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He wants it, I want it

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I posted this a while back, but due to a bunch of hateful spam reviews, I deleted it. But now it's back :)

Third POV

Frank didn't remember when it actually started, but he was pretty sure it started with a simple touch. Just a simple, one-second, touch. He didn't remember where it started, either, but he remembered being pressed up against a wall, Gerard's mouth trailing kisses down his neck.

"Suck my dick," Frank said huskily. Gerard dropped to his knees immediately and had Frank's pants around his ankles within half a second. So I wasn't the only eager one... Frank thought, leaning back against the wall.

As soon as Gerard dropped to his knees, he knew; he was way too eager for his own good. Pushing all thoughts aside, he took Frank's length into his mouth and almost died from the ecstacy. He swirled his tongue around Frank's member, almost teasingly, and Frank felt his eyes roll back into his skull. As soon as Gerard felt himself getting hard, he knew he had to do something; He could sense that Frank was going to release soon.He licked all the up Frank's shaft and said, in the best voice he could manage at the moment, "Frank, I fucking need you."

Hold out, fucking hold out! Frank mentally yelled at himself. But as soon as he heard Gerard say he needed him, he came harder than he ever had in his life. He felt Gerard suck up every last drop, not missing a single spot. Frank bit his lip, not sure what to do next. For the first time in his life, he was lost. He knew he had to do something for him, and soon, as he could feel Gerard's growing bulge against his leg. "What do you want, Gee?" he asked huskily. "What do you need?"

This fucken shit tastes so weird..yet I still drank it. Why? Because I love it. Oh God, did he really just ask that? Hm..let's show him then.. Gerard stood up and kissed him, and he kissed him hard. When he reluctantly pulled away, Frank whined softly, still craving the feel of Gerard's lips on his. "I want to feel you on the inside, Frank. So bad," he whispered, almost begged.

Holy shit! I know that I want Gerard, and that he wanted me..but sex? I mean blowjobs I could and would happily do, I don't want to let him down, but he did just give me the best blowjob ever..I really can't say no. But what if that's all he wants? Just sex and then he'd go back to Bert Mc-fucking-Cracken?! I don't know if I could deal with that. Oh well, I don't have a choice; I'm not letting him down. I have to show him that I would do anything for him.

"Only if you want to, hun. I won't force you," Gerard said softly, and Frank felt a little better. Making up his mind, Frank reached for his belt.

"Gerard," he panted, undoing his belt, along with Gerard's. "Fuck me!" As soon as the words left Frank's mouth, Gerard turned him over so quickly that it took Frank a second to register what had just happened. I didn't know he wanted to do this doggie-style..What the fuck? Would this hurt more? he thought, feeling a little anxious. As soon as he felt the cool lube on his entrance, he didn't care. He wanted Gerard, and he wanted him now. "Oh, Gee, I fucken want you. I fucking need you!" He waited a few seconds, growing impatient. "Inside me now!" He then hesitated. "Wait.. I-is that strawberry flavored lube?"

Frank's question took Gerard off guard, and he couldn't help but to laugh for a second. "Yes, Frankie, it's strawberry.." An idea suddenly popped up. "Would you like a taste?" Frank's eyes went wide.

"But.. won't that make it go away?" This made Gerard giggle his stupid girlish giggle that Frank always made him do.

"No, Frankie. This.." Gerard almost said little, but ha! Who was he kidding, it was so not little. Anyway.. "This won't go away just like that.." He leaned down to whisper in Frank's ear. "It takes a real fuck to calm this baby down, even just a little bit." Frank licked his lips, and Gerard smirked.

Gerard squeezed a bit of the lube on his fingers and offered it to Frank, who sucked it off passionately. As he licked the strawberry flavored goodness off of his fingers, he felt Gerard enter a finger inside of him. "Ahh!" he cried out.

"Fuck! Frankie, I'm sorry! I- I just have to get you ready.." Frank shook his head furiously.

"No! More!" Being a little more careful, Gerard slipped in another finger and another. Okay, that last one hurt. But I trust Gee, he wouldn't hurt me.. Gerard scissored Frank with his fingers, then pulled them out.

"Okay, you ready, baby?" Gerard asked lovingly, but Frank could hear the deep need in his voice. He couldn't hide it, and Frank sure as hell didn't want him to.

