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Water Basin of Life

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I found something strange, yet it is considered part of life. Please r/r!

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Water Basin of Life 7/8/03
Sitting in a pool of cool water,
Thinking about the things that come to my head.
I see a woman walking down a path,
A path of a river,
A river full of life,
And then and there I found my basin of life.
Walking down with this woman I found myself peering in her thoughts,
Thoughts of time,
Of love,
And of life.
She waits by the river for her husband to come back to her.
She's been waiting for too long and when she steps in the river,
She finds herself united with her husband.
And when I step in the water,
I found myself holding on to
Life itself,
And I found myself back in my bathtub
Dreaming about this place,
I found myself beginning to write this poem,
In my head about the water basin of life.
To find the water basin of life,
You have to dream about reaching this place,
Some people call this the fountain of youth,
Or the dream river,
Or the wishing well,
But I call it,
The water basin of life,
And that concludes my journey of finding
The Water Basin of Life.
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