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I thought I could be perfect...but I am falling, so I can't be perfect. Please r/r!

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Written: 3/25/04

By lilyqueen777

Achieving Perfection,
I thought it would be Easy.
But it's not.

I wonder how you feel,
mom and dad,
the fact that you're not Proud.

It hurts me,
in my Heart
a pain that can't Go Away.

I thought I could be Perfect.
But the Lightning Shattering through my Soul,
shows that I can't be perfect.

I'm sorry,
I couldn't be
Perfect in school,
with Friends,
in Life in General.

I still wonder..
are you Proud,
that my Dreams can't be Perfect.

That my Dreams are Lost,
in a Cage, in the Cornerofmymind,
Locked away Forever.

Are you still Proud,
That I'm your daughter-
somebody who happens not to be Perfect.

I don't Care
that people say,
I Can't be Perfect,

But I guess,
my Dreams are
blown away as the grains of sand,
in a desert.

Author Note: I wrote this poem after hearing Perfect by Simple Plan on the
Drama queen soundtrack. I also wrote this after getting my report grades!
Yikes! Let's say I didn't do well but then again I do intend to have high
goals, which most of the times I don't achieve.
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