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While I Swim

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I swim, and here are the thoughts of when I swim. my poem about getting out of reality. pleaz r/r!

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While I Swim 10/6/03
While I swim,
I am at a relaxed state of conscious.
I swim free from the terrors and horrors of reality.
While I swim,
I feel free from the loneliness and despair of life,
I swim as if there are no such things as loneliness and despair.
While I swim,
I fly to my dreams that I still hold,
I swim as if my dreams still continue.
While I swim,
I am free to imagine and think of anything,
I swim as if I only can hear my positive thoughts than my negative
While I swim,
I can dream any dream I wish for,
Including the one where I win at the competition.
While I swim,
I don't sink, that means I float to the top,
Therefore I am a good swimmer and at top in my life.
While I swim,
Everything that seems impossible,
Is possible.
While I swim,
I only swim.
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