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Next Stanza for Dante

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For a school project, our reaction to a modern villian and where they are in hell. pleaz read and review! =)

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Part 2: Creative Writing and Designing
Part A: 15 line stanza
As I was going to turn around to go back,
I saw him, the murderer, and through his eyes I saw his victims.
Six million people died for one thing, for not being Aryan enough.
He wanted a perfect group of people,
Who he thought were "German"
But all he really did was bring terror in the world.
He was a murderer, but most of all,
A betrayer to humanities
And brought even more injustice to his own people.
He made people in the world change their feeling towards his people.
He was liar and used his own philosophies to bring injustice to the
Because of all this, it brought him his own downfall.
And here in hell,
He suffers the most. But who is he?
His name is Adolf Hitler, the one who suffers the most in this
terrible place.
Now he is in the middle of Dis mouth,
The one who suffers the most.
And on his two sides are two other men,
Who are betrayers to humanities,
On the left of Hitler is one of his top henchmen
And on the right of Hitler is the top guard of his.
Author Note: This was part of a school project where we write a 15-line
stanza, and it had to be about a modern villain, and this was after we
finished reading Dante, The Inferno.
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