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Shut up, And Kiss Me

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A few tears, a broken heart, and a Gerard way to help heal. Justa cute one shot thing i did ages ago¬:P

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“Hey, idiot!” Gerard said wrapping an arm around Georgia, “Don’t you dare cry!”
Georgia sniffed. Melting into his strong arms, she openly wept.
“I can’t do anything right!! Gee, what’d I do wrong? Do I deserve this? I fall in love with somebody and then something like this happens! Seriously, I, I, oh Gerard…”
She buried her face in his chest. Gerard stroked her hair, and smiled a soft peaceful smile.
“Georgia, I love you and I’ve never left your side since the day we met. My song for you was the second truest thing I’ve ever written, the first being Helena. I wish you could see yourself how I se you, because then, you’d never doubt yourself again. You’re beautiful, charismatic, sarcastic, argumentative, nosy, vain, intelligent, aggressive and loving. That’s what I love about you. I love the morning hair, and you with no make up, I love the random dances you burst into, the way you blush when I catch you staring, and the little pout you take on when we’re arguing. Hell, I even love arguing with you! He wasn’t even close to what I know you feel for me. You love me Georgia, and you always have.” Gerard sighed.
“Bigging yourself up a little there, eh, Gee?” Georgia smiled propping herself up on his chest. “Okay fine you got me, But every time we do try to make a go of things, they get even more fucked up than usual!” She pouted and he laughed. “And thank you” she added as an after thought.
Gerard’s hazel eyes drilled holes into her head until she looked up at him.
“Shut up” he grinned wolfishly “remember the interview?”
“Oh sure. Narrow it down some. The interview. Sheesh!” She replied sarcastically, watching him warily.
“Romantic night in or wild night out?” he asked grinning
“Wild night in!”
“Exactly. So shut up. And kiss me”

So Georgia being Georgia.
Shut up and did just that.
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