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The Legend of Katherine Turner and David Gray

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Can Katherine get David's soul back from the devil? Please read and review! [Short-story written for school]

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The Legend of Katherine Turner and David Gray

Author Note: This was a school assignment which I got an eighty-five, and I was completely into Dante, which inspired me to write this story for my school assignment. Enjoy, and Please let me know what you think! If you see mistakes please tell me!

The Legend of Katherine Turner and David Gray

"Do you want your portraits painted?" asked a very shabby looking artist at the front entrance of Central Park at 72nd street in New York City. He was talking to the most beautiful girl and handsome man. Katherine Turner, otherwise known as the beautiful girl to the shaggy artist had black hair that looked like he hadn't shower, and had very black eyes, Katherine the girl that he was talking to had blonde hair and blue eyes. David Gray, otherwise known as the handsome man had dark brown hair and brown eyes. The two of them were walking together in hands together.

"Oh, no thank you" replied Katherine in a petite voice. David on the other hand was looking at some other portraits the shabby artist had painted.

"Why not a lovely portrait for the lovely lady here?" asked the shabby artist.

"Why, of course! But how much does it cost to have two portraits one for Katherine and one for me?" Asked David.

"Oh wait till I finish the portrait, you do not have to pay me anything, just wait till you see your portrait" said the shabby artist while starting on the lovely portrait of Katherine Turner.

Waiting for almost two hours, Katherine gotten so impatient, because all she wanted was to walk in the park. She was bored sitting on the bench, after all her fiancé David decided to talk to the shabby old artist so much. Upon her return where she left her fiancé, she found David curled up on the pavement; he looked as though he had died of fright. She could see the artist has took of but she found two portraits and a note explaining that she meet someone at the same place at 2 o'clock. It's almost two o'clock, thought Katherine.

"Are you Katherine Turner?" whispered a mysterious man.

"Yes, and may I ask who you are?" asked Katherine. Her voice was full of fright since she didn't know what had happen to her fiancé and who this mysterious man was or how he knew her name.

"I suggest you to come with me. I know where your husband soul went and I could take you to the entrance of the place." Said the mysterious man wearing a back cloak, and for Katherine she couldn't see this man's face yet she could feel the presence of his eyes looking at her. This presence only made Katherine scared and all she did was nod and followed the mysterious man who never said his name or how he knew what happened to her fiancé or how he knew her name. All Katherine seems to know was that she had to follow this man in order to save her precious David.

Everything started to become dark and Katherine walked with the mysterious guy. For everyone around in the park they would have thought that Katherine Turner looked poises because her eyes looked like she had no soul in them but looked as if she was following someone, and everyone in the park thought it was strange and they started to talk about how crazy Katherine seemed to look. Her eyes were wide open as if the she was frightened of something. No one saw the mysterious guy that Katherine was leading her.

But to Katherine all around her the scene was changing again from the darkness to a river underground. It wasn't the water from the sewage but further down towards the center of the earth core. The mysterious guy that led Katherine to this river magically disappeared. Then out came a boat with another old short yet ugly man.

"Oh, I see you are not a dead person, oh but I see here you have appointment with someone down here!" said the old short yet ugly man, who seemed to have missing two front teeth, and looked like he had never showered in his life, because his clothes were dirty and his hair was full of lice. "You must be Katherine Turner!"

"Ahhh, yeah, how do you know my name and you never said what your name was, yet you know my mine!" said a startled yet frightened Katherine. She really didn't want to meet anymore weird people like how she meets the mysterious man.

"I've met the soul of David and he told me about you and he was correct, you are quite a charming lady." Said the old ugly man who yet didn't say his name. "Oh pardon my behavior my name is Charon and I will be able to show you around in hell, you'll have to meet the Devil himself to be able to get your David's soul back."

For Katherine she was confused because she didn't know how David's soul came into the Devil's hand. Just then they in a hallway with lots of souls floating around. The place was cool and looked blue. This reminded Katherine of what the Greeks thought of the underworld, as Hades ruled it, and how souls floated around. From the far distance Katherine could have swore that the place looked like it was a fiery place.

