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left the building

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“Shades!” Max turned from his conversation and headed his way, Justin hanging back.

“There you are,” Kato said, then turned to Chase and George. “That’s the other guy.”

“Max… and Bandit. It really was you on the intercom.” Shades tried not to sigh too openly.

“You bastard,” Justin muttered, “what took you so long?”

“Well, excuse me,” Shades replied. “If you recall, I was the one who warned you not to take that place lightly.”

“Whatever,” Justin shrugged. At least now they wouldn’t have to go back into that demented maze for anyone; between Tranz-D and the Harken Building, he had had enough of such things to last him a lifetime.

Kato held both of her partners in her gaze for a moment, Chase and George both nodding.

“The important thing is that you made it,” Max told them, almost saying unlike Chad without thinking. In spite of his relief, he already felt an insatiable need to know more about all of their experiences inside the Building. “Both of you.”

Chase and George casually stepped to each side of the alleyway entrance.

“Now my friends are safe, and yours are, as well,” said Kato. “That means we beat the Harken Building. That’s one problem solved.”

“Now that that’s settled,” Shades replied, his imagination already running wild at what kinds of tales the others had to tell, “what say we get the hell away from this creepy building?”

“For once, I’m with you.” Justin told them. “I swear, if I ever see this place again, it’ll be all too soon.” Gesturing toward the street, “Come on, let’s get… going…”

He trailed off as he turned to face the Triad. Kato now had her power pistol out. Chase his sawed-off disrupter rifle. Even George had a power pistol, loaned from Chase’s Coat of Arms. And the two of them held the alley, barring them from the street, Kato covering them from behind.

“Hand over your Tri-Medals,” Kato commanded. “Now.”

Even as his two friends already caught up with what was going on, all Max could think was, At least now I see why Bandit doesn’t like her.
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