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Chapter three

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There I was sitting in Math, watching on the clock the seconds go by.
What was wrong with me? I don't normally get excited over anything.
But this seemed different. Frank was being really nice to me in History. He wanted me to sit with him and his friends. Why? I don't know, but it was nice to have someone wanting you to be with them.
There was still 30 minutes of Math to go, and even though Frank was in my class, he didn't talk to me. At all. Maybe it was because I was sitting with Jodie.
Jodie was my "friend". We've were better friends late last school year, but now, she is always different with me. She says I get angry real easy, but she does aswell - actaully a lot more than I do.
I don't really count her as a friend anymore - just somebody to sit with because I'm used to her company, even though she, and everyone else ignores me.
25 minutes left.
This is going to be longer than I thought.
" anyway, me, Lindsay and Chanel were in McDonalds for like three hours and...Lauren are you even listening to me?" Jodie asked - with - I must add - an angry tone.
"What? Did you say something? I was busy watching the clock." Yeah, way to get on her...good side?
Jodie gave me an evil glare.
I can't believe her! She never listens to a word I say, but I have to listen to every word she says!
She turned back to the front of the room, obviously giving up on trying to get through to me. I don't really want to speak to her anyway. But should I tell her that I'm not sitting with her at lunch? Not that she would care but still. I should tell her right?

No. I won't. She won't care so I'll leave it.

25 minutes actaully went faster than I thought and as Frank said, he was waiting for me outside our class.

"Hey. Ready to go?"

"Erm yeah sure." Yeah 'cos that sounded really convincing!

"Are you okay? Do you wanna sit with us?" Frank looked a little hurt. I couldn't understand why though.

"Yeah course I do, but I'm just not great with new people."

"Don't worry, Lozzy! Everything's gonna be fine."

Lozzy? I've never had a nickname before. Hmm. Lozzy. Lozzy.
Well Lauren sounds better, but I'll get used to it.

When we sat down at what I could guess, was their usual table, Frank introduced me to everyone. I was a little nervous - seeing as they were ALL guys.

"Okay, Lauren, I want to meet my super cool friends, this is Mikey. He's in the year below us, but we still love us." Frank smiled. I liked his smile. It was the kind of smile you could feel safe with, if you know what I mean?

"Hey, nice to meet you Mikey."

"Nice to meet you too." Instead of just waving, or shaking hands, he stood up and hugged me while lifting me up in the air. It was weird, but also nice at the same time.

I need to stop saying things are "nice".

After letting me go I was introduced to Ray.

"Hey I'm Ray, very cool to meet a girl for a change."

"Hey, uh, thanks I guess." I couldn't help but smile, and I loved Ray's hair, it was so...hell I'll say it, nice - I cannot stop saying that, I need a new word.

Next I met Bob.

"Hey 'sup, I'm Bob, the coolest person you will meet, ever! He he." Laughed Bob. He! There I did, I changed my word.

"Yeah right Bob, I'll think you'll find I'm the coolest person." A voice said.

I turned to see who it was. I had seen him before somewhere, but I didn't know where.

"Hey, I'm Gerard, we've met before actaully."

I was shaking his hand, trying to remember where I had seen him, we must have been there was like 10 minutes shaking hands, until I noticed his, the start of, black eye.
"Oh my god! You're the one I knocked over this morning aren't you?" I asked. I could feel my face burning.

"Yes, I'm the one. Don't worry though, no permanant damage done." He laughed.
I felt so bad. Shit! He was so good looking too.
This was going to be a - nice - lunch.

At lunch, everyone was talking - just talking, I was even included in what they were saying
They asked my opinion on a videogame - and it mattered to them. I said I didn't like the game they were on about - the name slips my mind - and we were arguing about - good arguing not bad - my opinion mattered. I felt like, happy, after so long I felt happy, I felt wanted.
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