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A Shattered World

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You were my best friend i did so much harmful things to you, and now i pray the price...listen to this story because this is only told once. [Short-Story]

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A Shattered World

Author Note: I had to write a short story in school, this is based somewhat on my life....

Quote: "the opinion and views are in the eye of the beholder"-my quote with a twist.

My view of the world changed. When I was young, the world seemed to be at peace. It was like a child's play, where good triumph over evil. Or how nothing could possibly go wrong.

I can't tell you, exactly the date that my view of the world changed. I can only tell you. I guess you can say that I was living a lie, a lie so that illusions were set up around my eyes or sight.

I guess you can say my transformation of my views changed in high school. It was when I met my downfall. I never knew that though. It was when I met Becky. She looked like one of those "cool" kids, which were really nice.

We were like what best friends in school would do. We laughed, and talked a lot about BOYS! ) It was so much fun and I had the best time of my life, I never felt lonely or jealous.

During high school, we learned to have new experiences and to have new feelings. These types of feelings awakened within me and changed me as a person. Becky was a really friendly person, and she would want to make new friends with everyone else. She was writing notes to this girl, name Rosetta. Each time I tried to talk to her, she would snapped at me saying she was very busy. So I tried not to give up, I wrote a note to her, yet she wrote back saying she was very busy. So that hurted me, so I wrote a note to her, so she could read it later. I didn't know what came to me. I was angry, mad, upset, and even...jealous. I had never felt jealous, unless you count the time, this girl in pre-school brought in a beautiful tea cups, but...

I wrote horrible things, not to realize the consequences. Around lunch time, I saw her crying, and that was when I realized about my consequences, I felt horrible, my heart pounded faster, because it filled my own blood with the feeling of sympathy. I tried to talk to her, yet she turned me away.

I didn't realized it, until now, but I lost a best friend who really meant something in my heart. Becky somehow changed, after that, I saw her with her new best friend Angel. I notice how she laughs and smiles. And somehow she got the whole school or even the whole world turned against me. Everyone seemed to hate me; no one would talked to me unless "hi and goodbye" counts. The only friends I have are those who needed help in math, or in another subject, and even they go away.

I started to think the world hates me, which it still does I'm merely shadow of myself...If you see me walking down the street, you won't see me smiling, or see my true smile, only my fake one, because I'm no longer me. It's because I'm lonely inside of my heart, and my heart seems to break as every day goes by. The pain and the burden are just too much for me. So Goodbye World! You won't be seeing my shadows, or me. And Becky, I hope you get this and understand to forgive me. I hope you live along time with much happiness and success...

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