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He Had The World

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i stared at him from across the room.
his hair.
his eyes.
his perfection.

i raised my hand to ask for a bathroom pass. the teacher called my name and he didn't even look over at me. i went up to the front of the room and got the pass. i turned to close the door behind me as i was leaving the room and i looked at him again, and he didn't see me.

back at home i locked myself in the bathroom and stared at the awful thing looking back at me.

to skinny.
my hair is horrible compared to him.
who could love me?
i am out of my mind.

i walked out of the bathroom and locked the door to my room, turned on my stereo on and laid down. he would never love me. he's to perfect and i'm just not. i would be willing to put my life's savings on that he doesn't know my name.

"GET YOUR LAZY ASS UP AND COOK MY DINNER!" my father yelled banging on the door of my room. i got up from my bed and opened the door to my druken father.

"are you going to cook my food or not you ungrateful son of a bitch?" he said putting his face close to mine.

"yes sir, i'll cook your dinner," i mumbled.

"damn well," he said stumbling away. "where the fuck is my drink at?!" he screamed.

i started to cook my father's dinner all the while thinking of brendon urie.


"brendon! brendon!" spencer screamed in my ear as i came out of my trance and looking at the tv we were playing xbox live on just in time to see us get blown to bits. "good job fucktard," spencer said throwing the controller down and getting up to get a soda from the mini fridge.

"sorry man, i-i-i" i stuttered.

"you-you-you were thinking about ryan again," he said throwing a soda at me.

"what?" i asked blushing. he was right. i had the most insane crush on ryan ross. the outcast kid that no one seemed to like. the extremely handsome guy... that known but me seemed to like.

"i don't know why you don't just ask him out," spence said sitting down next to me.

"because.... he doesn't like me," i said looking down.

"bull shit, you don't see the way he looks at you, you didn't see him today in class, before he left the room he kept looking back at you," spencer said.

"that doesn't mean anything." i love ryan ross, that will never change.

because when i look in his eyes i just see the sky...

first chapter =] what do you think?? reviews?
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