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there is a light that never goes out

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A roll in the hay. Literally.

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"This is your fault, you know."

Adashino is trying to look indignantly self-righteous, but only succeeds in looking impotently annoyed, an impression which is further reinforced by the incongruous monocle, and the fact that they are standing in the middle of a cowshed.

Ginko avoids the implied question by taking a slow drag of his cigarette and looking up at the ceiling in an interested manner.

"The villagers wouldn't have gossiped about us if you had corrected their, their misconceptions right from the start, instead of ignoring it like you're doing now!'

With the exhaled sigh of smoke that manages to convey what he feels about the village in general and his companion in particular, Ginko takes the cigarette from his mouth and remarks without looking at Adashino,

"If you hadn't been quite so enthusiastic about my findings and keeping me in conversation all those nights, they would hardly have bothered. People need something to relieve their boredom when they're cooped up all winter. Don't worry, after I leave, they'll find someone else to talk about when spring comes."

The monocled eye regards him with an expression of disbelief, but Ginko is used to this reaction by now; they sit side by side in the flickering light of a candle, watching for any suspicious activity that would explain the so-called haunting of the farm.

A flash of light illuminates the window; a face appears, half-shadowed by masses of white hair, and Ginko leaps to his feet as Adashino fumbles for the candle and their equipment. In the next moment, a gust of wind blows the door open and knocks them over onto the hay; Adashino yelps as the flame catches his sleeve and the dry straw, setting both alight in seconds. The last Ginko sees of the mysterious face is a single eye staring at him before disappearing into the night, until his attention is diverted by his companion thrashing around and batting at his burning clothes ineffectually.

The farmer and his family, attracted by Adashino's cries for help, arrive on the scene just at the point where the flames have been smothered by Ginko throwing his cloak on Adashino and rolling around with him on the floor.

"Oh, we heard noises - are you both alright?"

Adashino's eyes are closed (whether in pain, relief or sheer mortification is not entirely clear), and he is uncharacteristically incapable of any sound except incoherent noises, so Ginko answers for them.

"We're fine, I managed to put out Adashino-sensei's fire," and he is the only one to construe Adashino's small moan in the manner that it was intended.
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