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The Death of Bradley

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he died in order to protect me, thinking i was a fighter. but i am not. please r/r!

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The Death of Bradley

How could I not see,

the way you hold me,

was to protect me.

How could I have saved you?

Yet I didn't.

You dived down to protect me

from the bullet

that went through your heart.

Your last words were about "love."

I thought that you wouldn't die,

that you'll hold on to life,

that you wouldn't leave me,

But you did.

You left me to protect myself

from the darkness.

You thought I was a fighter,

You were wrong

cause there's no protection

from the darkness

within my heart,


and mind.

And the ambulance came

pronounced you dead at 13:00 hours,

in the morning.

And I was left to clean up after

your innocent blood

left on my once pure shirt.

Darkness and silence surrounds me,

as the battle isn't finish yet.

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