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Tales from The Past

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Learn those lessons from the people that you love. Please r/r!

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Tales from The Past
Tale#1: Never listen to Rumors

In Czechoslovakia (what is now known as the Czech Republic), there lived a man who had a son, named Sam. They were very poor people. The rich people in the village decided to have a program where all the poor children could have a delicious meal on Friday and Saturday, and the poor children would be able to stay over at the rich people's houses.

There was a rich man called Mr. Grinch, who had some rumors about him, one of which, according to Sam's friends, was that, "Mr. Grinch never gave that much food", even though he was very rich, but was selfish. Soon, it was Sam's turn to go to Mr. Grinch's house to have a fresh meal so he wouldn't have to starve the whole week.

On Cover Street, in this small village, was the house of Mr. Grinch. He lived at the last house on the corner. To Sam it looked like a huge house, very huge house. The house was three stories high, and was rumored to have about a thousand bedrooms, but in reality it had only ten or more bedrooms. The door was made out of a soft kind of wood, oak to be exact. Sam's breath was taken away by the most beautiful house on the street, even if he was invited for just a few hours.

Sam rang the bell and a servant opened the big oak door. The servant was wearing the most fashionable clothes that came from France. The blouse was white and clean and the pants were made out of pure silk and looked so soft. Sam began to look at his dirty old shirt and pants that weren't as soft at all and felt embarrassed and out of place, but he was at least warm in them.

Sam went into the foyer, where the couch was made out of soft material. The table came from France, and the tea set was made in England. The tea set and the couch had a lot of flowers imprinted all over them. For Sam, the flowers were in so many different colors, which were so bright; Sam couldn't even describe how beautiful the set was. He couldn't even name most of the colors on the set. Since it was a beautiful set, he wanted to touch the tea set, but he didn't for fear of breaking it, and that his father would have to replace a new one. Sam bore that in mind, and decided against his will to touch the tea set.

Dinner was ready in the next room. For starters they had soup, which was the tastiest vegetable soup that Sam had ever tasted. He remembered what his friends had told him about Mr. Grinch, who was sitting across the table. Mr. Grinch had gray hair and big brown eyes. He was an old man who never had children. He was wearing the finest clothes from France; everything was made out of silk. Mr. Grinch may be old, but he was a nice, humble, and modest person, who made a living as a doctor. And he enjoyed seeing children, like Sam.

Since Sam remembered the gossip about Mr. Grinch, he began asking very politely for "more soup, please." He had at least a hundred or even two hundred bowls of soup as Sam knew he wouldn't be able to eat that much food the whole week until the following Friday. After he had enough soup to please his stomach, the main meal, chicken and fish, came out. Sam couldn't eat any more.

Sam eyes literally bulged out of his head, for the rumors weren't even true. So when Mr. Grinch finished eating (which took fifteen more minutes) Sam said "Thanks for the meal" and waited until next Friday to come to another person's house. Sam learned a new lesson; never listen to rumors, for the ones who tell the rumors are bound to want something in return. For Sam's friends were jealous of him for going to Mr. Grinch.

So, remember the moral of the story. Never listen to rumors, for they are bound to be untrue. Sam also learned to never judge a book by its cover, from rumors that may be spread around by people who are jealous and want to hurt someone really badly. And the next time when Sam went to Mr. Grinch, he ate like a king, knowing that Mr. Grinch would never be the selfish man which people thought of him, or not give enough food, as Sam's friends said about him.


Dedication: I dedicate this story to my Sabba Samual ("Grandfather" in Hebrew), even though he died last year, this is for him, and may you rest in peace. Secondly, I dedicate this story to Safta Pracha ("Grandmother" in Hebrew) for retelling this story to me. Thirdly, I dedicate this to my family, for always being there as my support. This is a class assignment, and maybe i would do more tales....

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