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Make Me Wanna Scream

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Contains: - Sexual Intercourse - Explicit Language - And a dirty talking Gerard Way! What more could you possibly ask for?

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It was a beautiful winter's evening. The snow from earlier that day had settled on the concrete ground, making the streets look as if it were covered in a soft white blanket, as the town lay to rest for the night.

White dots sparkled in the dark black sky, and the round shape of a full moon shone brightly through thick dark clouds.

The sight was indeed, beautiful.

This is how Gerard Way felt as he sat next to his long term girlfriend, Charlie.

Only, it wasn't the night sky, or the plain white of snow on the streets he found beautiful. It was the girl he had the pleasure of calling his girlfriend.

Gerard had always found her beautiful. Right from the moment he met her just 1453 days ago. Not that he kept count.

The longer he stared at her, the more he fell in love with her.

He loved how her shoulder length chocolate brown hair, with flaming red streaks hung neatly around her face. He loved how her bright blue eyes stood out when wearing eyeliner, although the eyeliner was rarely needed. And although she was a little on the chubby side, this is what Gerard loved most about her, apart from her amazing personality.

He thought it was great that she didn't want to look fake like the others girls. She was herself, and she was happy with that.

Charlie immediately focused on her boyfriend's fingertips running up and down her arm gently. She smiled to herself.

She knew what Gerard wanted, but she was going to ignore it, just to irritate him.

"Sugar, how long are your parents away?" He asked.

Charlie's parents were away on a business trip. This happens all the time, and Charlie is almost always left alone in a huge house. Almost alone, because her loving boyfriend would stay with her when he could. Her parents, of course, did not know this.

"About two months. Why?" She replied, acting as if she didn't know what Gerard's intentions were.

She felt him get closer to her, if it were possible. She gasped when she felt his hot breath on her now exposed neck.

"So we won't be interrupted?" He asked, almost too innocently.

Charlie let out a shaky breath, "Interrupted for what?"

Gerard brought his index finger up to her chin and turned her head to face him.

Softly, he placed his chapped lips against her soft ones.

When he pulled away slowly, his eyes still closed, he said, "You know what." in a seductive voice.

The seductive voice that Charlie couldn't resist, and Gerard knew this.

Charlie grabbed her lover by his shirt and slammed their lips together, getting caught up in a heated make-out session.

Gerard pulled her closer to him, and kissing deeper.

Charlie's hands slid up to his jet black hair, letting her fingers become lost within his beautiful locks.

Gerard stood up, bringing the beautiful girl with him. Charlie wrapped her legs around his waist, neither of them daring to stop the amazing kiss they were experiencing.

With little difficulty, Gerard climbed the ever so creaky stair case in Charlie's overly huge house. When making it to the top of the stairs, he took a mistaken left, stumbling into the master bedroom with the queen sized bed, covered in silky red sheets and plumped pillows.

After successfully kicking the mahogany bedroom door closed, Gerard placed his love on the extremely comfy mattress.

As he kissed along her jawline, he also worked on getting her black and red striped t-shirt off. It was proving to be very difficult.

Being as stubborn as he is, instead of pulling his mouth from Charlie's neck, he ripped the shirt off, throwing it to the floor silently.

Charlie was so into what the handsome young man was doing to her, she almost forgot clothes even existed. After gaining very little of her senses back, she started work on his sweater.

After reluctantly pushing Gerard aside, with a growl from him, she pulled his sweater off quickly and letting it join her poor torn shirt on the carpeted floor.

Also very quickly, Charlie fumbled with the button on his black jeans, which were growing tighter by the second.

Finally getting it undone, she pulled down the zipper, and from there Gerard kicked them off, along with his socks.

Although no longer wearing his pants, the pain in his lower region didn't leave. Charlie sensed this and ripped off his black boxers, revealing his large throbbing cock.

Gerard started feeling as if his girlfriend was a little overdressed, and brought his hands down to the button on her jeans. Doing the same as she, he unzipped them and slid them off her, discarding them also.

The paled skinned boy crawled back on top of the beauty that lay on the bed and began grazing his teeth on her ear. Charlie closed her eyes at the lust filled feeling.

As he did this, Gerard slipped off her matching red with black lace bra and panties.

Sneakily, he spread open her legs and placed the tip of his dick at her opening, and without warning slammed into her. Charlie let a moan pass her lips.

His thrusts were at first slow, teasing her a little.

Soon, Charlie began to grow impatient and groaned to let him know she wanted him to go faster.

Gerard did indeed increase his pace and soon their hips were moving together at in a quick rhythm.

He kissed down her neck and down the soft skin on her chest until he took her nipple in his mouth. Sucking and swirling his tongue.

"Oh Gee." Charlie moaned.

When he was done with both nipples, Gerard brought his mouth up to her ear.

"You like it when I do that sugar?"


"Uh, yeah."


"Do you like it when I fuck you hard?"

"Oh god yeah!"


"You like it when I pound my big cock in your soaking pussy?"

"Uh, oh...yeah!"


"Cum for me baby. I know you want to. Milk my dick hard sugar. Scream my fucking name."

"OH GERARD!" She screamed.

Hearing her passion filled voice scream, only made Gerard cum quicker.

"Shit! CHARLIE!"

Gerard rode out their mind-blowing orgasms, until finally stopping and collapsing on his exhausted lover, burying his face in her sweet scented neck.

After allowing enough oxygen in their lungs for their heart rate to slow down, Gerard rolled off Charlie, laying on his side and wrapping his arms around her naked form.

Charlie snuggled into his bare chest, feeling relaxed and safe in his comforting arms.

She closed her eyes, allowing herself to replay the love making that just occurred in this very bed moments ago.

However, Charlie's eyes became wide with shock and humor when Gerard said the following;

"Shit, Charlie. We just had sex in your parents bed."
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