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If i had a wish i would spend the day with and be loved back. but i don't seem to have that wish, so i would just watch you know and let it be. please r/r!

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by lilyqueen777

I wish upon a


that I had

the strength to find


and enough power

to give you

a kiss of


But all I can do

is watch you from above

in the skys where

the birds flutter

and where your

my heaven

that I can't seem to reach.

If I had a wish,

I would kiss you

to show you

my love to you.

If I only,

I have a wish

then I would

be Strong

and not Weak.

But I'm a coward ,

so I hide my face from you,

I hope you hear this up

in the heavens,

where the guardian angels are at,

and hear this from someone else,

but if I had

a wish

I would wish

to spend

a day

with you

and to be

loved back

by You.

Author Note: I got this inspired during physics class blushes from seeing my crush, he is sooo cute! :) Please review and let me know what you think!

written: 1/12/05
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