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The Return: Jurassic Park

by IcedHope 1 review

It's been 20 years, since the incident at Isla Nublar. Everyone, has returned to a normal life. Until somthing brings them back.

Category: Jurassic Park - Rating: R - Genres: Sci-fi - Warnings: [V] [?] - Published: 2009-10-26 - Updated: 2009-10-26 - 294 words

The wind blew on the beaches, many years have passed since the incident at Jurassic Park.
While the skies over Isla Nublar are clear, something on the island still stirs.
Compsognathids scurry on the beach; and pick at the dead fish and creatures that wash up on shore,
their Dark green body's Long necks, Dark brown eyes, and mouth full of tiny pin like teeth.
The tiny creatures scurry on the beach, hopping like small birds. One of the compys chirp,
and the others raise their heads in alert watching, waiting for movement. Five minutes pass, then ten. Nothing, the small creatures resume their feeding pattern.

A shuffle raises in the bushes, the compy's look in alert. A Tan head with grey stripes, it's head like a triagle. It's dark green eyes peer at the small chicken like creatures. It's head retreats back into the bushes, the compsognathids, resume eating the dead fish that wash a ashore, a couple fight over the rotten carcass of a sea lion. The two green dinosaurs tear into the blubber, and scarf the blubber down. Suddenly the bushes explode, the creatures pause, and look at the attacker, as they were a flock of birds the compys take flight avoiding the predator.

But the raptor isn't so quick to give up a meal, it looks at the flock and gives chase.

the compsognathids, run along the beach, but the raptor is right behind the flock. Hissing and snarling the raptor leaps, landing it pins on of the creatures. Chirping and hissing the creature pinned, the raptor slowly bends down, and seizes the compsognathus in it's powerful jaws. The compy gives out one final cry, and the raptor starts tearing at it's meal, scarfing the remains down hurriedly, a sound
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