"Just fuck me, Gerard! Now!" Frank yelled. Gerard ran his fingers down his spine.

"Sugar, this ain't fucking..this is love-making." And with that he plunged into Frank, and he moaned out in a mix between pain and pleasure.

Gerard delved inside Frank, in and and out..and then something occurred to Frank. Gerard was really fucking good at this. How many times had he done it? "Fuck." Gerard probably thought Frank was moaning, but it didn't matter, really. Frank was worried that Gerard wasn't clean, and they weren't using a condom. Little did he know that condoms didn't protect you from germs or diseases. Oh, how I wish they did..

After a few minutes, Gerard started to get paranoid. What if Bert walks in? He'll kill me!. And for fucks' sake, I could do this kid all night long.. Shit, did I just think that? Groaning in pleasure, he pushed all other thoughts that didn't include Frank out of his mind. He felt his peak coming, and he didn't want any distractions.

"Frank, I'm gonn- AHH!" Gerard screamed, he and came. Frank felt his hot, sticky cum inside his now non-virginal ass. Gerard pulled out and fell over beside him, and kissed him all over. "Frankie, I fucking love you," Gerard panted.

"Gerard, are you clean?" Frank blurted out. Not exactly the response Gerard was looking for.

Gerard sat up straight and looked over at the smaller boy. "Yeah, why wouldn't I..oh." The last part was barely even a whisper. He thinks I'm not clean. Fuck, he should know I've only been with Bert..that I know of..but even Bert wouldn't let me do this. He was afraid his 'girlfriend' would find out. Stupid fuck. Oh well, I can't really blame Frank for asking..even if I was hoping he'd say I love you back. Gerard sighed. "Yes, Frank, I'm clean."

Frank rolled on top of Gerard and straddled him. "I'm sorry," he said, and before Gerard could say anything he kissed him deeply, passionately. He slid his tongue into the part of his lips; Gerard was so inviting. Frank felt Gerard trying to mumble something, so he kissed Gerard harder. He pulled back a while later, panting for breath, and half whispered,"I love you, Gerard Way, and don't you ever forget it." He wiggled down on him, his bum on Gerard's thighs. He began planting kisses on every exposed area he could; which was just about anywhere, seeing as they were naked.

"Frankie," Gerard said, softly.

"Hmm?" he moaned against his skin.

"Will..will you be my boyfriend?" Frank's lips stopped where they were, his happy trail, at Gerard's words. I thought he just wanted a quick fuck?

As soon as the words were out of Gerard's mouth, he instantly regretted them. He coughed and slid out from under him so that he was standing, and ran a hand through his tangled, messy hair. He saw the puzzlement on Frank's face and said quckly, "I was just kidding. I mean psh, I don't date boys, I fuck them," and instantly regretted those words too. "Fuck! No, that's not..ugh, never mind! I'm just gonna..shut up and sit." And sit he did. On the small couch that was against the wall in his room. His face in his hands, looking down at the floor, Gerard felt utterly retarded.

All of a sudden Frank started laughing, and Gerard looked at him like he was crazy. "Why the hell are you laughing at me?" Gerard asked, half angrily.

"I love you, Gerard, so I have every fucking right to laugh at you," Frank said, laughing at him. Gerard looked back down, embarrassed. "Gee, look at me," he said, moving over toward him. It was then that Frank realized he was still naked. Ha! It's not like he hasn't seen it; in all it's nine and a half inch glory. Gerard still didn't look at him, so Frank kneeled down in front of him and tilted his head up by his chin so he could look in his eyes. "Hey there, sexy," he said, and Gerard tried to fight off a smile. "You wanna be my new man?"

Gerard didn't want to look at him. Not because he wasn't sexy-because he sure as hell was!-but because he knew that he'd stare at Frank's..well, his dick. The entire time. And Frank damn well knew he would. But as he looked up into Frank's eyes..all he saw was love. And all he felt was love.

Fuck.. I'm in love with my brother's best friend.

After reading it..again.. I'm kind of curious: Should it stay as a one-shot or should I make it into a story-type-thing? I mean.. I'll probably just end up deleting this anyway..since Frikey kicks Ferard's ass(LoL) Lemme know, lovies!
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