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Address In The Stars

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Frank Pov

Today I stumbled cross your picture, I try so hard not to cry but the tears just would not hold back. I keep looking at the picture even though my heart is telling me to put the picture away. Your smile that I fell in love with your hazel eyes, and your pale skin. It has been one whole year today since you left. I will never forget the knock on my door with the police officer behind it; I knew right then something bad had happen. My heart had stop beating the police officer told me there was a bad accident on the road and that you did not make it. That moment my whole world had stop I could not speak right I could not even walk straight back into the house without falling on my knees crying out in pain.

I stumbled across your picture today I could barely breathe.
The moment stopped me cold and grabbed me like a thief.
I dialed your number but you would not be there

Every chance I get I dial your number hoping you will answer but I know there was just been silent. After months went by I sit down at the table writing you letters, I know you won’t get them but sometimes I think your looking down on me reading the letters.

I write these letters to you,
But they get lost in the blue.
Cause, there's no address in the stars

Everyone keeps telling me all I need is time I will be better soon I will move on, I never listen I could never move on. Every day it seems like it gets harder moving on trying to live my life as if everything okay, there’s moment were I just break down screaming out asking why, why was you taking away from me I need you here with me.

Everybody tells me that all I need is time.
Every morning rolls in, and it hurts me again,
And that ain't nothin but a lie

Everyday I wonder what do I do without you, it is as if part of my life is gone. There is so much I want to tell you everyday, so today I sit down to write to you hoping you will be reading this letter.

Dear Gerard,
Where do I begin? It seems like yesterday you were here with me, laying on the couch with me. Sometimes I swear I can still hear your laugh but I know it’s only my mind. I lost count how many letters I wrote to you it seems to help but the letters mean nothing to me, it’s not you. I need you here with me I need you to get me through the day. Everyone keeps telling me all I need is time that one day I will move on but that’s all lies I could never move on, you’re my life. Today I stumble cross your picture I try so hard not to cry but seeing your face I just couldn’t be strong. I wish I could mail these letters to you but I know there’s no address to the stars, I hope where ever you are that your doing okay. I know that I will never be okay without you here with me, there’s nothing I would not to hear your voice once more. I just want you to know I love you so much and that one day we will be together again.


All I can do is write these letters to you.
But there is no address in the stars

Lyrics used:Address In The Stars
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