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A Kiss And I Will Surrender

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As the music started I swear my heart stopped beating...

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After standing in the freezing cold for hours, Collete moved her aching feet towards the doors that had just opened, and then past all the T-shirts and soda stands along the way to the stage. While all the others that were behind her in line got caught up in shirts, and CDs. Collete had her eye on the prize, front row.

That was the only thing in the world that had mattered to her at that moment because Collete needed to be as close as possible she needed to hear him sing to her in person. She longed to feel the beat of the drums beat her own heart for her as it came blasting through the speakers. She wanted to hear the amazing guitar solos live and most importantly see him.
By now everyone had filled the room and Collete was exactly where she needed to be, the very first row. She waited patiently as other bands went on, they were ok nothing special. Then finally after what seemed like forever My Chemical Romance took the stage.


I watched Ray, Bob, Frank, and Mikey, stand in their usual spots Gerard Way, the man that sang me to sleep every night, that dried my tears, sauntered over to the microphone and yelled "ARE YOU MOTHER FUCKERS HERE FOR A SHOW?!" the crowd screamed and cheered their reaction made my smile grow even wider, I must have looked like the fucking Cheshire cat. "WELL GOOD CAUSE WE'RE HERE TO GIVE YOU A SHOW!" Gerard exclaimed as the music started I instantly knew it was
'I Never Told You What I Do For A Living'

As he sang he gave it his all getting completely into the song. It was amazing I swayed to the music and sang ever single word without the smallest of effort. As Gerard went on her came to his knees at the edge of the stage and looked me straight in the eyes as he sang "We'll love again, we'll laugh again and it's better of this way..." I could've died right there. Those words fit so perfectly into my life. After all of the shit I've been through I was waiting for my time to love and laugh again. It was better off that way for a small amount of time but this was it. I deserved my happiness; I would break if I didn't get it.

They moved onto other songs like Mama, Welcome To The Black Parade, I'm Not Ok, and To The End. Each song just lifted me up and made me feel like I was flying I loved singing along and felt as if I was the only one there the rest of the crowd had completely disappeared to me.
Gerard kept looking at me at some point in every song he smiled coming to the edge of the stage banging his head along with me as we sang. "Unfortunately this will be our last song!" the crowd booed and I felt a great sadness wash over me it made me cry even more, though I thought I had just cried every last tear I had during Helena.

"This is an oldie but I think you'll like it!" The music started and I swear my heart stopped beating as Gerard sang the opening line, "Hand in mine into your icy blues and then I'd say to you, we could take to the highway with this trunk of ammunition too I'd end my days with you in a hail of bullets..." I couldn't breathe, couldn't think, all I knew was that the song that I had wished for so long to be true for me with SOMEONE was now being sung to me by who I really deep down wished had written it for me. Gerard was once again on his knees staring me in the eyes singing along he suddenly stood up and jumped off the stage everyone around me was mesmerized and stood still as he walked over and grabbed my hand he looked me in the eyes and sang "I let you know just how much you mean to me as snow falls unto the desert sky until the end of everything I'm trying I'm trying to let you know how much you mean as days fade and nights grow..." it went on like that and I was so shocked by it all. The song ended and Gerard reached down to kiss my hand and slip me a backstage pass while doing so. He got back up onstage and said his goodbye to the crowd.

I made my way to the backstage area after knocking the door opened to reveal a few guards, I showed them my pass. They let me through and I couldn't believe that this was all happening. Gerard saw me and his eyes instantly lit up he waved me over and took my hand in his own and led me through the crowd of people and into an empty dressing room. As soon as we opened the door he had kicked it closed and he put his hand on my hips slamming me against the wall with his own body and kissing me on the lips with a hunger and need that I returned. I felt dizzy in a good way as we kissed, I wrapped my legs around his hips and he held me up. He moved his lips to my ear as I closed my eyes and heard him sing softly "I'm trying to let you know how much you mean to me..."
All I had wanted forever was Gerard I wanted the man that sang me to sleep and wiped away my tears I wanted him to give me the happiness I so desperately needed. "I remember the first time I saw you, you were so fucking beautiful and I knew right away I needed you" he said as he kissed my lips once again I smiled remembering my first My Chemical Romance concert....
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