"Sorry that I can not go any further but I have to let you go in alone" said Charon.

So with that in mind, thought Katherine, she began to walk towards the hallway. For her it was beginning to be cold because some souls were starting to touch her. Some of these souls wanted to take over her body because Katherine was a person who was alive. For Katherine she began to walk faster, and it turns into a run. Towards the center of the room was a man sitting in a chair. He was someone which he was known as the Devil. He had a smirk on his face and he had a pet dog with three heads, and these heads looked more like three heads of dragons. Since he was the prince of eternal darkness, so no one really got to see his face even if their was light near him. On earth, however he collected a lot of souls, because he hid his own features, by side he was dressed up as many different such as a few examples an old lady, a business man, and a basketball player. For him he could see Katherine coming closer to him. He really thought Katherine was a beauty. Too bad I will have to take her soul as well, thought to himself.

When he saw Katherine coming to the center of the room, he stood up and said "Katherine Turner, I've been waiting for along time for you to come."

"W-who are you?" said a very frightened Katherine. After all she meet does many people who knew about her except she didn't know any of the people. For her she would never thought of meeting the devil or going to hell. She knew that this was hell but she never thought she will meet up with the devil. But what if this is the devil, thought Katherine.

"I am someone who you fear the most, the devil, or as what I like to call myself the prince of eternal darkness" said the devil.

"Why do you want to meet me?" asked Katherine.

"Well it all started with me painting your fiancé's portrait and yours in Central Park. And I thought the fact that I have your fiancé's soul might bring you here. I told him that he can have the portraits if he gave me his soul, of course I told him it will be for a good reason!" said the devil and then he gave a spooky evil laugh. He obviously had no childhood.

"So how do I get my fiancé's soul back?" asked Katherine besides she really wanted to get out of this hot place and wanted her fiancé's soul back.

"Oh to get your David back, you'll have to give me something of yours, like your soul!" said the devil.

Anything to save my David from this terrible wretch. "Alright" said Katherine. But while the devil was trying to use his dark magic to release Katherine's soul, he couldn't.

"No, this cannot be, what is the meaning of this Clotho?" asked the devil. Clotho was one of the devil's workers who help him capture the souls through his dark magic. Clotho one of the three sisters who controls the destiny of humankind, and Clotho actually hold the thread of life to see whether a person's soul goes to hell and the person dies. A string was woven to every human who was born and when they die one of the sisters will cut with a scissors and that is when the human dies. For Katherine sting it was bright and all Clotho could say was "She still has a chance to live, for her sacrifice and love for her fiancé she cannot give you her soul until the true day she will die. You on the other hand will have to release David soul and let her go back to the place she came from, I mean earth!"

And for Katherine she was swirling back to the bench to David as if she dreamt this all, but in her hand was a piece of string, similar to which she Clotho having in the hell. She saw that back on the bench sitting next to her was her fiancé, David.

"Where is the artist?" asked Katherine.

"He left when I gave him ten dollars for both the portraits" answered David.

"Is it me or do you not remember going down to hell?" asked Katherine.

"Ahhh... What are you talking about sweetie? I think you were having a nightmare while you were resting!" replied David "Let's walk through the park."

And two months later they were married. For many years Katherine could have swore that the pictures would change especially when she was happy to sad. Then Katherine would think back about what the devil said to her, that he took their souls, which were when she figured out that the devil was able to paint people's soul and take them.

Many years passed and whatever happened to the portraits, they were given to the Metropolitan museum. Only a few people know about the portraits. Sometimes some people could swear that the pictures would change their portraits. However, most of the time Katherine would always remain smiling, and David would remain smiling a small smile. Only a few people know the story behind the portraits. My grandmother told me about this story, and so that is the legend of Katherine Turner and David Gray. All about sacrificing one another to save each other, to save true love and how to save you in hell by doing selfless acts of love or doing an act for someone else and not for yourself.

Sometimes I see an old artist waiting to paint for someone's portrait around the 72nd street entrance at Central Park. I can only say that the devil may have never learned that lesson. That may explain why there are a few cases of missing people who are missing and never have been found again.
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