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As Snow Falls On Desert Sky

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Lauren Idol is stuck in countless friendless friendships. When she makes friends with a bunch of boys, her life turns around. (This was my first story. I have much improved since this)

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Do you ever get the feeling you don't belong in this world? Do you ever feel like no-one wants you around them and they wouldn't care if anything happens to you? That's how I feel. My name is Lauren Idol, I'm 17 and live in Belleville, New Jersey with my mom, dad and little sister Louise.

I have few friends. They don't care about me. Same with my family. None of them care about me. I feel alone. But maybe it's better that way.
Today isn't going to be any different.

Today was my first day of my last year at high school. I am excited, yes. But I can't help but feel a little scared at the same time.

Anyway. I wake up - late. I must of forgotten to set my alarm or something.

I got up and did everything in record time. I had a shower, got dressed, straightend my hair and put my make-up on.

I didn't have time to eat so I rushed downstairs, out of the house and into my car.

I was hoping that I would get a good place to park so that I didn't have to rush into school and fall on my ass.

I was almost right. Instead of falling on my ass, I knocked over someone. A boy. I'd never seen him before so I guessed he was new, or I haven't payed attention to anyone who goes here.

I didn't have time to help him up as I was really late for first class, but I still had to go to the office to get my timetable.

When I got there, I almost had a heart attack when I saw what I had first.

Double History.
Great! My firtst two lessons are with Mrs Smith, who always finds something to yell at me with.

I am never going to last this year.

When I finally found my History room, Mrs Smith was already explaining today's assignment.

" come up with - oh Lauren, how nice of you to join us. Are you going to tell me why you are late, or haven't you thought of an excuse yet?"

Oh Mrs Smith, always with the sarcasm. Fortunatly for me, I was queen of sarcasm

"Actaully, if it's okay with you, I was just gonna sit in the corner and either stare out the window or draw on my notebook. Hmm. I haven't decided yet." Well done Lauren, your gonna get detention now!

"Take a seat Miss Idol, unless you want detention on your first day back!"

So I took my seat at the back corner of the class room. I 've sat there since my first day at this hell hole. But this time itwas different. This time someone was sitting next to me.
Today's gonna be a great day. (Spot my scarasm)

It was raining outside so I stared out there for a few minutes. I love the rain. The weather matched my mood.

It got boring after a few minutes so I got out my notebook and started drawing. I'm not good at drawing, I was scribbling random things that I like, or didn't like.

I was enjoying myself until I heard someone ALREADY yelling at me!
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