutes ago that Gerard really wasn’t into this right now.
Gerard forced his attention back to the lyrics. “No, I’m good.” He lied.
Ray looked up from the guitar in his hands, “Dude, I’m just gonna get this out there. I was there yesterday, remember? What the fuck happened? Did Willow explain it to you?”
Bob sat back and listened. He had a feeling something had happened but until now no one had spoken about it in front of him. Part of him felt bad about blaming Gerard for Willows absence because now he was realizing there must have been a reason Gerard took her away from the mansion. However, he admitted that part of his anger was because last night when he’d spied the little girl he would have loved to have been able to talk to Willow about it. He sighed, “Can someone please tell me what the fuck is going on?” He asked looking over at Ray.
Ray looked to Gerard for guidance on how to handle the situation. He wasn’t sure if Gerard and Willow wanted this discussed. He wasn’t even sure if Gerard knew what had really happened. Willow had been in real pain that much he knew for certain. He also knew now that Willow loved Gerard. While she didn’t flat out admit it Ray knew in his heart it was the truth. This whole situation was beginning to get out of control and he was worried about everyone involved.
Gerard inhaled deeply then shrugged. “It would probably be best for Willow to explain what happened.”
Bob was confused, “But something did happen, right? You didn’t just take her away from here to be with her.”
“No, Bob. I didn’t just take her away to fuck her.” Gerard spat angrily. “Something happened to her and she asked me to take her away from here.”
“Calm down, man.” Bob said holding his hands up. “I didn’t say that.”
“It’s what you thought and I know it. You know I’m fuckin’ tired of being the bad guy here. You all are just so fuckin’ sure I’m using Willow that I’m sick of it all.” He stood. “I think I will take a break.” He left the room without another word.
Bob waited a moment then turned to Ray, “What the fuck? I’m confused. What happened to Willow?”
Ray shook his head, “I’m not sure. Gee and I found her in the living room on the floor in obvious pain. She begged me to get Gerard out of there. I know she was dealing with something but I don’t know what.”
“Dealing with something?” Frank repeated trying to understand. “You mean like dealing with a ghost or something?”
Ray nodded, “Yeah. When we came back in a few minutes later she said ‘he’ was gone. All I do know is that she begged me to take Gerard out of the room. I’m guessing she was afraid for him.”
“For Gerard?” Frank was shocked. “Why? What the hell does he have to do with all of this? I thought Mikey was the one who was dealing with this shit.”
“Me too.” Bob nodded. “This is fucked up.”
Ray shook is head sadly. “I don’t know what is going on but I do know I’ll be glad to get the fuck out of here. We just gotta hope Mikey leaves here with some sort of closure.”
“Yeah, but then what?” Bob asked softly. “I mean Willow pretty much came into our lives and had changed a lot of things. I believe she’s helping Mikey and I got a good feeling about that but what about Gerard?”
Frank nodded, “Yeah, he’s changed too. He may not want to admit it but she’s gotten to him. I’ve seen the way he looks at her sometimes. Knowing him he’s trying to tell himself he doesn’t have deep feelings for her but I don’t believe it for a minute. I’m just afraid that the past will fuck with him. I’m afraid he won’t let go of what happened to him before and he’ll loose a chance for real happiness.”
“Do you really think that’s how he feels about Willow?” Bob asked.
“Yeah, I really do. I just hope he realizes it before it’s too late. If we leave here and he lets Willow walk out of his life he will have made a terrible mistake.”

Gerard walked out the front door of the mansion and saw that Willow, Alicia and Mikey were still talking together. He wanted to go over again and apologize for his earlier behavior but something held him back. He admitted to himself that part of it was he hated feeling left out. They had obviously been talking about him. Had Willow explained how the Dark Man had used Gerard to hurt her before? While he still felt guilt over the incident he didn’t exactly want Willow telling his brother how he’d brutalized her. He noticed that Willow suddenly looked up and saw him standing there watching them. She said something to Mikey then stood. She was coming towards him. He took out a cigarette, lit it and waited.
“Hey” She said as she neared.
He nodded but remained silent.
Willow felt bad about what had happened earlier. She knew as soon as she’d returned she’d ignored him and she was guessing he was a bit upset. “Would you like to take a walk around the grounds?”
“Sure you have time?” He asked in a chipped tone.
Now Willow was sure she’d been right. Before she could answer he grabbed her hand and interlocked their fingers. Willow sighed knowing he was doing it because he didn’t want her to hear his thoughts.
“I’m fuckin’ pissed and I don’t want to make your head explode.” Gerard said taking a few steps. “Come on.”
They walked several minutes before she spoke, “Pretty sure you wouldn’t make my head explode.” She said trying to lighten the mood. It didn’t work.
“Sugar, you have no idea how pissed I am at the moment. You’ve told me how I make your head hurt with my loud, angry thoughts. I just figured touching you right now so you can’t hear them is for the best.”
They reached the tree line but he didn’t stop. He pulled Willow into the cover of the trees.
“So that’s why you’re touching me?” Willow’s own anger was beginning to surface. “Shit, sorry you have to do something so vile.”
Without warning he pushed her up against a large oak tree. “Don’t be fuckin’ stupid. I’ve never said I don’t enjoy touching you. At times it’s the only thing I can think of.” He tossed his cigarette then grabbed her other hand. “I want to touch every inch of you.” His lips came down hard on hers. The bark of the tree pressed into her back but she didn’t notice the pain. All she could feel was the sensation that seemed to sizzle. His tongue forced open her mouth as he pressed his body against hers. “I want you, now.” He ground out.
