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What is Hope?

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My class project of the respond after reading The Night! Enjoy and review! =)

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Written: 11/11/01

What is Hope?
By lilyqueen777
What is Hope?
Hope is fighting for what you believe in.
Hope is trying to be alive.
Hope is a belief in you.
Hope is faith in yourself.
Hope is faith of freedom.
What is Hope?
Hope is the thing that keeps you going on no matter
what lies ahead of you.
Hope is being united as on people at times
of wars and at times of peace.
Hope is a love to one another.
Hope is to wish for a new day.
Hope is to trust your feeling for a better tomorrow.
Hope is to desire to stay alive.
Hope is a chance to be free like you and me.
Hope is the harmony in nature.
Hope is being nice to another soul.
Hope is being helpful to another human being.
What is Hope?
Hope is being merciful to one's mistake.
Hope is being thankful for the bright colors.
Hope is being kind and caring to a small child.
Hope is being generous to the less fortunate than you.
Hope is trying to help without being asked, just
being there is enough.
What is Hope?
Hope is being understanding but not to make the same mistake
Hope is being brave and not let it go.
Hope is being able to see trust and get the needed help.
Hope is when people are helping each other by giving even their
last piece of bread.
Hope is surviving no matter how hard it is.
Hope is being peaceful with yourself.
Hope is listening to each other.
Hope is being sincere with each other.
Hope is when the people solve the challenges of their lives.
What is Hope?
Hope is being able to fight everyday's challenges.
Hope is to escape from death.
Hope is being able to be free at last.
Hope is being able to think.
Hope is the fate that keeps us together.
Hope is the destiny of the people.
Hope is being courageous at the critical moment.
Hope is having wisdom words when they are needed.
Hope is escaping the troubles that are following us.
Hope is the faith in God.
Hope is praying when we need these special words.
Hope is giving advice to people.
What is Hope?
Hope is being able to laugh when a baby is smiling to us.
Hope is being able to cry when we feel it.
Hope is when you lean on someone's shoulder in
time of crises.
Hope is being able to have fun and you can
let everything go.
Hope is friendship.
Hope is to be able to dream any dream that you
can wish for.
What is Hope?
The best thing that Hope is can be for you
and me,
Is Hope itself.

Author Note: This was an assignment I had to do at school after finishing
reading the memoir Night by Elie Wiesel. I really don't know if this is
good, could you guys please tell me? Thanx! Also sorry if I offended anyone
who doesn't believe in God.
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