Willow glanced back at the mansion but the tress blocked the view. For a moment she was afraid someone might see them but when Gerard’s fingers began unbuttoning her blouse she suddenly realized she didn’t care. The only thing she cared about was touching him. As he worked on her buttons she worked on his. She sighed when she got them undone and pushed the shirt off his shoulders. His skin called to her. He has just gotten her blouse completely unbuttoned as she tried to lean foreword to press her lips against the base of his neck.
“Wait.” He hissed as he pushed the blouse off her shoulders. She dropped her arms and it fell to the ground. He shrugged his shirt off and it joined hers. Willow immediately threw her arms around his neck and pressed her body to his. She felt his fingers fumbling with the clasp of her bra. “Fuck.” He muttered. “I want this fuckin’ thing off you. I want to taste your tits.”
His words shot desire through her. She pushed away from him and quickly reached back and undid the clasp. Now the bra hit the ground.
Gerard smiled, “Yeah, Sugar.” He grabbed her arms and pushed her back against the tree. Willow moaned as his head dipped and his mouth latched onto her breast. This was heaven and hell. What he did was so good but it wasn’t enough.
“I want to touch you.” She said breathlessly struggling to loosen his grip on her arms. He held tight. “Gee, please. I need more.” She whimpered.
He raised his head and looked into her eyes. “Tell me what you want. I like to hear how it rolls off your tongue.”
“I want to feel you.” Willow whispered, “Inside me.”
Gerard’s body shuddered. “Say it.”
“I want you to fuck me.” Willow knew these where the words he wanted to hear. Not the words she wanted to say.
He smiled slowly, “Yeah, Sugar. I’ll fuck you.” His eyes spotted a tree stump a few feet away. He took her hand and she followed him. Once there he released her hand and slowly undid his belt buckle. Willow watched feeling the desire within her grow as he lowered his zipper and pushed down his jeans and briefs. He took a seat on the stump then held out his hand to her. Willow slowly let him pull her forward. “Now, undress for me.”
Her hands shook as she lowered her zipper and pushed down her jeans. She felt his eyes on her. The seemed to burn with the same heat her body felt. Once down her legs she stepped out of them and her panties and waited. Gerard took her hand again and pulled her towards him. Suddenly his hands were on her ass and he pushed her pussy to his face. Willow cried out as his tongue licked her clit. She put her hands on his shoulders to steady herself as he continued to lick and suck.
“Oh” She moaned. “Yes.”
His tongue was doing such wonderful things. In and out it darted teasing while fanning the flames of her growing desire.
“More.” She cried feeling the building passion.
His head came up and she saw his mouth was wet with her juices. He smiled, lifted his finger to his lips and ran it through the moisture. “You taste so fuckin’ good.” He then reached out and took her hands pulling her forward. Willow understood what he wanted. She lowered her body on to his lap impaling herself on his hard swollen dick. She moaned his name as he filled her. Gerard put his arms around her and pushed her down on him even further. “This is what you wanted. I’m inside you.” His hands lowered to her ass and he began to lift and lower her onto him. Willow locked her ankles behind him.
“Oh yesssssss, it’s what I want.” She was mindless now. No thoughts, nothing just feeling. She could feel him inside her and nothing has ever felt so wonderful.
“Sugar, tell me how it feels.” He whispered.
“Heaven.” Was the first word that came to her mind.
He gave a small laugh, “Yeah, you could say that I guess.”
“You tell me how it feels to be inside me.” She said looking into his eyes.
He met her gaze and held it. “Right.” He whispered so softly she almost didn’t hear him.
Suddenly he began to quicken the pace of his thrusts. As he pushed her body down on to him he caressed her back with his fingers.
“Oh.” Willow cried out feeling the start of the orgasm hit her.
“Cum” He demanded, “I want to feel you cum on my dick. I want to feel you tighten around me.” His voice was ragged, “I want you to make me cum.”
Willow pressed her open mouth against his and let the feeling take over her body. Gerard felt her muscles tighten and knowing she was there pushed him over the edge. Willow closed her eyes as she felt his hot release fill her. For several moments while the feeling slowly dissipated they held on to each other. Willow finally dropped her arms from around his body and slowly stood.
“Wow.” She whispered.
Gerard laughed, “Wow?”
She wasn’t sure how to take his remark. “Well I thought it was worthy of a ‘wow” she said reaching down and grabbing her panties.
He reached out and grabbed her arm. “I never said it wasn’t, Willow. That was beyond ‘wow’.”
She nodded, took a step away from him and quickly pulled up her panties then jeans. Gerard sighed and redressed himself. In the meantime Willow had grabbed his shirt after putting on her blouse. She handed it to him without a word.
Gerard didn’t know what to say. It seemed lately no matter what he said it came out wrong. He was going to try to say something anyway when his phone alerted him to a text message. He read it and sighed again, “Brian just arrived.”
Willow nodded, “Yeah, we better get back.” She started to walk away.
“We need to talk.” Gerard said suddenly making her halt.
She turned to him and waited.
“I’ve done some thinking about things and we need to discuss.”
“Okay,” Willow nodded her head, “But right now we need to get back.”
He frowned, “Why?”
“Because everyone will wonder where we are.”
“So?” Gerard walked towards her. “Who cares?”
Willow looked down.
Gerard felt his anger return, “I swear if you say because you have a job to do and you need to get back to Mikey…”
Willow looked at him, “Well it’s true and you know it. We don’t have a lot of time left. I need to help him reach Martha.”
Gerard held his tongue. “Fine, let’s go.” He walked up and grabbed her arm. Together they walked towards the mansion in silence.
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